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The Second Elimination Has Everyone On Edge on The Voice!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/15/2013 3:00 am
The Second Elimination Has Everyone On Edge on The Voice!

Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

Welcome all! It’s the second elimination of the season on tonight’s episode of The Voice! Who will be going home? What coach will be saying goodbye to their faves? Will Blake’s all country move backfire on him? Is the AC working tonight? Let’s find out!

Tonight’s special performers are Robin “Let’s Knock People Up” Thicke and Lady Antebelllum. Much needed improvement from last week’s special performers, I’ll say. I wonder what songs the Teams will be butchering, I mean, singing tonight.

Filler Performance One: Robin Thicke is up to perform first with an assist from Vedo and Kris Thomas. Holy crap, Robin looks like sex on a stick…sorry I know I’m being inappropriate but it’s ROBIN FREAKING THICKE! Robin also brought with him Pharell WIlliams and T.I. tonight to perform “Blurred Lines”. Not crazy about this song, to be honest though. I prefer Robin’s slower songs. Almost halfway through the performance, no Vedo or Kris yet. Oh there they are! They have been tossed to the back to do the woo woos of the song. That doesn’t bode well for those two…muahahaha

Before we get to the saves, each contestant does a confessional bit. These are hilarioius! Judith sings a song about farts, The Swon Brothers can make the scream face and are germaphobes, Danielle likes to take selfies and Josiah owes his college career to the Mighty Ducks…good stuff!

First up to be saved are…Team Shakira’s Kris Thomas and Team Blake’s The Swon Brothers! Holy Crap…shockers for me as the first saves!

Filler Performance Two: Team Blake sings some country song with their coach….The Swon Brothers look so happy since they were saved first. Danielle doesn’t look that excited. Holly does and saddles up next to Blake. Oh look, Danielle adds some energy to her performance. It’s a cute song but I just can’t this honkytonk extra country song. Sorry, guys.

Next up to be saved are…Team Adam’s Sarah Simmons and Team Usher’s Josiah Hawley! Color me surprised about Josiah! They need to announce Michelle’s safety for real already!

Filler Performance Three: Lady Antebellum! I just love this song! I love rock country for real so much! I wish Team Blake would do songs like this and maybe I would love them more. And Adam’s Angels join them and just adds to the perfection of this song and performance! All the girls sound so great! That was perfection. I was rocking out!

Third to be saved are…Team Adam’s frontrunner Judith Hill and Team Blake’s overrated Danielle Bradbery! I just want Michelle to be saved…stop torturing me!

Filler Performance Four: Adam’s Angels join their coach to sing the Cure’s “Love Song”. I just swoon right now…those are some lucky ass girls! Just saying. I love this song and I think they will crush it.

"It sounds like Team Adam is about to have a team orgy" Bec interrupts my recap to share with you all.

I am totally digging it and groove right along with them.

Next to be saved are…Team Usher’s and my fave in the competition Michelle Chamuel and Team Adam’s Amber Carrington! All of Adam’s Angels are safe!

They are about to run out of time….let’s get on with it!

In the bottom four: Vedo, Holly, Sasha and Garrett.

Last to be saved are…Team Blake’s Holly Tucker (damn) and Team Shakira’s Sasha Allen!

Sadly, Garrett Gardner from Team Shakira and Vedo from Team Usher are sent home :(

Fantasy Team Standings (new rules: each team gains a point for every member saved each week):

Team Erika: 37 points with all her members still in the running!

Team Tarra: 32 points (Adios Garrett!)

Team Bec: 30 points (said goodbye to Caroline Glaser last week)

Join us next week as the top 10 performs!


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