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The Following 'Welcome Home' Recap: Tested Loyalties and Sexy Times

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/13/2013 2:26 am

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

This week’s episode of The Following was CRAZY! The uppercase letters are perfectly justifed. I honestly, have no idea what is happening on a weekly basis because of how good this show is. As much as I want to hate Joe Carroll, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Ryan was right when he said he has a way of talking that is engaging and seductive. He’s the perfect cult leader and it is scary as hell! So let’s begin discussing, while my memory is still fresh.

 (Spoilers Ahead)

Previously on The Following…

Jacob and Paul are on their own, after being abandoned by Emma. Carroll arranged for a transfer to another prison but really planned a successful escape.
He arrived at a house where all his followers were waiting for him like a herd of sheep. Joey finally came face-to-face with his father.

The episode picks up with Joey waking up to finding Carroll creepily staring at him at the foot of his bed. He knows Joey is scared of him but asks him for another chance. Carroll says he has the ability to be a cool and fun guy but the kid’s not buying it. Later, Emma tells him Joey just needs to get to know him. She brings Carroll downstairs where his followers are waiting for him and it’s so freaking creepy! They all just stare up at him like robots.

Back in Richmond, the head of the FBI, Nick Donovan, is sent in to keep the team supervised. He wants Ryan to step down and act as a consultant not an agent. Ryan doesn’t seemed too bothered by his orders. He goes to speak with Mike, who tells him people don’t know how to respond to him because he’s inconsistent. When Ryan wants to question one of the main suspects, Mike tells him Nick insisted on doing it himself.

Carroll asks Emma about Jacob and Paul but she tells him she hasn’t heard of them. A police truck pulls up to the residence, causing her to get nervous. The officer (Warren Kole) steps out of the vehicle and flashes Carroll a smile. He greets his old pal and calls him Roderick. In a flashback we see him visiting Carroll in prison and thanking him for taking the blame for two of his murders. Was I the only one disappointed by this reveal? I though Roderick would be someone we knew. Those sneaky writers tricked me again!

Nick and Annie tell Ryan the suspect won’t speak to anyone but him. He asks Ryan to sit in the room with him during the interrogation. The suspect, David – same guy that Ryan shot in the leg in the previous episode – speaks to Ryan directly, ignoring Nick completely. He tells them that “they” – the followers – find them and that they’re everywhere. He goes into some sort of trance before taking a suicide pill and killing himself in front of them. Annie is able to get more information on the suspect but Nick takes it before Ryan can get a look at it. Mike helps him by hacking into Nick’s email and is sent home as a result. Ryan tries to take the blame but it’s useless.

At the manor, Carroll meets with Charlie – who seems to be quite distressed about failing to bring Claire back with him – and tells him not to be so hard on himself. Roderick continues showing him the house and tells him the followers are anxious to get started. Carroll wants to start with Claire because Joey needs his mother. Roderick’s plan is to use the FBI to get to her.

Mike checks into a motel and it’s evident that his paranoia is getting to him. He looks at everyone suspiciously and is wary of every person he comes across. Turns out, he has reason to worry because when he gets to his room, Charlie and Louise are waiting for him. Later, Ryan tries to get in touch with Mike but can’t reach him. He feels like something is wrong and decides to go check on him, finding his room in disarray.

Back at the manor, it’s obvious that the time in prison has turned Carroll into a lightweight. Emma tells him to slow down on his drinking, while caressing his hand. She totally wants him and I totally don’t wanna like it, but I kind of do? What is wrong with me? I can’t be sympathizing with psychopaths! Emma asks him if Roderick was one of his students and in a flashback we see Carroll teaching Roderick how to kill. When we return to present time, he has a small moment with Emma and it looks like they’re going to kiss but Carroll tells her he loves his wife.

At the ship yard, Roderick questions Mike about Claire. Charlie punches him after he says he doesn’t know. They engage in a fight until Roderick interferes to question him again. Mike identifies him as Roderick, finally putting a face to the name. Charlie beats him again, after he refuses to tell them where Claire is being kept for a second time.

Annie meets Ryan at the motel and they send the security camera footage to the FBI. They head to an abandoned ship yard in search of Mike, after tracking down the vehicle he was taken in. Inside, Roderick gives Mike one last chance to tell them about Claire but he insists in not knowing. Louise hands each of them a knife but before Mike can defend himself, Charlie stabs him in the stomach. Ryan gets there before Louise is able to cut his throat but isn’t able to stop them from getting away. Mike tells Ryan that he didn’t tell them anything. The paramedics get there and Nick informs them that Mike will need surgery but he’ll pull through. Later, Annie arrives at the hospital to find Mike out of surgery and Ryan waiting at his bedside. Ryan finds out that Mike knew where Claire was all along but refused to speak. He’s the only one who has clearance and knows where they’re keeping her.

Roderick, Louise and Charlie return to the manor. They tell Carroll they were unable to get information and they lost five men. Carroll still wants Roderick to find Claire and bring her home. Charlie steps forward and tells Carroll he let him down again and promises to make it right. After saying he wanted to get to know him and be part of his following because he wanted his life to mean something, he hands Carroll a knife. Louise places plastic over the rug – because Carroll isn’t a messy murderer – and he stabs Charlie.

Can we just stop to talk about their conversation before Carroll killed him? The level of loyalty and dare I say love, the followers have for Carroll is terrifying. Charlie tells him he wants to die for him because he wants to be important and wants to matter. Carroll hugs him, speaking to him like he’s talking to a child and reassures him that he will “always matter.” Louise, Roderick, and Emma witness the whole thing but instead of being scared they look deeply touched. They’re all convinced that Carroll wants only the best for them and in Carroll’s twisted mind maybe he believes that too.

Later that evening, Louise tries to come on to Roderick – apparently witnessing a murder is a real turn on – but he’s in no mood. She says she wants to make him feel better and in return, Roderick  gets violent and tries to choke her. After some struggling he finally kisses her. In another room of the manor, Carroll is cleaning the blood off his body when Emma comes in and tries to seduce him again. After he reiterates that he loves his wife, she tells him that Claire isn’t there. Alcohol, murder, and persistence is enough for him to finally give in and they end up getting it on.

What is going on in this show, right? Based on next week’s preview, it’s about to get even wilder. What did you think of “Welcome Home” are you still a loyal follower of The Following? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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