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The Following 'The Fall' Recap: The Ones That Got Away

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/28/2013 7:27 pm
The Following 'The Fall' Recap: The Ones That Got Away

Staff Writer

I can’t even begin to explain what I just watched. Just when you think you have the episode figured out, it comes at you from all directions, leaving you with more questions than answers. In this week’s episode of The Following, Ryan continued his quest to rescue Joey, we found out a bit more about Annie’s history, and we were still left wondering about the elusive Roderick. Okay, let me try to untangle it the best I can.
Previously on The Following…
Joey called Claire from the farmhouse and the FBI was able to track it down. Emma and Paul still have a major issue with Jacob being the only one to not have killed a single person. A man takes Claire away to a secret location only Joe knows about. The “followers” keep making reference to someone named Roderick. Paul catches Ryan before he can get to Joey.
*~* Read On For Spoilers*~*
Emma Wears The Pants In The Relationship.
Emma and Jacob get to the house to find that Paul has Ryan. Ryan informs them that basically everyone and their mom is coming to get them, and none of them will make it out of there alive. Paul asks Jacob to tie and restrain Ryan but he’s reluctant, fearing that he will make good on his threat of cracking his spine. I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved Ryan’s attitude this episode. Even though he was tied to a chair for the majority of it, he was still able to get under their skin.
Ryan starts playing mind games with Paul and Jacob, asking them who is in charge and questioning them about their current their romantic endevours. Emma isn’t putting up with any of it and instead tasers him, causing the electrical current to interfere with his pace maker. I love Emma for being such a badass and showing them who’s boss but I also hate her for messing with our hero – what a predicament.
Claire and Her “Follower,”
Charlie, the man assigned to take care of Claire, takes her to what seems to be the basement of an abandoned warehouse – typical kidnapping spot. When she asks about her son, he tells her she will see him soon. In a flashback, we see how Charlie met Carroll. His specialty is surveillance and he left the military after a psychiatric discharge. It’s amazing how Carroll is able to make them feel like they are understood and taken care of, targeting their weaknesses in order to gain their servitude. 
Claire discovers that Charlie has been following her for two years, and that Emma was never aware of it. He even shares with her videos that he took, telling her that it’s a way for Carroll to be a part of her and Joey’s life.
“I Killed My Mother.”
Emma tries to contact the mysterious Roderick in order to get more help. They are worried that Ryan might be right and they won’t be able to escape. She stands up to Ryan once again, ordering him to call the police who are outside and ask them to retreat. When he tells her she has no leverage, she threatens to kill Megan, and this causes Ryan to follow thru with her orders.
Ryan calls the FBI team and Emma takes the phone and speaks with Annie. She threatens to kill Megan and Ryan if they don’t do as she says. When Annie tries to connect with her by bringing up Emma’s paintings and how they all resemble her mother, Emma admits that she killed her and that her negotiator talk won’t work. Annie even tries to relate to her by admitting that there had been so many times she had also wanted to kill her mother.
Annie’s Disturbing Past.
When Mike asks Annie why she told Emma about her own mother, a series of flashbacks explain why Annie – or Deborah as she is called in the flashbacks – specializes in cults. Turns out she and her family have a history with the subject matter. We find out her family was – and still is – part of a community that thought it was okay for their children to be molested and assaulted by the community’s leader. Annie, however, doesn’t hold any grudges against her parents. She even visited them and told them that she loved them, despite of what they had done.
Emma Makes a Run For It.
Emma tells Jacob that Roderick got in touch with her and told them to be ready. She’s very sketchy about the whole situation, making it obvious that she’s not telling Jacob and Paul the whole truth. When Emma sees that the cops are retreating, she calls Annie again trying to buy time until Roderick checks back in with them. Emma tells Annie about her mother and how she needed to free herself from her because she didn’t like being controlled. Annie brings up the fact that Carroll is the one controlling her now and Emma hangs up on her.
Ryan tries to get in Paul and Jacob’s head by bringing up their relationship situation. Jacob gets angry and tries hurting Megan, but Ryan takes this opportunity to grab the knife he’d been eyeing all along from a nearby table.
Later in the evening, Emma receives another call and she tells them everything is fine and she goes upstairs to wake up Joey and take him with her.
Even Psychos Fall In Love.
The team is able to track down a message sent by the man who is holding Claire hostage and they notify another team to go investigate. Back at the warehouse, Charlie contacts Roderick and while he’s on the phone, Claire tries to escape but her attempt is short lived. 
Claire tries to use her charm to get information out of Charlie and figures out that Roderick isn’t a real name – the character is most likely someone we already know. In another flashback, we see another visit between Charlie and Carroll. I chuckled a bit at how disgusted Carroll looked when Charlie tells him that Claire went to a Celine Dion concert. Carroll realizes Charlie is falling in love with Claire and back in present time Charlie proves him right by unexpectedly kissing her. Later in the episode we see that the FBI shows up at the warehouse and rescues Claire but Charlie goes on the run.
Ryan Hardy, BAMF.
When Jacob goes upstairs to check on Emma, he finds that her and Joey are gone. He delivers the news to Paul and as they’re trying to figure out what to do, Ryan frees himself and stabs Paul multiple times. When Jacob tries to attack him he deflects him with a punch, before rescuing Megan – and here I thought that girl would be a goner the minute she got kidnapped. 
Jacob tries to run after her but the authorities are quick to aim their guns at him, evident by the red laser dots that appear on his chest. He goes back inside the house to help Paul. Ryan contacts Mike, on his way to search for Emma and Joey, and alerts him that they have left the house.
The SWAT team makes their way into the house, firing shots everywhere. As they enter the premises Jacob asks them not to shoot, surrendering on the spot. However, two men working for Roderick - who earlier shot down two SWAT guys and took their equipment - help them escape.
Inside Man, um Woman.
Emma and Joey are running from the farmhouse when they are intercepted by Mike and the officer who’s been working with him. As Mike asks her to surrender, the officer shoots him in the chest. She tells Emma that she’s with Roderick and that they have a car ready for them.
Ryan finds Mike on the ground who tells him the local cop is one of them. As Ryan runs after Emma and Joey, he shoots and kills the local police officer but they’re still able to flee in the vehicle.
The Next Part of The Story.
Claire is back at home when she sees Carroll’s attorney is making a public announcement on the news. She’s filing action for violation of the 8th Amendment based on abuse Carroll has received from the FBI - aka Ryan. When Ryan arrives at Claire’s house, she is angry and disappointed that he wasn’t able to bring Joey home like he promised but he tries his best to comfort her. We also see how Paul and Jacob now have to fend for themselves after being abandoned by Emma.
So many twists and turns! What did you guys think of “The Fall?” And are you guys as suspicious of Mike as I am? I feel like he could possibly be Roderick. The way in which he described how large and elaborate this cult really is, kind of raised a red flag for me.


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