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The Top 10 Hit the Stage On The Voice: Who Blew Us Away?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/21/2013 2:25 am
The Top 10 Hit the Stage On The Voice: Who Blew Us Away?


Bec Heim


Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Welcome back to The Voice! This week we’re looking at the Top Ten! 

Team Adam and Team Blake each have three members (seriously America stop voting for Team Generic Country). Team Usher and Team Shakira are down to two. 

So Cee-Lo and others will be back for this week to help the contestants! Let’s stop dallying around and get this recap started!

Bec’s Take:


“Love Somebody” by Maroon 5: Maroon 5 opens the show. Oh this is very catchy. I love you Adam. I think the whole matching (kind of) colors is kind of adorable. Just so much white but it allows for fun visuals. Good song. I’m grooving.

This week the coaches have brought back the advisors from the battles. 

Also our thoughts are with Oklahoma as well.

“How Great Thou Art” sung by Holly Tucker: …A church song? Um. Wow. Blake REALLY wants Holly gone to focus on Danielle huh? I mean I grew up involved in Church and religious schools. But yeah…no. God no. I just…no. I feel like I should be waiting for a priest to come out or something after this and bless us. Usher feels like this was a departure from the artist she wants to be. Shakira feels like it was heavenly and she was an angel. Adam likes it. Blake feels like it was an appropriate song for the event and liked it.  I am bored. America do not vote for her.

“The Way You Make Me Feel” sung by Judith Hill: Judith needs to do something “fun”. She feels really torn on the choice. And cries because of all the hate on her. What…What the hell are you wearing Judith? Actually this is the first time I’ve liked Judith in awhile. But her outfit and hair are just a no-no. Someone on the show’s wardrobe department needs to be beaten with something blunt. She’s a beautiful woman. Why are you dressing her like a circus performer? It’s the first time I’ve liked her in awhile. Blake is (understandably) distracted but liked it and hates that she was on point. Usher also enjoyed it. Adam loved it because she’s Judith Hill. It was different from her usual stuff. So hey I’ll give it a whirl. But can she do something…recent?

“How Country Feels” sung by The Swon Brothers: Let me begin with my traditional statement. I miss Midas Whale. I miss Grace Askew. This two are boring and generic. Do not compare them to the Beatles Sheryl Crow! That is an insult to The Beatles! I’m bored. So bored. Shakira pretty much says The Swon Brothers make her feel drunk. I can relate to that feeling. Adam hates the Scream face but loved the performance. Blake is so happy about this about this thing they got going.

“Breakaway” sung by Amber Carrington: One of my favorite songs ever. She needs to work on the breathing for the song because it’s a huge song at times. I like Amber and her dress. I love the song. I thought she did it justice. It’s not the best cover but not the worst. Blake tells her that she looks great in wind, thought the song choice was good and liked it. Usher was “blown away” and thought it was great. Shakira thought it was right in the her wheelhouse. Adam you should focus on her baby.

“Next To Me” sung by Sasha Allen: Cee-Lo! Hi! She misses her kids but got to see them over Mother’s Day. She finally gets to sing something more modern. Sasha is starting to make a real connection. And this is a great choice for her. THIS! This is Sasha Allen’s break out moment. Plus I like the retro/modern look she is rocking. She just needs to relax and get out of her own head. Adam thought it was great and wanted her to do this. Blake also thought it was great she did something fun. Usher also thought she was comfortable and came out of her shell. Shakira loved her out and showed off her versatility.

“Clocks” sung Josiah Hawley: I love Pharrell. Hi! Josiah worked into concrete destruction. I love it. I love this song. Josiah may needed a different song but bless the boy he gives it his all. I have to respect that.  I hope for another week of him. I really do. All of the ladies in the audience go crazy. Shakira and Adam thought the song was hard but there were moments he wasn’t comfortable. I agree. But I liked it more than Holly Tucker who was boring. Blake also says there is a lot of holes in it. Usher thought he should take some constructive criticism and make it better so he thinks Josiah has the potential to do the same and he liked it.

“Heads Carolina, Tails California” sung by Danielle Bradbery: Sheryl needs her to connect more. She is also getting a song that is actually age appropriate! I don’t hate it. It’s actually getting me really into it. It’s nice to see Danielle do song that is young and youthful. My country friend prefers the original but digs the cover a lot. Which is high praise.  Usher thought it was another incredible performance for Danielle. Adam thinks it’s every sixteen year olds dream and likes her “air”. Blake naturally loved it.

“Adorn” sung by Kris Thomas: “Adorn” as of last night that song does not have a good track record. I’m bored now. Sorry Kris. You are trying. But it’s not doing it for me. It’s like karaoke. I was horrible bored. Adam thought there were dodgy spots and feels like he is thinking too hard. Usher thought he was thinking a lot and there needed to be a better song choice. Shakira thinks we need to give Kris a break. No. Shakira at this point those with nerves go bye-bye on this show. She sent Usher hiding! 

“Mamma Knows Best” sung by Sarah Simmons: Sarah thinks she needs to do something different than a ballad. It’s a big chance for growth. This is her tough girl moment. She needs to show something other than a sweet angelic voice.  No. This is like my favorite Jessie J song ever. NO. NO. NO. Stop. Sarah. Stop. I…NO! OHMYGOD NO. Oh…it gets better in the middle. But the beginning. Dear God the beginning. Why? Sigh. I am so angry.

“Just Give Me A Reason” sung by Michelle Chamuel: Usher wants to show her range. She needs to give raw emotion. Pharrell says she is a genius monster singer with a long career ahead. I agree! She is so emotionally honest with her performance. I love it. I love Michelle. I love how she just gives it her all. I also love her and Usher and their rapport. It’s fantastic. Adam is speechless and loves her because she takes the competition away. Blake loves her flair for the dramatic and appreciates her talent for singing while squatting. Seriously fucking performance of the night. Usher loves it and how she was herself and no one else. 

Tarra’s Take:

It’s time for the Top 10 and we’re starting the night off with MAROON 5 & the new song that will be stuck in your heads forever now, “Love Somebody.” Did I mention how much I love it when Adam Levine wears white??

Holly Tucker

: Girl’s going back to her gospel roots this week with “How Great Thou Art.” Girl did good with a song with like, 2 different lines. It’s pretty simple and built throughout, albeit really slowly. I can’t say anything *bad* but I have nothing good to say about it either…

Judith Hill:

 Judith is paying tribute to her former singer partner and King Of Pop, Michael Jackson tonight. If she doesn’t do this well people are going to be even more harsh on her. And again we see that she’s made someone in the hair and wardrobe departments super angry… Like seriously, what’s up with this? The performance wasn’t her best but at least it wasn’t indulgent and she was having fun on stage.

The Swon Brothers:

 Now I’m no country fan by any means but these two are super fun and actually seem to be improving week over week, they’re not a hot mess anymore. And each week that they’re on is another milestone week for the longest competing duo on the show. Their performance was upbeat and fun and gave both brothers a chance to take centre stage.

Amber Carrington: 

oh JOY Amber is singing Kelly Clarkson I never thought I’d see the day!! Hold me back from partying too hard. If nothing else her version of the song was FULL of theatrics and over dramatics. A wind machine? Really people?? She switched up the melodies and runs in the song which was kind of cool and didn’t scream it at me like Kelly does, nice restraint.

Sasha Allen:

 I love this song choice for her and it’s nice that we get to hear her sing something current. And she looks young and like she’s having a lot of fun. The great thing about the song was that she got to be upbeat but still was able to show how talented she is.

Josiah Holly:

 Clocks by Coldplay… oh no… Ain’t nobody got the right to touch Chris Martin’s songs… I’m not quite sure how I feel about this whole thing. I’m just going to have to concur with Blake & Adam and say that the performance went in and out and he had his moments, but nothing compared to last week.

Danielle Bradbury: 

Well Blake, your retirement fund is growing nicely I see. That performance was exactly what Blake wanted it to be, fun, youthful and full of energy. She’s cute and all, but I just don’t get it.

Kris Thomas:

 Kris gets to have fun this week and maybe get himself a lady that will actually treat him right. Who says this show doesn’t have a dual purpose as a dating service? Too bad he didn’t have his heart in that at ALL. He over-thought that so much though, good call Usher.

Sarah Simmonds: 

Sarah doing Jessie J has the potential to be the best thing ever… and it WAS! It was so rock and woke me up after the bland-ness that is tonight. Great going girl.

Michelle Chamuel:

 Now we get to the girl I’ve been waiting for all night. Unfortunately she’s singing a song that I’m so sick of she’s going to have to do something crazy awesome to make me forget this fact. Still annoyed by the song but she tapped into something in the song that was unique and heartwarming.

Erika’s Take:

The top ten take the stage tonight on the Voice. I am still hoping against hope that Team Blake will show us something different but I doubt that. Who’s team will shock us and give us all the WOW moments? Let’s find out!

Tonight’s special performance is brought to you by the lovely guys of Maroon 5. I just LOVE these guys! It’s a pity Adam doesn’t want to get married because I just adore him to bits! I’m jamming out to this song right now….get it, boys! I really love the light show they have going on…so pretty! I’m really loving this new single “Love Somebody”…get it!

Team Blake: Holly Tucker is up for the country crew. Sidenote for Blake fans: his home state was rocked with Tornadoes tonight so his heart isn’t really with us tonight. I hope his team does him proud. Holly is given a gospel song whose title escapes at the moment. I know she’s going to do well because she can sing but I’m so bored with these ballads from her. She definitely brought everyone to church with this song but I WAS SO BORED. It sounded like white noise for me. I fell asleep during it or might have nodded off or might have been talking to Tarra….just didn’t’ captivate me.

Team Adam: Judith Hill is up first! And she’s doing an MJ song! Say What?! Getting excited now since she actually got to sing with him before! Adam gives her “The Way You Make Me Feel” by MJ. Poor Judith breaks down in rehearsal as she is still overwrought by MJ’s passing and her connection with him. I think this song is perfect as it will show off her fun side. Judith comes right out OWNING this song and performance although someone should really shoot the wardrobe department cuz they are setting her up for failure. She gives off energy and looks like she actually enjoyed herself and wasn’t so serious.

Team Blake: The Swon Bros are up next and they actually get to do a fun song country rock song! I’m in love with this song and their performance because this is the Swon Brothers that I love so much! Not the super twangy boring country song. Just a feel good rocking country song. They engage the crowd and just give it all. The crowd eats it up and the judges too. Adam is still freaked out by one of the bros creeping Scream face (so am I). We learned that Blake has a lot-of not a latte LOL He’s pleased with them and I am too! Finally!

Team Adam: Amber Carrington is next to hit the stage. And she’s doing a Kelly Clarkson song? This will be interesting! Amber does give me Kelly Clarkson feels when she sings. Adam gives her “Breakaway”, which I just love to pieces already as I know that she will crush it. It’s so perfect for her! I got chills as Amber was singing this song. It was beautifully done and beautifully sung by Amber. Just love all around and she got tons of praise from the judges. Get it, girl!

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen is up next! Shakira gives her a current song: “Next To Me” by Emeli Sande! I’m excited as I love this song! Girlfriend is about to crush it! SAAASSSHHHAAA!!! I just woke up with this song! She NAILED it! She came out to kill tonight! She had so much fun singing it and you can tell! She looked amazing too! She had it all tonight. JUST STAAAHP IT! I’m gushing! And Shakira was rocking out with her too! So proud of her! PERFECTION!

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley is first to represent his team. Usher gives him “Clocks” by Coldplay. I’m already unhappy as I don’t think anyone should cover Coldplay. Umm boo…Josiah, you kinda butchered it. You get an A for effort but just no. That wasn’t song to be smiling about and look peppy at it. Just wrong for me. Josiah did not meet the expectations that come with singing this song. It was very awkward. Some hits and misses from Josiah. If he makes it through, I’ll be shocked.

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery is the last of country crew. Blake gives her some country song I’ve never heard of but it seems age appropriate. It’s very upbeat and she seems like she has a handle on the song for the most part. Danielle seem like she lost a bit a steam at the end as some of her notes weren’t that great at the end. Overall, it was a meh performance but she’s young and cute so I don’t see her getting voted off.

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas is the last to rep Shaki’s team. She gives him the uber sexy “Adorn” by Miguel to sing. I may swoon as this song is just HOT. Kris better own this song as you have to sing it with the right swagger to it. Vocally, he’s impressive but he has no swag to him what so ever. There was no fire or sex appeal to it. He looked like he was going through the motions. He’s definitely in danger now. No heart was in that performance at all.

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons is last to rep Adam’s Angels. She’s taking on a Jessie J song that I’m not too familiar with but I love Jessie and Sarah so I’m excited. Sarah wants to go upbeat so this will be interesting. Sarah came to rock and that she did. She tore that stage up with FIYAH. All the judges were in awe. Definitely a surprise for me because I didn’t think she had it in her. Get it, girl!

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel is last to perform and my fave! They save the best for last! Usher gives “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink. I’m in heaven! Please don’t let me down! I LOVE THIS SONG! Michelle shuts it down for me as it’s just her, no lights, no fuss, no background single. I just love her for that and she gets all into the performance and delivers our WOW performance of the night. So proud of her! And she totally did Pink justice!


Shakira’s hair! It was big!

Adam calling Blake a cowboy!

Usher’s eyes during Michelle’s performance and he repeatedly standing up for her.

Shakira serving the boys a can of whoop ass as she defends her team!

Join us tomorrow for the results show!


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