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The Vampire Diaries 'Because The Night' Recap: Big Apple Heartbreaks!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/22/2013 7:02 am
The Vampire Diaries 'Because The Night' Recap: Big Apple Heartbreaks!

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…
Jeremy died and Elena turned off her humanity AKA she got a major reboot. Bonnie was more than willing to help Silas raise the dead. Katherine pulled a fast one and stole the cure. Damon had to kill his buddy, Will in order to keep Rebekah away from it. Elena and Damon took a road trip to NY.
The episode picks up in the streets of New York City. We know it’s New York because there’s sewer fumes rising from the ground and we know it’s the 1970’s (actually 1979) because the Talking Heads are playing in the background and Damon is wearing a leather jacket – and possibly a bit of guyliner. A couple is happily strolling by when they see him lying “dead” on the ground – I wonder if he ever gets tired of using the same old trick. 
In present time, another couple is strolling the streets of The Big Apple – Damon and Elena. Damon tells her he brought her to New York because “there’s so much life that a little death goes unnoticed.” But Elena doesn’t believe they’re just there to have fun. Later, Damon gets in touch with Stefan and tells him he’s actually there on cure business. When Elena returns from her “lunch break” or something, she’s sporting some pink streaks in her hair. Wait, I thought this was supposed to be present day.
Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline is still having a bad day. She’s cleaning after Elena’s rambunctious party and drinking left over liquor in the process. Klaus drops by unannounced and they engage in a bit of bickering about his evil ways and him driving away Tyler. Seriously, Caroline, just accept you’re into him already! Stefan interrupts and lets Caroline know that he invited him – they need his help to deal with the Silas situation. Klaus initially refuses to help but Stefan tells him Silas will eventually bring back all the dead monsters he’s ever killed so it’s in his best interest to get rid of him first. 
Speaking of Silas, he’s busy still brainwashing Bonnie. Honestly, sometimes I forget she even exists, but after this episode I doubt I’ll be able to forget about her. More on that later. Anyway, he’s still manipulating her with promises of bringing all her loved ones back to life. Silas tells her she’s a descendant of Quetsiyah so only she can break the veil and bring back everyone from the other side. 
In New York, Damon takes Elena to a club that’s supposed to be crawling with young punks for her to eat later that night. We get a flashback of Damon in 1979 at the same club with his then-BFF Will, who happens to provide vampires with fake IDs. Damon brings him IDs from the couple he just killed and asks why this is the third one of a brunette. Will says he has a client who is a “runner” so she needs multiples. Hmmm… Now who could be a 5’7” brunette vampire on the run? Damon goes about his business and is about to feed on one of the drunk concertgoers when Lexi shows up, reprimanding him for getting sloppy when it comes to feeding. 
Back in modern time, another blonde pays him a surprise visit, Rebekah – although she’s a little more hostile, slamming his head into a table. She spills the bean, telling Elena that Damon is in NYC following a lead to the cure. In another flashback, Lexi tells Damon that she’s there because she promised Stefan she would help keep him in line. Elena asks Damon if she’s planning on using the Lexi method of having fun in order to turn her humanity back on. Later, she admits to Rebekah that she doesn’t buy it. She knows Damon is only there for the cure and she has decided to find go find it herself.
In Mystic Falls, the dream team – Klaus, Caroline, and Stefan – go to the nearby university Shane used to teach, to search for clues – okay so technically the university isn’t in Mystic Falls but it’s close enough. Klaus doesn’t waste an opportunity to take a jab at Stefan in regards to Damon’s trip to NY with Elena. He tells him not to overestimate the power of darkness because “even the purest hearts are drawn to it” – a clear hint at Caroline’s attraction to him. It’s obvious this strikes a chord with the blonde but she tries to brush it off. During her search, she finds a book that explains how the expression triangle works. They find out that the first sacrifice consists of humans, the second of demons (or in this case, hybrids), and the third one of witches. 
At Bonnie’s house, Silas tells her that she needs to link all twelve witches together in order to perform the massacre and complete the triangle. Bonnie’s dad comes home and is not happy by the way things are going since “Shane” hasn’t been much help when it comes to controlling Bonnie’s dark magic. After he demands that “Shane” leaves his house, Bonnie gets angry and makes the windows explode Beautiful Creatures-style, with her super witchy powers. She tells her dad that he needs to call Abby because she needs witches. Later, Bonnie meets with one of Abby’s friends in the woods, luring her in by pretending she needs help controlling her expression magic. The witch – who just happens to bring 11 of her closest friends – is eager to help cleanse Bonnie from expression.
In NY, special musical guest, Dead Sara, performs while Damon, Rebekah and Elena do shots. He tells the girls that Lexi wasn’t allowed to feed with Stefan but he didn’t have that problem. We flashback to the 70’s again, this time it’s Damon and Lexi enjoying the show – same song and everything, man I bet this is taking Damon way back. In present time, Elena gets a little hungry, compelling one of the concertgoers not to scream as she feeds on her and Damon joins in on the action. He then lets Rebekah partake in the feeding as he slips quietly out the backdoor. Rebekah wants to work together with Elena – even though she helped kill her brother, Kol? Elena basically tells her that she’s way too emotionally unstable and to be of any help.
At the university, Caroline and Klaus are working together to find the possible location of the third massacre. There are lingering looks and teasing from his part about her lack of math skills, and boy are sparks flying. But unfortunately, Stefan interrupts to inform them that he just received a call from Bonnie’s dad and that he might have found Silas – or in this case, Shane.
Back in the woods, the witches are trying to cleanse Bonnie of her dark energy, but she starts resisting and this prompts the witches to form a link in order to become stronger. Bonnie opens her eyes and she looks totally possessed, her eyes are completely white and she starts writhing as in pain. 
Stefan calls Damon and tells him Silas is taking the form of Shane. Damon is trying to find information about Katherine’s whereabouts by looking through Will’s files. He asks if he’s needed back in Mystic Falls but Stefan says they got it covered. Damon finds a list of Katherine’s past addresses just before Elena comes into the room. They go back to the club where Damon tells her that Lexi used to torture him every night – but not in any 50 Shades of Grey kind of way. We flashback to the 70‘s when Lexi wants him to remember how he felt about Katherine. Remembering the love he felt for her will help turn his emotions back on. Damon tells her he doesn’t care about Katherine, but he does care about her. Lexi seems to feel the same way, and they end up hooking up. Back in present time, Elena asks to hear the rest of the story, as she heads to the roof of the club with Damon.
In Mystic Falls, Caroline, Klaus and Stefan split up and they each search the two possible locations of the massacre. Caroline apparently went with Klaus because she didn’t want to leave Bonnie’s life in his hands. Klaus confronts Caroline about her attraction to his dark side but she says that she felt it once, when she thought he was worth it. However, now she believes that people who do terrible things are just terrible people. Ouch! The hurt is more than evident in Klaus’ face. 
Stefan for his part, stumbles upon the scene of the massacre. He interrupts the ritual and tells the witch that Bonnie is working with Silas and is planning to kill the whole coven. The witch says that if she’s with Silas then she’s a lost cause and is determined to kill her. When Stefan tries to help Bonnie, she gives him a witch-headache and he tries to run away. Klaus and Caroline catch up to Stefan who tells them that the witches are going to kill Bonnie. Klaus is willing to let her die in order for the veil not to be broken but Caroline intervenes, killing the witch instead. All the witches were linked, so they die too and the triangle is completed as a result.
Elena tries to convince Damon that maybe there is a way to turn her emotions back on. When they’re on the rooftop she tries to seduce him and he initially rebuffs her but eventually gives in. However, when she tries to steal the information Damon got about Katherine out of his pocket, he catches on. A flashback shows Damon and Lexi sleeping together on the same rooftop. Turns out Damon was playing her all along, his humanity was never turned on, and he never liked her like he said. The only reason he made her believe that he had feelings for her was so she would leave him alone when she found out the truth.
Damon tells Elena she is going to regret everything she is doing now when she turns her humanity back on. He doesn’t want to be one of the many things she’s going to feel guilty about. He tells her the reason he killed Lexi was because when she came back to Mystic Falls all of his guilt resurfaced. They argue about her present state and about her taking the cure. Rebekah shows up and breaks Damon’s neck, and it looks like Elena has some use for her as an ally after all. They leave Damon stuck on the rooftop and take his car to go in search of Katherine and the cure. Later, Damon calls Stefan and tells him everything that happened. Stefan for his part, lets him know that they were unable to stop the massacre.
Back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie wakes up to find herself back in her house with Stefan at her bedside. He tells her that the witches almost killed her but she doesn’t seem to remember a single thing. The last thing she remembers is being in the cave back in the island. It’s almost like her memory got wiped because she doesn’t even remember Jeremy dying. Ugh, double heartbreak for Bonnie!
Klaus and Caroline stayed behind in the woods, digging graves and burying witches all night long – they’re vampires, shouldn’t that have taken like five minutes tops? Anyway, Caroline comes to the realization that she killed 12 people in order to save the life of one. You can tell the guilt is eating at her, and Klaus looks like he’s about to take advantage of the situation to provide her with some much needed comfort. Instead, he looks her in the eyes and tells her to go and find someone less terrible she can related to. Caroline gets angry and leaves. He’s not alone for long, because Silas shows up with the white oak stake and threatens to kill him unless he brings him the cure. And just to ensure that he follows through with his orders, he stabs him in the back, leaving a piece of the stake inside him. 
Uh oh! Looks like Klaus is in a bit of trouble. What do you guys think that little piece of white oak stake will do to him? I’m dying to find out! Honestly, if I had no idea about the Originals spinoff, I’d be on pins and needles and terrified at the possibility of him dying! 
Are you still holding hope for Klaus and Caroline? Is Damon done with this version of Elena? Tells us what you thought of this week’s episode!


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