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The New Normal "The Milkman" Recap! Spoilers!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/31/2013 3:59 am
The New Normal

Tarra Matthews
Staff Writer


: Be Warned this post is full of them!*

This week brought another controversial topic to the table, breast-feeding.  While on a picnic with a couple with a young daughter, Brian and David come to the decision that they want their son to be breast-fed if Goldie will agree to it. Bravid also experiences firsthand the sigma associated with breast-feeding in public and Bryan offers to help ‘protest’ via flash mob. 

When presented with the concept, Goldie quickly agrees but also reveals that Shania was never afforded the opportunity. Shania is floored and concludes that she could be so much more if her mother had actually breast-fed her. This sparks Shania’s quest for the benefits she wasn’t afforded when she was young and reveals a(nother) crazy side of the Internet.

Bryan rallies the breast-feeding mothers of Los Angeles and perform a highly uncomfortable a slightly awkward flashmob to Kelis’s “Milkshake.” I couldn’t help but cringe through this and things only got worse when Bryan attempted to join in wearing this male breast feeding device (think Robert DeNiro in “Meet the Fockers”). Later he reveals to David the reason he wanted to breast feed their son was because he wants to bond with their son unlike the relationship he had with his mother.

Bryce (John Stamos) was also back this week and seemingly messing with Jane’s head. The two go out on a date, Bryce taking Jane to the ‘best food truck in LA’ while Jane struggles with the prejudices she has about LA. Jane also learns that Bryce has a (really beautiful, seemingly bimbo-esque) daughter in her early 20s. The development of the relationship seems to be going nice and slowly, with some help from Rocky of course.

Overall, this episode was one to be classified in the ‘weirdly sweet’ category, parts had you “Awww”-ing and the next minute you’re scratching your head or cringing. I still love The New Normal but this episode wasn’t one of my favourites. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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