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The Following Recap: "The Curse"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/10/2013 3:32 pm
The Following Recap:

Staff Writer

On this week’s episode of The Following, entitled “The Curse,” we found out a bit more about that fateful night when Ryan lost his father during a store shooting.  Carroll finally got a break from hiding out in the manor and a very good fight ensued between Emma and Claire.  The FBI has inched one step closer to finding Carroll’s whereabouts and with only a few episodes left before the season finale, things are heating up quick! Let’s break down what happened this week.
Previously on The Following…
Carroll enlisted Molly as official Ryan Hardy follower.  Carroll’s dreams of having his family back together became a reality.  His training camp was discovered by Ryan and the FBI, after Vince inadvertently led them there.  Carroll gave in and allowed Claire to finally see Joey.
The episode picks up with an escape attempt.  Claire thinks she can fool the manor’s security system and its dozens of followers and slip out with Joey completely unnoticed.  They make it to the gate – which is, of course, locked – and then Roderick and the other followers find her.  She lies and says they were going for a walk.  Roderick ends up attaching a tracking device to her ankle to monitor her whereabouts. 
Remember how Molly works as a nurse and occasionally kills her patients?  Well, Ryan goes to her for a routine check-up and she acts concerned and friendly but we all know she’s wants to kill him.  After leaving the hospital, Ryan shows up at the military armory AKA “followers training camp,” where Mike is back working with the team.  They review videos of the training sessions and try to identity some of the followers.  Annie guides Ryan through a giant mural depicting various Poe works.  Annie gives Carroll’s cult teachings a new name: Carrollism.  
At the manor, the mighty cult leader is having a hard time writing his book.  He calls Ryan for help with the hero’s (his) character arc.  He wants to know what defines Ryan and what motivates him, reminding him of all the death that’s plagued him from a young age – starting with the death of his father.  Ryan knows he’s upset because the FBI found the armory.  In a flashback we see a young Ryan arriving at a convenience store with his dad and from Ryan’s previous story, we know he’s recalling the night his father was gunned down. Back in present time, the team discovers that Vince is involved with Daniel Monroe, a militia man wanted by the FBI. Later, Annie finds crucial information that can lead them to him.  For those of you who watch Revolution, how confusing was it to hear militia and Monroe mentioned in The Following?  
Carroll knows the FBI is closing in on him and asks Vince if there’s any way the FBI can find the house.  He tells him it’s possible for them to find Monroe and he can lead the FBI back to them, since he was the person who found the house they’re living in. Jacob volunteers to find Monroe but Carroll wants to be the one to lead the search and takes him and Vince with him.  Roderick is feeling a little left out at this point and I think it’s only a matter of time before he revolts.  After he leaves, Claire tries to access Carroll’s computer, while Joey keeps an eye out for her.  She finds his book but can’t read too much because Emma comes in the room trying to make peace with her.  Claire tells her to stay away from Joey and hits her in the face.  After Emma hits her back, Claire pins her against the wall and threatens to kill her but Roderick breaks up the fight.
The FBI team arrives at Monroe’s house. They encounter a man and cuff him down for questioning but Mike gets a little rough with him – after almost getting killed, you can’t really blame him for acting this way.  The man refuses to give them any information about Monroe.  Ryan notices the place is secured with alarms and he & Mike go in search of what they could be hiding.  They comes across explosives, and also another man, during their investigation.  Meanwhile, Jacob shows up and kills the first man and ties Annie down to a chair.  She tries to appeal to his emotions by asking him about Paul and Emma but Jacob tells her he’s going to kill her.  Old Jacob is really gone, and it’s terrifying.
Ryan and Mike interrogate the man who lets it slip that there’s a house where the followers live. One of the alarms goes off and when Ryan goes to check he discovers it’s Vince and shoots him. When he returns to check on the man, he finds him dead and Mike is missing.  He finds him in another room, tied to a chair, with Carroll. Carroll talks about his book again, reminding Ryan that his character is questionable and brings up his father’s death again. When Ryan tells him the FBI is on their way, Carroll threatens to kill Mike. Ryan agrees to talk, and tells him the story of his father.
In a flashback we see that Ryan heard the gunshots from the car and encountered the robber on his way into the store.  He found his father inside but was unable to save him, and watched him die. He tells Carroll that the killer later died of an overdose.  Carroll tells Ryan that they’re both very alike – death fuels them.  He threatens to kill Mike, unless Ryan let’s him go but he refuses to put his gun down.  Jacob shows up with Annie in tow, threatening to kill her if he doesn’t drop his weapon.  Ryan has no other choice, and this gives Carroll and Jacob enough time to get away.
Carroll returns home and goes to see Claire.  He acts as if they’re still a married couple, even apologizing for being gone and leaving her alone.  She confronts him about the book and admits that she read part of it.  She tells him his plan isn’t going to work. He comes very close to hitting her but leaves the room instead. Meanwhile, Jacob is watching the news and they’re reporting on him being one of Carroll’s followers. Everyone wonders why someone from such an affluent family and with such a bright future fell victim to the cult.  He calls his dad but after hearing his voice, he hangs up. After the feud with Claire, Carroll goes to Emma for some comfort and impromptu sex on the kitchen counter.
Back at the military armory, Mike is being taken to the hospital for observation.  He apologizes for acting irrationally with the men they apprehended and tells Ryan not to feel guilty over his father’s death.  In a flashback we find out that Ryan was the one who forced his dad’s assailant to overdose.  It was no accident, and only he knows he killed him on purpose.  The episode ends with Annie introducing Ryan to someone who can help them in their search for Carroll – and it’s none other than the town sheriff, Roderick.
What did you guys think of this week’s episode?  I was shaking my head at the fact that Mike was the only one who could identify Roderick and yet he was in the back of an ambulance and on his way to the hospital.  How long do you think Roderick’s little charade will last? This show just gets more twisted every week, I have no idea what’s going to happen next and I love it!

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