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The Following 'The Siege' Recap! What An Ending!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/21/2013 10:28 pm
The Following 'The Siege' Recap! What An Ending!

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

That ending! I literally screamed “Is that it?” at my TV. I’m not usually caught off guard by abrupt endings but The Following did it for me this week. We saw that in the last episode, Ryan promised Claire that he would find Joey and bring him home. This week’s episode showed just how determined he was to do just that. While there wasn’t any huge reveals, it was still one of the best episodes of the series so far, delivering both action and classic thriller suspense. So where did we pick up?
Spoilers Ahead! 
The burning question–okay, maybe I was the only one wondering this–left hanging at the end of last week’s episode was answered in the first few seconds of the show’s opening. It looks like Paul, Emma, and Jacob did indeed engage in akiller (ha! see what I did there?) ménage à trois. They all wake up in the same bed together but Jacob doesn’t seem to be taking it very well. It’s great that they’re having fun and all, but shouldn’t one of them be keeping guard or something?
While Emma and Paul laugh about how Jacob is feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation, we see Joey sneak out of his room and grab a cell phone that’s supposed to be hidden. He goes underneath the table–a clear sign that someone is going to pull him from underneath any second–and immediately calls his mom. Claire asks him to describe where he is as the FBI tries to triangulate his location. Joey tells his mom that his captors would kill him if they knew he was on the phone, seconds before Paul comes up behind him and drags him from underneath the table. 
While Mike is trying to find the location of the call, Ryan notices that Carroll is meeting with his attorney, Olivia, and he knows that it can’t be a good sign. Olivia looks terrified of Carroll and he reminds her that she owes him a few favors. We see in a flashback that Olivia notified him that they had lost his appeal and there was nothing else they could do. Back in present-time, Carroll says he wants her to keep him informed of everything that goes on outside. 
In the farmhouse, Emma tells Joey his dad isn’t a bad man. Joey, being a smart kid, questions her reasoning. We see Paul go down to the basement to check on the kidnapped girl, Megan–which surprises me because I thought Jacob had already killed her–and he tells her that it won’t be long now. He goes back upstairs and continues pressuring Jacob to end her life but he has other things on his mind. He tells Paul that’s he’s not gay but Paul tells him he doesn’t need to label things and that it felt right. However, he says there is one thing missing and slides the knife towards him; Jacob still needs to kill Megan.
Carroll asks Olivia to make an announcement on his behalf. During a press conference, she reads a verse from The Masque of the Red Death. Immediately after the announcement, we see two of Carroll’s “followers” and one of them says that “it’s time.” The verse was a signal for them to execute their plan.
Annie deputizes Ryan and he heads out with the team to the location of the call. The team arrives in Dutchess County, NY to search for Joey. Meanwhile in the farmhouse, Emma and Paul realize Jacob can’t bring himself to kill Megan. When Emma goes upstairs to look for Joey she realizes he’s gone. They search for him around the property but can’t find him. We see Joey running through the woods before he comes across a man. The man, a neighbor, takes Joey to his home so he can call his mom. Emma finally finds him and takes him away but the homeowners are suspicious. The couple are placing a call to 911 when Emma and Paul show up determined to silence them.
Olivia shows up at Claire’s home and delivers a message from Carroll: If she wants to see Joey again, she must go alone to a designated location. Claire follows his orders but the FBI agents who are guarding her house tell her they won’t let her go anywhere alone. Claire meets with her friend at a restaurant while the FBI watch over her but as soon as she gets a chance she leaves through the back exit.
One of the “followers”, Hank, shows up at the farmhouse and tells Emma that Roderick–a character we’ve yet to meet–sent him and that they need to go. He then gets in touch with another man and asks him if he has Claire. The man initially tells him that she’s running late but later in the episode we see that he approaches her in the car and asks her to get in.
Hardy is with a County officer when they receive news that a couple called 911 and reported seeing Joey. Ryan and the officer arrive at the couple’s home but find them dead in their living room. They make their way to the farmhouse and Ryan calls for backup after he spots Jacob and Paul. Later, Hank shoots the County officer when he finds him surveilling the premises but Ryan gets there in time to shoot him in the chest. 
Olivia returns to give Carroll an update, telling him his message was received and the FBI has located the farmhouse where they’re holding Joey. She tells him she doesn’t want to be a messenger or take part in his plan. In a flashback we see a meeting between Olivia and Hank, he tells her he’s there to deliver a message from Joe. Back in present time, we see that Olivia is missing two fingers.
In the farmhouse, Joey tries to leave his room only to realize he’s locked in. After various attempts of opening the door, he finally escapes. He’s about to make his way downstairs when Ryan sees him and tells him he’s there to help him but his plan to take him away are short-lived when Paul comes up behind him and points a gun to his head.


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