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The New Normal Recap: Deep Breaths, Baby Bravid Is Almost Here!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/21/2013 6:35 am
The New Normal Recap: Deep Breaths, Baby Bravid Is Almost Here!

Tarra Matthews

Managing Editor 

Each week we get closer and closer to the arrival of bouncing baby Bravid which means the pair is challenged with another facet of the whole childbirth experience. This week the challenge: birthing class! Let’s take a look at how a gynecologist and the runner of a hit television show face up to the challenge!

Now it always seems that David and Goldie are much more comfortable talking baby while Bryan is content to stay off to the side, making faces at his iPhone during doctor’s visit (I’m not generalizing, this actually happened this week guys). But David reminds Bryan that just because he is the one with the medical experience, doesn’t give Bryan a free pass to not pay attention, foreshadowing anyone??

So in an effort to contribute to the whole baby situation, Bryan does his research on alternative birthing methods. While Bryan tries to enlighten David on his research, David doesn’t seem to receptive to any of it telling Bry that there are reasons certain aspects of the birthing process are ‘established’ and carried out a certain way. Now never having actually had a child, I’m not sure I have much pull in this whole debate but women were having children long before hospitals were around and yes there was a higher mother/baby mortality rate but healthy babies were still to be had. Not taking sides, but for a guy who wants his partner’s input on their child, David sure isn’t very open. Thankfully David gets over himself and is okay with the fact that Bryan signed the trio up for a birthing class.

Over on the Goldie/fashion front, (that’s right remember that she’s designing clothes now, and actually pretty good at it!) it seems that Goldie has outgrown her stall at the market and is looking for brand new digs! And who does she enlist to help her out but the ever-so-handsome Bryce! (That’s right, Stamos is BACK!) So Goldie entrusts Bryce with the task of helping her find a retail space for her store, without Nana finding out, a task I think is easier said than done.

Meanwhile we get to check on the progress of new mama Rocky and see how she is handle the joys of balancing motherhood and her hectic work schedule. I have one word for the whole situation, STRESSED. It seems that Nikki is quite a handful and Rocky graciously accepts when Shania offers her babysitting services. But of course there is a ‘problem,’ now don’t worry, everything with Shania and Nikki is fine, but that’s the problem you see. Rocky sees how good Shania, a child, has done taking care of her baby girl (heck, she even did Nikki’s hair! Chalk a win up to YouTube how-to videos) and she feels threatened, like she isn’t a good enough mom. So of course, she refuses Shania’s help the next time she offers.

Back at birthing class, David insists that no one know he is a baby doctor; he wants to fit in with all the other dads and have an open mind. Bryan, who seemed so open to the ideas and methods of the class quickly changes his tune when the instructor has the class watch a birthing video, namely, Bryan faints at the sight of the lady parts on screen. Bryan & David’s doctor says that such an action is potentially dangerous and that Bryan will


be allowed in the room when Goldie gives birth. Bryan appears relived, seeing this as his ‘get out of jail free’ card when it comes to the whole situation.

Bryce comes over to the house to talk to Goldie about retail spaces and Bryan walks into the next room, unknown to the pair, listening in as they discuss negotiations and lease agreements. Finally he let’s his presence be known and Goldie quickly tries to ditch the scene, asking Bryan if he wants to head to the fabric store with her. He then delivers my favourite bit of dialogue of the night, “No thanks, I don’t like to see fabric before it’s clothes; it’s like seeing chocolate chips before they are cookies.” CLASSIC Bryan!

Bryan gets to talking to Bryce about the whole situation and finds out that he too got the magical ‘get-out-of-birthing-room-free’ card and had regretted it ever since. Bryce has spent his daughter’s whole life trying to make it up to himself, reflecting on the situation saying, “If I had been there I would have Instagram’d the hell out of that moment.” With that insight, Bryan heads back to birthing class to enlighten all the soon-to-be dads that they need to be in that room when their child is born.

And for one couple in that class, they have to put the advice into action sooner than expected when his lady goes into labour IN CLASS!


Side Note

: Thank you NBC censors for allowing the “F*** you!” to be left in the episode because we all know no lady about to deliver a baby into this world would have to courtesy to watch her language!!*

Bravid and Goldie load the couple into their vehicle and head to the hospital. Cue roadblock in the form of L.A. traffic. David implores Bryan they need to pull over because the baby is comin’ and it is acomin’ now.  David sets up a makeshift delivery bed in the back of their vehicle and forces Bryan to quickly get over his fear of ‘lady areas’ because he needs his help in delivering the baby.  The story has a happy ending for all with Momma and baby girl doing great! Way to go Smoke Jumper!

And Rocky comes to a realization of her own too. She realizes that she scared of being a mom, of all the responsibilities that come with it – fears she shares with Shania who fills her in on a secret, Nikki is easily amused with glasses and mouth-made fart noises. She follows those ‘earth shattering’ facts up with the sentiment that no one could replace Rocky as Nikki’s mom because at the end of the day, her mother is who she really needs.

Oh, and Bryce found Goldie a cute little retail space, excited to see what she does with it!

Instagram: PopWrapped


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