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The Top 5 Light Up the Stage on The Voice: Who Is Finale Bound?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/11/2013 5:54 pm
The Top 5 Light Up the Stage on The Voice: Who Is Finale Bound?

Bec Heim


Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editor

Welcome to the Voice’s semifinals! This week what will happen? Two people are going home! Hopefully we’ll lose another member of Team Blake this week. Still one team is definitely being knocked out of the running this week. The Top Five take the stage! Semi-finals time! It’s do or die tonight! Two will be going home tomorrow! Let’s who scores and who crashes!

“Twisted” by Usher: Is this Usher’s new single? I really like it. This season has made me such a huge Usher fan that I adore it. This is a production of glorious proportions. There are just dancing. Men in red suits and Usher being awesome. HOLY SHIT USHER BUSTING A MOVE! I love him so much. He puts so much into his performance. He’s dripping with sweat. TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT USHER! We don’t want you overheated. I am definitely buying this song. Seriously this season has given me a revelation to the awesomeness of Usher. 

“Turn the Page” sung by The Swon Brothers: Send them home America! This is dedicated to their old and current band members. Their generic-ness hurts me badly. Don’t get me wrong they seem like nice guys. Their act, however, is just so very very boring at this point to me. Not even fire could make it interesting. See when Usher gets more attention then the Swons they didn’t do well. I was bored. Fire did not make it interesting. Seriously Blake, what is this “growth”? BORING. GENERIC. Send them home!

“I Will Always Love You” sung by Sasha Allen: Oh this is a make or break moment for Sasha. She dedicates this to her children, which is night. My feelings? It was beautiful but I don’t know how I feel. It’s so difficult to judge this because Whitney Houston is well…yeah. She did it well. She did really well. It was just rough in a couple parts. It wasn’t bad. I liked it. It was just…I don’t know. I liked it. I want Sasha to stay.  If I want a cover though? I’m still going with Amber Riley here. 

Michelle is heading backing to Massachusetts! That is so sweet to see everyone! She sees her bandmate for Ella Riot. I’m tearing up. It was just so sweet to see Michelle in her hometown. It makes me so so happy. I love Michelle so damn much. MICHELLE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

“Clarity” sung by Michelle Chamuel: HOLY SHIT! I WANTED HER TO DO THIS SONG!!!! She absolutely KILLS IT DEAD! Jessica Sanchez take notes! This is what your cover of the song was missing. Michelle was just glorious on stage. The audience was losing their damn mind. I was losing my damn mind. It was fucking awesome. Blake is mad she won’t screwed up. Adam adores her. Usher is just proud that Michelle is herself and no one else. Why? BECAUSE MICHELLE CHAMUEL IS AWESOME! 

Danielle Bradbery goes back to Texas! This is…sweet? But boring. I was more moved when Michelle was in Massachusetts. Michelle’s baseball game looked more crowded. She just has problems connecting with the difficult and real problems in these songs. She’s too young.

“Please Remember Me” sung by Danielle Bradbery: I’m bored. I am really really bored. She just can’t connect yet. Seriously give her a few years to grow and change. Let her become her own real person. Compared to Michelle and dynamic performances Danielle always has to stay in one place to sing. She’s young and talented but I don’t think she should win because of that. I even think the performance was weak in spots. It was just boring and there. Tim McGraw does it better. She was not hitting her note or connecting. I think Danielle has gone as far as she could go. She’s reached her limit America. 

“Firework” sung by Amber Carrington: She dedicates this to her best friends. It has some breath control issues. The power, however, gives it such a huge punch. I like it. It was pretty. I liked it. There was something lacking. I would still prefer her over Danielle though. Why? Amber connects better emotionally with songs than Danielle. I would just not like to see Team Blake reach the finals. 

The Swon Brothers head home to Oklahoma. I forgot they lived there! (Not) They visit their old job at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. They get some award from their old job. They get a WEEK named after them? My head hurts.

“Danny’s Song” sung by The Swon Brothers: It exists. I’m just so tired of explaining why week after week after week why these guys need to go. NO ONE LISTENS TO ME ANYMORE! So I won’t. I’m not. This song exists. They’ve been doing the same schtick for weeks. I am tired. I am exhausted. It exists. But it was: boring, generic and there.

Sasha goes back to New York to visit her children. Her little girl is the most adorable thing in the world!! It was so sweet. She heads to a radio station to promote The Voice. She goes to sing in The Village Underground. It was just a recharge that she really needed.

“Bad Girls” sung by Sasha Allen: OhmyGod she sings a disco song. I love her so much. THERE IS A GIANT FLASHING DISPLAY WITH HER NAME IN THE BACKGROUND! This is amazing. I love it. Holy shit I love it. She is having a ball and I adore her. I love her so so much. Shakira’s headband makes so much sense. She was getting a bit seventies to match her song choice for Sasha. This is just amazing. This is waaaay better. Adam gets some bling. Usher gets a private show and a standing ovation. Shakira loved how fun it is.

“Who I Am” sung by Danielle Bradbery: She dedicates this to her parents and her best friend. At least this song is age appropriate it. I just can’t deal with the whole scrapbook in the background. Just no. So much no. Every time she walks it looks like she’s counting steps in her head. Still I am so over Danielle too. This song and the movements were so calculated they came up with everything on a Texas Instrument calculator! It just feels like…I’m bored. So bored.

Amber goes back to Dallas to reconnect with everyone. It’s so nice to see her family together. They’re wearing t-shirts supporting her! It’s so adorable and sweet. My heart swells a bit at this. She goes back to her favorite old performing space. She gets a day named after her too!

“Sad” sung by Amber Carrington: Like Sasha Amber improves with her second song. See?! See how she just so utterly connect with music? She gives the song everything. It’s beautiful and quiet but reaching. It’s the best. This is what Blake wishes Danielle could be. Amber has a great voice and an amazing emotional connection. It was such a moving tribute to her coach and everyone in her life.  WE’VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR WEEKS BLAKE!!!!!

“Time After Time” sung by Michelle Chamuel: She dedicates this song to Usher. Already I am crying so hard. This is just the sweetest thing ever. All I can say? She is perfection. The best part? Usher’s just happy and lovely reaction to it. He totally was tearing up! The audience is absolutely losing their goddamn minds over it. Usher is just so incredibly touched and declares her the winner. He calls her medicine for the whole world. “I love you Michelle Chamuel!” declares Usher. I cannot agree more best coach ever Usher.

Erika’s Take

Filler performance: Coach Usher takes the stage to perform “Twisted”. Ever the performer, Usher knows how to put on a show! And his new single is pretty awesome too! I love watching him perform. He knows how to engage his audience and his moves are RIDICULOUS! I wish I could dance like him! And his outfit tonight, he’s sporting his Michelle Chamuel glasses right now and going for nerdy chic. LOVE IT! 

Team Blake: The Swon Bros get the dead slot as we like to call it since they are up first. They take on “Turn The Page” by Bob Seger or as I have heard it done by Metallica. Sucks to be the boys right now as there was absolutely nothing riveting about that performance. Semi-strong vocals but not much energy or passion from them. Kinda boring to be honest. And I’m also over the sympathy vote from Team Blake because they dedicated to some folks in OK. They are officially in danger in my eyes. Will give them props for not picking a traditional country song, which makes this one of their better performances.

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen is up and she’s singing “I’ll Always Love You”. Could she have picked a harder song to do?! I hope she does it justice because it’s hard to do that song given the way Whitney did it. Sasha looks totes fabulous though, angelic. Loved the wind machine effect on her. As for her vocals….well…those runs….ummm….sounded a bit rough. She did nail her high note and was very emotional in her delivery. She ended quite well. Definitely took some serious guts to do this song and Whitney would be proud that she didn’t butcher it. Sasha will be okay after this performance.

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel is up and she picks “Clarity” by Zedd featuring Foxes. I just fell more in love with this chick as that is my most played song right now. Totally my jam right now. Michelle may not have the biggest voice or the diva high notes but she always delivers and brings new energy to each one of her performances. Tonight, she deliver as always. Just loved her sound on this. I liked the Glee version of it but this one was better since it was not diva-fied with ridiculous high notes. Just love it and her! Adam is totally smitten and you can just tell in his face.  Michelle is totally on track for the finale!

Team Blake: Super Bland T-swizzle Danielle Bradbery is up next. Her package comes off as pretentious to me but that’s not really important. She’s singing “Please Remember Me”. Her voice kinda sounds off to me. Definitely was not hitting her lower register notes. Vocally, not her best performance, I’m afraid. I know that I can be harsh with Team Blake at times but it was not boredom this time, I assure you. Miss Danielle might have reached her peak. Right now, the Swon Bros are topping her. She’s in danger with this one.

Team Adam: Amber Carrington, his last Angel, is up next. She is given Katy Perry’s “Firework” and this recapper falls over dead with delight as I love that song and I know Amber is going to CRUSH IT! Oh dear…this is going to be hard to say as I love, love, love Amber and she has been crushing it. That was a ROUGH performance. The background singers overpowered her and the poor girl struggled to gain control. This does not bode well for Adam’s Last Angel. I am crushed right now. I hope Adam picks another “Skyfall” wonder for her because the girl is going to need it!

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers are up for the next performance.  The boys are given “Danny’s Song” to do. Once again, we find that one of the boys is playing the piano while other sings. Dammit, I love this song. I love it when the boys do songs like this. I was so set on disliking it after their last performance but they redeemed themselves with this one. Beautifully done, boys…I think you just pulled yourselves out of danger with this one!

Team Shakira: Sasha comes back for her next performance. She does “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer and looks like she has a blast doing so!  Seriously, the most fun she’s had all season. Girl gave Beyonce vibes and had tons of energy. So proud of her! I hope she makes it through with this one. She has grown with her performances and has learned to let loose. Love this version of Sasha the most! Hope she makes it through….

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery is back and she’s singing “Who I am” by Jessica Andrews. Sigh…I love this song….and she doesn’t sound half bad in it. Gotta say that she just cheapened that by going for the aww moment and going to her mom and singing it to her. Came off as really calculated and looks like she is trying to win a popularity contest versus a singing contest. Vocally, this one was her better performance of the night. Her going for the aww look at my family thing, not cool. America is a sucker for that. Sigh.

Team Adam: Angel Amber is back and she is given “Sad” by Maroon 5. I like that she is taking on one of her coaches song. I hope she does better this go round because I really want this angel to be in the finale. Immediately, I’m smitten. The arrangement and Amber’s voice equal Flawless Perfection. Hauntingly beautiful….totally redeemed herself with this one. Adam should be so proud of his angel with this one. One of her best performances this season!

Team Usher: Michelle closes out the show by dedicating her song to her coach. She picked “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper. I just can’t right now….so many feels. Michelle starts off softly but man that high note she hit at the end was EVERYTHING. The love between her and her coach is evident with this song. She grows with every performance and this one is no exception. A wonderful way to finish up the night. If she’s not in the finale, I’m not even going to bother watching. That is all!


Adam’s obvious adoration for Michelle Chamuel!

Blake mouthing the words to his team members’s songs!

Shakira’s headband!

Michelle’s dedication to her coach!

Join Bec tomorrow as she recaps the results!


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