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The Vampire Diaries: "American Gothic" Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/30/2013 1:43 am
The Vampire Diaries:




Staff Writer

Another Thursday, another great drama-filled Vampire Diaries episode. This one was just the best! Why, you ask? Elijah. Katherine. Enough said! Elena is still very much on bad-girl mode and there aren’t any signs of it stopping any time soon. The Salvatores are determined to make her human again, Caroline and Klaus are taking baby steps in their crazy (but sort of beautiful) relationship, Katherine was flawless and Elijah was looking sharp as perfect. So much happened! Let’s get started.

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…
Damon and Stefan made it their mission to get Elena’s humanity back. Katherine took off with the cure – and also killed Jeremy. Silas left a piece of the white oak stake in Klaus’ back. Rebekah and Elena teamed up and stole Damon’s car.

The episode picks up with the ladies – Elena and Rebekah – making a quick stop in a town after their previous search for Katherine garnered no results. They’re no longer driving Damon’s convertible and instead are cruising around in a fancy new car. Rebekah isn’t happy with Elena’s attitude but Elena’s only worry is to find someone to munch on. She’s about to snack on some lady when she identifies her as Katherine. Turns out Katherine has compelled the whole town – smart cookie! However, when Rebekah tries to interrogate her about Katherine’s whereabouts she says she has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s compelled to answer to Katherine herself. Elena doesn’t have this problem, however.

At the Mikaelson mansion, Klaus is trying to get the piece of stake out of his back on his own, and it’s not pretty. Okay, he’s shirtless so it’s actually quite nice. There’s blood and bone breaking and he’s sweating and visibly weakening by the minute, and he’s shirtless! Did I mention that already? Caroline shows up, surprised by his state and he tells her what Silas did to him. However, we soon realize it’s not really Caroline but Silas who is playing a trick on Klaus – Candice Accola is bringing it, she’s amazing! “Caroline” tells Klaus that until he brings her the cure she will bring him nothing but misery and then vanishes before his eyes.

Back in Pennsylvania, Elena gets a surprise attack from Miss Katherine Pierce herself but Rebekah quickly comes to the rescue. They go to a nearby restaurant and Elena immediately begins questioning her about the cure. Katherine wants to give it to Klaus in exchange for her freedom. After taking Katherine’s phone, Elena finds out that she’s supposed to be meeting someone. She plans to impersonate her in order to find out what’s going on. Later, she comes back to the table donning Katherine-hair in order to play the part. With the help of Rebekah, Katherine gives her her jewelry, jacket and even her shoes. Elena goes to the place of the meeting dressed as Katherine-esque as possible, while Rebekah stays behind at the restaurant with the real Katherine.

Meanwhile, Mystic Falls, Caroline shows up at Klaus’ house again but he’s convinced she’s still Silas. He doesn’t believe her until she brings up the prom committees she’s supposed to be attending instead of coming to his aid. Klaus tells her about Silas stabbing him with the white oak stake. Caroline tells him he doesn’t deserve her help after driving Tyler away. He reminds her that if he dies everyone else, including her, dies with him. He wants her to cut the stake out of him with a pair of pliers. Ouch! Let’s hope Caroline’s good at “Operation.”

ELIJAH! ELIJAH! I’m sorry you guys but he’s just the best and very much deserves the ALL-CAPS. OKAY! Anyway, where were we? Yes, Elijah. He’s the person meeting “Katherine” or in this case Elena. She tries to play it cool and act like she’s not surprised but then he kisses her on the lips and I think it kind of gives her away. Elijah tells her he missed her and then asks her about the cure. After noticing her daylight ring, he immediately busts her act and questions her about Katherine.

With the help of Sheriff Forbes, the Salvatores are able to locate Damon’s car and Elena’s current location. They arrive in Pennsylvania and find Rebekah and Katherine at the restaurant. Katherine tells them she’s working with Elijah and reveals that they’re more than just friends. Everyone’s look of disgusts at this revelation is simply the hilarious. Katherine thinks Elijah will kill Elena when he finds out it’s not really her. Stefan tells Rebekah that she’ll never find the cure if Elena dies, so she tells them where the meeting was supposed to take place. Stefan goes looking for Elijah and Elena while Damon and Rebekah go with Katherine to her home – where she’s keeping the cure. When they get there, Katherine says that the cure is no longer in her safe. They don’t believe she’s telling the truth. Rebekah and Damon search the house for it, until he figures out she’s keeping it in a fish tank filled with vervain water. Katherine pulls a fast one on Damon, dunking his head in the tank and taking the cure with her. Rebekah intercepts her, before she can get out of the house and Katherine lets her have the cure, knowing she can make a clean getaway. Rebekah ends up taking the cure but we later find out it was just a decoy. Katherine Pierce, everyone, always two steps ahead. 

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline is busy digging into Klaus’ back with the pliers. She jokes about him actually having a heart before telling him she can’t find the piece of stake. He complains about her taking great joy in hurting him on purpose and she apologizes but then takes it back. She tries to strike a deal with him – she’ll help him as long as he allows Tyler to return to Mystic Falls safely. After mentioning earlier that he thought they were “friends,” Caroline reminds him that if he wants her friendship, the first thing they need to establish is trust. They begin arguing and he starts screaming about how he’s not going to give in to her demands – and I start yelling “make out!” at my TV – before he realizes that he can no longer feel the pain of the stake in his back. It was never there to begin with, Silas had made him imagine the whole thing. “You took my mind off it. You brought me back, Caroline.” He tells her, while holding her hand. Wait up, guys! Let me just finish up with my swooning before I continue. *tons of swooning* Okay, I think I’m done.

Back in the creamed corn capital of Pennsylvania, Elena confronts Elijah about falling for Katherine’s trap and allowing her to play him. When he figures out she’s turned her emotions off, she tells him it happened after Katherine killed her brother and Elijah realizes that Katherine had lied to him. He tells Elena he hopes she finds her way back to herself some day. Elena knows he has the same hope for Katherine but she tells him that Katherine is no longer the sweet, innocent girl he fell in love with. Elijah says he can’t help trying and he can’t blame Stefan and Damon for having hope too. Elena boasts about how good it felt to watch his letter burn along with her old life and Jeremy. Katherine shows up unexpectedly and breaks Elena’s neck. Elijah confronts Katherine about Jeremy’s death and then asks if he’s only a means to survival for her. She denies it and tells him that she loves him but he doesn’t believe her. 

Later, Katherine shows up at a house to pick up her package – the real cure. She finds Elijah again and tells him that she meant what she said about her feelings for him and that she doesn’t want to lose him. As a way to earn his trust, she hands him the cure before leaving. Elijah finds Rebekah waiting by his car and she tells him she wants to take the cure and be human again. He tries to convince her that taking it won’t make things any better for her. They’re interrupted by a call from Klaus and Elijah tells him he’s bringing the cure to him – with a request or two.

Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus thanks Caroline for helping him and there’s a bit of awkward flirting between them before she heads for the door. He asks if they can be friends but she doesn’t want to agree until he allows Tyler to return to town. He points out the fact that he’s not necessarily out there trying to kill him. They smile at each other and then she leaves. So, I guess this means that even though Tyler can’t exactly come back to town, his life has been spared.

Damon apologizes to Stefan for not stopping Rebekah when he thought she was really taking the cure. He tells him it was a moment of weakness. Stefan says that he’s done with everything and that once they get the cure for Elena he’s getting out of her life for good. Later, they join Elena at the restaurant and she’s firm on her word of not wanting to ever take cure. She wants them to accept her decision and let her be who she is, warning that there will be consequences if they don’t. They try to reason with her but she ends up killing the waitress, threatening to kill more people if they don’t stop their quest to make her human again.  

Oh and btw, no new episode until April 18! At least we know it will be center around prom so that’s enough to make the 2-week break worth it. Are you guys still loving this new Elena or is she starting to be a little too much to handle? What did you guys think of Klaus basically friend-zoning himself? Didn’t see that one coming but, come on! With all that built up sexual tension, that friendship won’t last.


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