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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Shannara Chronicles: 01x06, Pykon

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/05/2016 12:36 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Shannara Chronicles: 01x06, Pykon | Shannara
Media Courtesy of MTV

Jump right in with us on this week’s Shannara Chronicles!

We begin with a wake up scene.  Wil leads one of Amberle to an old playground where the pieces still work.  This scene is jumbled with different flashes between the two.  It was all a bad dream.  We better pay close attention.

Amberle wakes up and Wil is there to comfort her, but they must move on to a new place.  

Wil stops them to say that he thinks someone already knows they are coming.  Cephalo suggests Pykon as a way through.  They’re in the snow so this is straight up the scene in LOTR when Frodo chooses to go through Mordor.  That ended well.  Woah, Wil left a mark on the tree.  Did he do it to lead someone to them or is he unaware?  That thing following them looks like a balrog.

The group led by Wil goes through a dangerous snowy mountain to a bridge where a child? shows up to lead the way.  Ok, so Meg has their backs as they continue this crazy journey.  Mag brings them to her father Remo where they are given some fortress for the time being.  The ladies Amberle and Eretria take a sexy bath together but it doesn’t end with anything too exciting other than the revelation of a mark on Eretria which marked how her owners tracked her.  

Remo invites them all to dinner.  Too bad the food has been drugged and the whole group passes out.  Wil wakes to find Mag has somehow brought him to another room.  Back with the main group, Remo is waiting on the others to wake when Amberle reveals she’s a princess.  That got her a ticket to a torture chamber which Wil saves her from.  That allows for some non dream kisses.  

The group escapes but due to the demons, Cephalo has to cut the line they were using to escape and it appears Wil, Amberle and Eretria perish.  But they’re main characters so it’ll be ok, right?

Prince Ander, Tilton and Slanter stop to pay respects but Slanter double crosses them.  Later on, Slanter returns to show them the army.  A large demon army.  

The King, who’s not the King, is worried about a druid (Allanon) who is also a liar.  The druid is hiding something very dangerous or useful.  The King is questioned by his son about his change of heart because it’s actually a changeling.

Allanon is trying to help a boy who’s ill and the boy becomes alert long enough to give him a vision of orcs battling him.  Allanon has a moment after filled with anger but Arion steps in just in time.  Arion removes Cantania from the room and tells her of the druid.  He thinks they need to look for what the druid could have hidden and off they go.  

Back in the kingdom, Arion and Cantania find the sword down deep in the castle and they bring it back to the King to find that it is a tool of evil.  At least, that’s what Allanon believes.  And before Allanon can reveal that the King is not the King, King Fake strikes Allanon down.  So, the big bad from like every season of Arrow is dead.  

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