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PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/13/2013 12:55 am

Richard Goedegebuur

Staff Writer

Perhaps it took a while before Sherlock fans had any news come their way, but now that the ball has finally started rolling, it is picking up speed very quickly! Today and yesterday has been full of news about the future of BBC’s Sherlock, so it’s about time we gave you a quick update on everything we have learned this week!

A few days ago it was already announced that after months of postponing it, both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch have finally found some room in their schedule on the same day, which means that at last, on the 18th of March, Sherlock season 3 will start filming!

Sherlockians didn’t have to wait long for more news, on the 11th of March, Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones tweeted “This morning I have the great honour of attending the first read through of this series! Anyone fancy tagging along?” In no time many of the attending stars confirmed the same thing, although unfortunately, they weren’t nice enough to add an invitation like Jones did. 

On the bright side, a few hours later, Sherlockians’ disappointment at this lack of a proper invitation was soothed by BBC One’s Twitter account when they tweeted “#Sherlock read-through over, plenty of surprises in store for series three!” accompanied with the lovely picture you can see above. Why Martin Freeman decided to put grapes on his eyes is still a complete mystery, but I have already started devising possible solutions to the mystery of Sherlock’s survival with the use of grapes! After all, it just has to be a hint! Right…?

But that isn’t all, because there has also been some news about the directors for series 3. A few days ago we already learned that Paul McGuigan, who directed four of Sherlock’s earlier episodes will not be returning this season as he stated on twitter: “Toronto to New York… scouting for locations. I guess by now you’ve worked out that sadly I won’t be directing the next season of #Sherlock.” And sadly is definitely the right word for it, seeing the master pieces he directed in the earlier series. 

The BBC has found a worthy replacement, though, in the form of Jeremy Lovering, who will be directing the first episode when it starts filming on the 18th of March. The world’s knowledge of this episode doesn’t range much further than the word “rat” so far, but with Lovering behind the camera, the man who directed the successful BBC docudrama ‘Killing Hitler’ from 2003, it’s about time we get properly excited!

The best thing of all is that the most exciting news has probably not been mentioned yet, because on the 12th of March, we learned that series 3 won’t be Sherlock’s last! Benedict Cumberbatch let slip in an interview with Radio Times that he and Martin Freeman had agreed to a fourth season, which means even more mystery, more excitement, and more… well… waiting!

There is definitely still a lot to look forward to anyway, so stay tuned for more updates, because more news will follow soon! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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