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The Top 6 Rock the Stage on The Voice: Who Stole The Show?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/04/2013 3:27 pm
The Top 6 Rock the Stage on The Voice: Who Stole The Show?

Bec Heim


Tarra Matthews

, &

Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Hi everyone! Bec’s super glad to be back after a week long vacation to discuss The Voice with Tarra and Erika! Now after the downfall of Team Adam last week, we want the downfall of Team Blake. COME ON AMERICA, MAKE US PROUD! The top 6 take the stage tonight! 3 of our coaches are down to one member! Team Blake has yet to lose a member…rats! We get to hear not one but TWO songs from each of the contestants! Let’s get down to business!

Bec’s Take:

“When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues” sung by Holly Tucker: Oh wow. Another Martina McBride song. Can you hear the golf claps? Really America? I feel like Holly had peaked awhile ago. I’m so bored. Is anyone bored? I’m bored. Also her last note? Oh that was baaad. Usher has no clue what to say. He just thought the performance was “good”.  Shakira liked her “presence” which makes me laugh. They all looked secretly bored.

“Somewhere Only We Know” sung by Michelle Chamuel: OHMYGOD MICHELLE AND USHER HAVE THE BEST BROMANCE EVER! And they’re making me cry how they just bond and are amazing! Usher also gives Michelle the best songs. AND MICHELLE IS JUST KILLING THIS! I’m crying. This is just so amazing and perfect. Michelle, you are so amazing. I love this song. Michelle just totally kills this. Usher looks like he’s tearing up under those sunglasses. I love Usher and Michelle. I love Michelle. Can we be friends? I need a tissue. Shakira thinks this is going to be another great week for Michelle. She also thinks they (Usher and Michelle) are the perfect fit. Adam thinks Michelle is carving out her own spot in the universe and thinks its perfect.

“Wagon Wheel” sung by The Swon Brothers: …NO! NO! NO! I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG! NO OHMYGOD THE GENERIC-NESS IS FUCKING KILLING ME! OhmyGod why? This was just so…depressing. I love this song. And the cover is just so boring and bland. ALSO DARIUS RUCKER DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG! IT’S A COVER BY OLD CROW MEDCINE SHOW WHO ARE FUCKING AWESOME![youtube]

AGH! DOES NO ONE ON THIS GODDAMN SHOW DO THEIR RESEARCH?!?!?! They took out like three verses and the best musical parts! I just UGH! This song has such a special place in my heart because this was the first song that my best friend told me to check out when we first became friends. I love this song. They don’t even credit the right artist?! SERIOUSLY?! I just AGH! And it’s so fucking bland! So mad!

“Ain’t No Way” sung by Sasha Allen: Take me to church Sasha. She was flawless. Her dress is flawless. Her background is flawless. She was flawless. Just absolutely beautiful and warm and classic. I loved this. It made me happy. Adam hates himself a little more for getting rid of Sasha in the Battle Rounds. Usher is in awe of her. Shakira is just glowing in happiness because of how amazing Sasha is.

“Shake the Sugar Tree” sung by Danielle Bradbery: Blake. Use some variety with your artists. Awww it’s cute with Danielle under the tree. No it’s not. This is boring. I have no clue WHO Danielle is as an artist. Blake is just giving her a song that did well commercially. It’s just so boring and dull. I’m yawning. Usher thought she was nervous. STOP PRAISING HER COACHES! This was boring! She was so freaking disconnected from the music. STOP GIVING HER SONGS THAT ARE TOO MATURE FOR HER TO SING!

“I Remember You” sung by Amber Carrington: Adam gives her a big hair rock song from the eighties. So she gives it a bluegrass sound that reminds her of her Dad. I kind of really like the bluegrass-y vibe to this song. This is really good. It’s understated. However, it allows her voice to shine. Seriously this was just really really good. Especially seeing her standing in a ring of fire and singing. I loved how mellow and pretty it was. The judges loved it. I also loved it. It was very cool.

“Okie From Muskogee” sung by The Swon Brothers: Ugh. Really Swons? Blake really? I am not unsympathetic to what happened in Oklahoma. I have donated blood, money and food to the people in Oklahoma affected by this tragedy. Now, however, this feels like the Swons are just using it to get sympathy votes. No. Usher and Adam you don’t know what you’re talking about it. It’s just so bland and boring. It makes me bored and angry. I think they’re doing this for sympathy here. I’m just so over this right now. Ugh. We are the 10% of the people who don’t like this Blake.

“My Wish” sung by Holly Tucker: I’m bored. I need booze. Mainly I am bored. It’s a bland song sung by a bland singer. I’m so bored. God I am so bored. The sets are pretty though. The coaches love it and I wish for booze. No one knows what to say so they talk about her as a person. SHUT UP BLAKE SHE IS NOT DIVERSE!

“I Knew You Were Trouble” sung by Michelle Chamuel: OHMYGOD USHER AND MICHELLE! OhmyGod Michelle and Taylor Swift! It’s so cute! Taylor Swift gives Michelle her seal of approval. I just love this cover. This song is endlessly cover-able. Michelle gives it her spin that just makes it so freaking cool. Michelle is just rocking out and making me love her all the more. Michelle, I love you. This is just amazing. She just gives us a performance. And I love her. The biggest response of the night goes to Michelle! This audience sounds awake! Can we have Michelle and Usher have their own TV show together? Adam loves it. Blake is jealous and thought it was cool and intense. SERIOUSLY AMERICA VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN GODDAMMIT SHE IS AMAZING AND WE LOVE HER! I WANT MORE USHER AND MICHELLE BROMANCE!

“Crazy” sung by Amber Carrington: Amber wants to have her big country music. Oh the curtain rising was really pretty! I love how this is framed. Her dress is just gorgeous too. This is also just gorgeous. Amber is so beating Team Blake and I love it. She just has such a lush and pretty voice. Blake thought it was beautiful and amazing. He looks pissed because she was better than his team. Shakira thought it was beautiful and dreamy. Adam sounds so totally proud of her. Damn right, Adam, Amber was awesome!

“A Little Bit Stronger” sung by Danielle Bradbery: She choose this song for her sister. However, after Amber Carrington and her amazingness I am bored. Amber was the better country artist tonight. The hell is Danielle wearing? Yeah Amber was the better younger country artist tonight. This is just so boring in comparison to Amber. I’m. Bored. Blake’s team was boring tonight. Amber did the best country song. The audience loves Michelle more. Sorry but no Danielle not tonight. BORED.

“Before He Cheats” sung by Sasha Allen: Wow. Country is really dominating this season isn’t it? Even pop-country blends like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. Alright Sasha let’s hear it. OHMYGOD SASHA! Sasha is becoming a surprise favorite ever since she started connecting emotionally. I love it. I also do love this song. Sasha is just giving this song her all. That was kind of hot guys. It was very cool. 

Remember! It’s time to bring down Team Blake.

Tarra’s Take:

So only ONE goes home this week. If it isn’t a girl by the name of Holly, Amber or Danielle I s2g……

Holly Tucker

Sassy week for Holly…oh please no, just stop. It appears as though someone gelled down her bangs, not the best look. Singers, why do you gotta make the ugly faces when you scream? And please don’t keep your eyes closed the whole time. I’m sure she had fun but I sure didn’t. Usher looks about as OVER the whole thing as I do, on the same wavelength, Mr. Raymond! That was an up beat performance but nothing amazing.

Michelle Chamuel

MA GURL!! Singing a little Keane, I haven’t been the same with this song since a little dude sang it on a little t.v. show 2 years ago. You can always just HEAR and FEEL the emotions in her voice when she sings and the arrangements that her and Usher come up with are amazing. They are fairly similar with just enough changes to make it uniquely Michelle. As mean as it sounds, having the rest of Team Usher get eliminated so early was the best thing that could have happened for Michelle.

The Swon Brothers

I KNOW THIS SONG! I LIKE THIS SONG!! But I HATE the pointless backup dancers, that cheapens EVERYTHING! WHY?!? Blake was right about the enunciation though; that hurt the performance a bit but overall it was one of their best performances yet.

Sasha Allen

Aretha for Sasha, she’s got the pipes - don’t let me down girl. I wish we could see Sasha’s proud Mama right about now because I don’t think she could have done that much better. She was beautiful and dynamic. 

Danielle Bradbery

Don’t stick to the original melody, Blake, CHANGE IT UP AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN TO SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY!!! Especially if the ‘plan’ is to reintroduce the “classic” country to the new country. The same old, same old isn’t going to do anyone good. That was bland and ugh Go home, please. I call her the “Stepford Contestant”, and I’m sticking to that.

Amber Carrington

Not that I like Amber overall but I like her better than the other country singers because a) Adam is her coach & b) she’s not afraid to try songs outside her genre (even if she totally country-fied this one).”Monotony is an artist’s worst enemy.” -> hear that Blake??

The Swon Brothers

Blake, how long have you wanted to do this song with Okies? How did these two go from exciting and fun earlier to predictable THIS? *I* even missed the girls dancing around. I am that 10% that Blake was talking about. I hated that.

Holly Tucker

ummm… she sang on a lighthouse; there were far too many close-ups on her nostrils, and she loves her parents. That’s all you need to know.

Michelle Chamuel

ONLY problem with this performance, that background singer screeching over Michelle for a hot second at the beginning. The response she got was well deserved, and I’m cackling at the TRL reference! That was it, ‘MURICA - everyone else go home now.

Amber Carrington

Crazy by Patsy Cline, complete with the whole set up, and wardrobe is stylistic perfection! For the amount I don’t like her and country music, I liked this performance a whole basket ful!! I kind of wished she had a more ‘yodel’ quality to her voice but it was very well done!

Danielle Bradbery

Well what Danielle’s choice tells me is that she’s just as bland in her song choice as her coach. I forgot what it sounded like already but I’m guessing she did okay and hit the big note at the end, which saved this from being really forgettable. Go home, please.

Sasha Allen

So gurl strips on stage and steals Beyonce’s alter ego all in one go. I loved the arrangement but still don’t like the song. We know Sasha can sing and judging by the screams tonight she’s the second favourite.

So that’s the Top 6, times 2. See you tomorrow when we only get to send one person home and hear everyone sing duets.

Erika’s Take: 

Team Blake: Holly Tucker is up first. He gives her a feisty Martina McBride song.  Still waiting for her to give me some feelings in her delivery. Again, her vocals are on point but I still feel like she’s so wooden. Nothing changes with her delivery. I’m with Usher. I wanted something more from her. I still feel like I don’t know her at all.

Team Usher: My girl Michelle Chamuel is up next and Usher seriously gives her the best song ever to perform: “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. I just gah over this song choice. So perfect and will give her such an emotional range yet softness that we haven’t seen from her yet. Right off the bat, I get chills because I can tell that Michelle is giving us emotion and not just performing for performance sake. You can tell that all the coaches are in awe of her and how much she keeps getting better each week. So proud of her!

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers are up next for the country crew. Blake gives them some song that I don’t know covered by Darius Rucker (actually I lied; they picked it). I surprisingly like it. It doesn’t sound overtly country and they were actually singing in sync! I actually found myself bopping my head and having a good time. Well done boys! All the coaches agreed that the bros. have stepped it up tonight and it was one of their performances. Maybe there is still hope for them.

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen is up and she picks “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha to do. I just love this song and Amber Riley’s version of it. I hope Sasha does it justice. She has had some hit and misses lately. Immediately, I get chills. Sasha is owning it! I feel like Sasha just took everyone to church with that! Sasha is finally connecting with a song. All the judges praised her and she was actually worthy of that praise. Get it, girl!

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery is up last in this first go round of the country crew. Blake gives yet another dated country song that I’ve never heard of. Once again, her vocals are on point but she has no life in her voice. She looks nervous, and it shows in her voice as well. As usual, the judges tell her how great she was, which infuriates me. I need to the coaches to stop overhyping her. She’s a super bland Taylor Swift. I’m so not impressed. I’m over her. BOREDOM: Population: ME when it comes to Danielle.

Team Adam: Amber Carrington, his last angel, is up. He gives her a Skid Row song “I’ll Remember” and gives it a bluegrass feel arrangement. I totally ate that up. She sounds incredible in this version. I was worried but I am blown away by this approach. Amber gives us range, which is lacking her country competition (Danielle, Holly). I think she has the most range of all the singers. Adam has thrown everything at her and she constantly nails it! So proud of her!

Team Blake: The Swon Bros are up for the second go round. Blake throws them under the bus with the song choice, some honky tonk song about Okie. WHY?! They just took a huge step back with this song and performance. Definitely one of their worst performances because of the song choice. I just can’t stand this box that Blake has put his team in. Sorry boys, I am not impressed with your coach’s need to play the sympathy card with your song choices and the constant reminder of OK tragedy each show.

Team Blake: Holly Tucker is back and she picks “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can’t right now. I love this song and I don’t want her to sing it. UGH…please don’t kill my song. Some pitch problems arose in that performance for me. It was lovely but again, meh. Holly is so robotic. I just can’t get on board. I do try. Once again, the judges sing her praises but it sounds so repetitive at this point.  Days like this make me yearn for Christina Aguilera’s bitchiness. NEXT PLEASE!

Team Usher: My girl Michelle is back and she picks “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. CAN I JUST SAY OMG?! This is going to be TOO GOOD! And Taylor is helping during rehearsal. SWEET! Michelle is going to crush it! I just know it! And she does! Girl gets all up in the song! She gives it all and puts so much energy in her performance.  I really love the rock edge and feels she gives off.The crowd just eats it up! The judges have nothing to add because she’s just AMAZING. You can see it. If this girl is not in the finale, I’ll cry. Just saying. And I’m an ugly crier.

Team Adam: Amber is up again and she picks “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. Already a winner for me because I love Patsy Cline and this song. Amber’s voice is perfect for this song. Chills from the get go. Just flawless. Amber, performance of the night, me thinks. Patsy would be so proud of her. Amber has so much range and Adam can do so much with her. Way to go, Amber. I’m in awe of her. For real, I’m jumping on the Amber Love Train and becoming its conductor. She out-countried the country Team Blake, which is saying a lot. So proud of her. She deserves a place in the finale.

Team Blake: Danielle is back and she picks a Sara Evans song “Get A Little Bit Stronger”. She’s in trouble as she can’t seem to handle the notes and the depth the song requires. She sounds so off right now. Definitely bit off more than she can chew. She’s not emoting what she needs to with her voice. Luckily, she hit a high note at the end because other than that, she was tanking. Once again, they heap unnecessary compliments on her and I’m still wondering WHY? Sigh…I’m moving now….

Team Shakira: Sasha is the last of the crew to perform. Shakira gives her “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. HMMM interesting choice. Hope she gives it the right amount of sass. Sasha came out guns blazing and NAILED that song! Just WOW. Remind me not to get on her bad side. Girlfriend was out to kill. Sasha was UBER FIERCE. Her voice was on point. WAY TO STEP IT UP!


Michelle fangirling over Taylor Swift.

Adam telling the audience to simmer down with his hands after Michelle’s performance.

Sasha ripping up her dress while performing.

Amber’s set going up in flames.

Join me tomorrow as I recap the results! Will we finally see the downfall of Team Blake?


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