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The Last 13 Things To Know About The 2013 Oscars!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2013 4:36 am
The Last 13 Things To Know About The 2013 Oscars!

Joey O’Hern
Staff Writer


  1. Maybe Tina and Amy should have hosted? It’s not that Seth didn’t try it’s that he came off very nervous and intimidated. Oh well, there’s always 2014. Stage was gorgeous though.

  2. Halle Berry looked incredible. The “Bond” tribute not so much. Shirley Bassey showed she’s still got it. And when are we getting a black James Bond?

  3. Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington presented together. How about stop playing couples on screen and actually become one. Speaking of a black James Bond how about Mr. Foxx?

  4. I’m sorry to inform you we are never getting a “Princess Diaries 3” now that Anne Hathaway is an Academy Award winner. Side note: Sometimes I listen to her “I Dreamed a Dream” in my car and still get chills and maybe still shed a tear…. don’t judge me. 

  5. She might have won but Jessica Chastain had a major “Happy Birthday Mr. President” type of moment. She’s the next Meryl Streep.

  6. There was a tribute to movie musicals of the past 10 years. It was here Jennifer Hudson returned to show us: A. she can sing circles around some of the greatest. B. She’s still got it and C. She deserved her Oscar.

  7. Jennifer Lawrence (before she won her Academy Award) introduced Adele to the stage. How the stage held that much star power without exploding I’ll never know.

  8. Someone let Kristen Stewart in and that person should be fired. Why does she always look so angry?

  9. Renee Zellweger is still bitter she didn’t win for “Chicago”…allegedly.

  10. Nothing is cuter than Adele when she “Fhanks” people.

  11. Meryl Streep still scares me from “Devil Wears Prada”, but she looked incredible.

  12. Best Actress went to Jennifer Lawrence. It’s well deserved and I’m overly proud like I know her or something. I expect all future Hunger Games posters to say “…With Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence”. And can we please stop calling her J.Law?

  13. The FLOTUS and Jack Nicholson presented the award for “Best Picture” going to “Argo”. Ben Affleck then gave the most inspiring and humble speech of the night.

That’s all I’ve got ladies and gents! Until next year! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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