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PopWrapped | Music
The Music Of The Oscars!

Bec Heim

Staff Writer

This year’s Oscars have been called the most musical Oscars in a long time. So how do the performances rank up? What are the best and worst? Well let’s give a rundown of them and grades!

We Saw Your Boobs: This little ditty is going to be in my head for days guys. It was silly, fun and definitely in line with MacFarlane’s sense of humor. Although I love Jennifer’s Lawrence cameo in the number. Hilarious but not the strongest to start with.


The Way You Look Tonight: Oh Seth MacFarlane you should just release an album of you covering standards. Add his amazing voice is with Channing Tatum’s and Charlize Theron’s dancing? Perfection.

B+ (The dancing itself deserves an A+)

High Hopes: Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt singing and dancing? It was fun and sweet and to the point. More importantly we had Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt at the Oscars singing and dancing. Uh. Yeah. No doubt about it.


Be Our Guest (Oscars Version): I am betting when they got on ABC they knew they had to do a Disney Spoof. And this showstopper was fun but not very rewarding after those two previous stronger numbers. I was expecting something much much bigger.


Goldfinger: Starting with the powerful and memorable sung by Dame Shirley Bassey, who worked that song like whoa. But she was definitely giving some brassy pipes. Although the audio sounded a bit off like it was getting muffled in some spots?


Skyfall: It’s Adele. She won the freaking Oscar. Do I really need to say anymore? No. I don’t. Everything was flawless.


Memories: Hello Barbara Streisand. Your dress was really distracting. However, your In Memoriam performance was beautiful.


Everybody Needs A Best Friend: I never heard this song before. However, Norah Jones definitely nailed it while looking adorable. I just wish there was something extra involved in it. However, I understand there was the time crunch.


Loser Song: This was unnecessary. So very very very very very unnecessary.


Musical Movies Tribute

All That Jazz: Oh this took me back ten years. Catherine Zeta Jones was a bit shaky in the beginning as she got her sea legs back but she did come back with a vengeance. The dancing though was what made this number. It was absolutely flawless.

B (A- for the dancing)

And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going: Did…Did they change the song’s arrangement a bit? It just sounds off to me. Of course Jennifer Hudson has her flawless voice but something in the arrangement is bugging me. I won’t hold it against her though.


Suddenly/I Dreamed a Dream/One Day More: Okay I don’t understand why Hugh Jackman is starting off with the weakest song from the movie. If only to remind us it’s up for Best Song. However, he is still Hugh Jackman. Anne Hathaway is flawless as always. And even Russell Crowe couldn’t entirely ruin this performance from the Les Mis cast. They were all just so absolutely amazing.


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