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The New Normal Recap: "About A Boy Scout"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/28/2013 5:57 pm
The New Normal Recap:

Tarra Matthews

Managing Editor

Hello New Normal family! When we last left David & Bryan, David had just delivered a baby for a couple in their birthing class, Rocky had learned that a daughter really does need her Mom around (no matter how good you can learn to do ‘ black hair’ off the Internet) & Bryce helped Goldie find the quaintest little retail space for her clothing line. 

Let’s see what we’ll be learning about this week as the baby’s due date and the Bravid wedding draw closer!

Look’s like this week David and Bryan are exploring the great outdoors with the Boy Scouts. David, who was once and Eagle Scout, laments on about how great of a time he had as a member and hopes that their son will get to do the same but as Bryan points out, he probably won’t considering, “The Boy Scouts kick out more gay men than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.” With Bravid’s son having two gay dads, he probably will be excluded to. This doesn’t stop David from endorsing the virtues that the Scouts stand for, important life skills that every boy should know. That unwavering support is what gets him ‘forced’ into chaperoning a Scouts’ overnight trip, which I endorse because, Justin Bartha in shorts but Bryan says that it will be a great opportunity for David to earn his hypocrisy badge.

Meanwhile Goldie has recruited Rocky to help her earn her ‘Small Business Woman Badge,’ asking for her help with setting up her business software. When Rocky asks where she got herself a laptop with such limited funds, Goldie lets it slip that Bryce gave it to her, and that’s after he helped her find a retail space AND not taking a commission on it. This doesn’t add up for Rocky, which has her wondering if Bryce is trying to earn his ‘Hoodwinking’ or ‘Sleazy’ badges this week.

We find out that Rocky has a secret of her own; she’s in Lovers’ Anonymous, a group for those who are addicted to loving others (and for the most part it seems like the WRONG others). Now whenever a show delves into the seemingly shark-infested waters of addiction with a comedic undertone I get nervous because let’s face it, addiction isn’t a laughing matter, it’s serious stuff. Yes there seems to be a lot of weird addiction groups out there these days but for so people, they are addicted to weird things (My Strange Addiction anyone?) but they shouldn’t be belittled for a laugh.  Rocky seems to be fairing well, 90 days free of her love addiction but looky who we have here, it seems Bryce is also in this (not to anonymous anymore) group. He full out admits to being a ‘playa.’ Uh Oh…

David returns from his camping trip refreshed and loving life, the complete opposite from when I return from camping. But of course Bryan has to rain on his parade, asking if the other Scout Masters knew he was gay (*shocker* he didn’t tell them) and suggesting the troop has their next meeting in the house where he, “lives with another man, who you take baths with.” (Thanks for that image Andrew Rannells!). The meeting had me all nervous for Bravid but it seems like they had nothing to worry about, which is refreshing, but I’m going to say that if they weren’t in Los Angeles, the reaction would have been a little different. Unfortunately, someone tells Scouts HQ about David and he gets his membership revoked; something akin to being disowned by your family (in David’s case; after a touching speech he gives to Bryan about what being a Scout means to him). Simply put, David says that be doesn’t want to be a Scout until they can live up to their own values, especially respecting who he loves. If I were David I’d have to agree. It shouldn’t matter that David is gay; I HIGHLY doubt that homosexuality affects how you pitch a tent or build a derby car, and it certainly doesn’t impede your ability to learn values and virtues.

In response to David’s letter, he goes and confronts the dads of the troupe, none of whom own up to tipping off HQ. They ask him to hang in unofficially until the vote on the issue in a couple months but David just can’t do that. In the spirit of Scout’s honour the Scout Snitch reveals himself too. He pours out his heart and I feel like the average person can really understand the struggle facing a large portion of the adult population today. They grew up with the idea that being homosexual is wrong, no questions asked. Now they have to adjust their views to fit the new social landscape and try as they might, they’re just not there yet, but it is miles ahead of what it once was.

Rocky finally can’t hold in Bryce’s secret any longer and spills her sassy guts to Goldie. She tells her to stop being so boy-crazy and focus on herself; it seems to be working for her right? Goldie fires back with a secret of her own, she has feelings for Bryce. The relationship dynamic between these two is really sweet when you realize that they’re one-in-the-same, single moms with careers trying to do the best for themselves.

The take away from the episode is definitely summed up by David in the finale line of the episode, “Be Prepared, because change is coming.”

Next Up: SEASON FINALE TIME!!! Wedding Bells are ringing for Bryan and David so tune in and see how decked out the day will be.

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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