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The Orphan Black Finale Shows Us Endless Forms Most Beautiful!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/04/2013 5:11 pm
The Orphan Black Finale Shows Us Endless Forms Most Beautiful!


Whitney Pierce

Staff Writer

For those of us that have been watching the first season of BBC’s newest sci-fi drama, Orphan Black, we know what it is like to take a ride on the emotional roller coaster every single weekend. Saturday’s season one finale, was no different. In fact, it may have been the most emotional ride of them all. If you think you can relive the drama of last night or just need to make sure you weren’t just seeing things, please read on!

Sarah’s time before the cops finally figure her out is coming to a close, and fast. She recently found out that the Angry Angel, Helena was indeed her twin sister from surrogate mom, Amelia. Just as the family was about to reunite and cover some very shady ground from their past, Art and the police show up at foster mother Mrs. S’s house and arrest Sarah while Helena escapes yet again.

Sarah is taken into custody, along with her foster brother Felix, who could be charged with abetting if Sarah doesn’t cooperate and explain how 1) She is Sarah and not Beth; 2) What actually happened to Beth that night at the train station when she killed herself. Art promises that with her help that he can keep all of her family, including her biological daughter Kira, safe. Before Sarah can comply, a mysterious lawyer arrives to tell Sarah not to speak and then leaves with his client to take her to a location that turns out to be associated with none other than Neological scientist Dr. Aldous Leekie himself. But upon arrival, Sarah isn’t greeted by Leekie but by, yes, another clone! The ProClone, named Rachel, who is fully aware that she was an experiment and is aware of her purpose, tells Sarah that if she signs the agreement in front of her that she will get full disclosure about who she is and why this has happened and most importantly, safety for Kira.

Meanwhile in suburbia, Alison is greeted at her door by Leekie, whom she has never met until right now. He explains to her what is going on and that he is trying to protect her and the rest of the clones. He promises her that if she participates with him in further experiments and checkups that she can continue to live her life as normal but without the observation of her monitor.

Cosima arrives in Ontario only to be greeted by, that’s right, Leekie. He offers to her a deal just like he did with Alison but with different conditions. He offers her a job at the DYAD institute and gives her her complete sequenced genome so that she would be free to study herself and the other clones. 

After the ladies have all be offered this new proposal of safety from the Freaky Leekies, they meet at Felix’s to discuss it all. Cosima suggests that maybe she should agree to her contract and help them all from the inside by continuing to study them with the help of the DYAD institute but tells Sarah she should be weary of agreeing to hers because they could be after Kira since she is the first clone to have a biological child. Alison, however, has already decided to accept the offer so she can go back to living a normal life with her family. 

When Alison arrives back to her home, she sees that her monitor, longtime frenemy Ainsley, is moving away. Just like Leekie promised, she would be monitor free. While Alison was trying to get Ainsley to admit that she was her monitor, Ainsley gets her scarf caught in the garbage disposal and begins choking to death, begging for Alison to help her. Rather than help her, Alison let’s her die, further securing the fact that she will be unmonitored.

In the meantime, Cosima is at Felix’s and is beginning to cough up a lot of blood, similar to that of the German clone, Katja Obinger in the season premiere. Katja has a respiratory problem that she wasn’t sure how to deal with and was actually seeking out Cosima to help her. Cosima’s french lady love and part-time Freaky Leekie, Delphine, shows up to help Cosima in figuring out what to do next. Delphine tells her that she knows that Aldous is a liar and that she is on her side now. She believes that with the genome that Leekie gave to Cosima earlier, she can prove scientifically that he is a liar and up to no good. Cosima accepts Delphine’s help and tells her that she believes the DNA sequence that she is looking for is a code of some sort, something about their history. The two begin making crazy science to discover what that code may be.

Amelia shows up at Sarah’s apartment to talk to her in private about something from her past involving Mrs. S and how she is not who she says she is. Unfortunately, her words are wasted because she is talking to Helena, who then stabs Amelia in the stomach and blames her for the way she is today. Fast forward a few hours and the real Sarah shows up to her apartment only to find the floor covered in blood and to receive a phone call from Helena telling her to come join her and their mother. Sarah arrives at a very sketchy warehouse where she finds her birth mother bleeding out on the floor. Amelia tries her best to explain to Sarah what she knows about her foster mother but can only provide her a photo of two scientists with their names marked out but were working on something called “Project Leda”. Before Amelia can say anymore, she dies and Helena shows up. We begin another struggle between these two’s inability to kill one another due to their sister connection. Helena, however, has finally pushed Sarah to the edge this time and Sarah shoots her right in the chest. Following that, Sarah calls the ProClone Rachel and tells her that she’s coming in to sign her agreement with Leekie so she doesn’t have to live in fear and can protect her family. Sarah heads to the hideout where Rachel is and is met by Paul, Beth’s monitor. He tells her about the dirt they have on him and why he has to work for them and asks her if she was born outside of their control, what do they really have on her? 

Alison begins to have a minor breakdown about what she has done to Ainsley that is interrupted by her husband Donnie. Donnie doesn’t know what she is worrying about and just assumes it is about the argument they had had in previous weeks. The two kiss and make up and it looks like they may finally be able to continue on fixing their marriage and living a normal life. Alison officially signs Leekie’s agreement and faxes it to Rachel. Upon doing that, Donnie tells Alison that he is going on a jog because he has been a lump and she deserves better. It seems like they can finally start to live a normal life. That is until Donnie begins his jog by getting into a black car and is faced with Leekie which then reveals that he actually has been Alison’s monitor all along. 

Back at Felix’s, Cosima and Delphine finally crack the code and find out that it is a patent and that since they are experiments and were created by Leekie and company which makes them their property. Cosima rushes to call Sarah to warn her before she signs the agreement, solidifying Sarah’s choice by telling her that if she signs, they could stake claim over Kira. When Sarah doesn’t show up to meet ProClone, Rachel makes a mysterious phone call to someone and simply says, “You know what to do.” While all of this is happening, Cosima admits to Delphine that she is sick and begins to cry. Sarah arrives back at Mrs. S’s house to find that it has been totally destroyed and that Kira and Mrs. S are both missing. 

And that concludes the entire episode! Huge emotional roller coaster, questions answered and even more questions asked and a massive cliffhanger with multiple characters. This new season of Orphan Black won’t be airing until Spring 2014 so us in the Clone Club have awhile to wait but I’m positive it will be worth it!


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