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The Vampire Diaries 'Bring It On' Recap: All The (So-Called) Feelings!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/16/2013 10:23 pm
The Vampire Diaries 'Bring It On' Recap: All The (So-Called) Feelings!

Elena Butler
Staff Writer

It’s back! It’s back! The mini spring hiatus is finally over! Didn’t it feel like forever since we last laid eyes on those hunky Salvatores? I’m so happy to have The Vampire Diaries back on my screen but you know what makes me happier? The fact that I didn’t cry at all during this episode. It was just all around fun, with cheering, partying, fighting, and even an unexpected – okay after all those spoilers, it was way expected – hookup! 
Ready to discuss? Let’s break it down. (SPOILERS AHEAD)
Thousands of years ago, on the last episode of The Vampire Diaries… 
Jeremy died. Everyone still wants the cure. Hayley was in town and so was Tyler. Elena turned off her humanity and burned her house down. 
“Bring It On” picks up with Stefan and Damon trying to decide how to deal with the now emotionless Elena. Stefan thinks she needs to find a reason to turn her humanity back on. Damon agrees but also thinks she should have a little fun in the meantime.
We see her using the Damon lay-on-the-road-and-pretend-you’re-dead method to feed on unsuspecting drivers, and of course it works. She starts feeding on the poor lady but Damon interrupts, reminding her that they agreed she wouldn’t kill people. “I thought this was supposed to be fun,” she complains before tossing her victim to the side. I think I’m starting to really love this Elena. Maybe.
Hayley is at a random truck stop, clearly watching her back, when a vampire suddenly attacks her. But who comes to her rescue? None other than our favorite hybrid, Klaus, who bites the vampire on the neck – apparently he and Hayley have been in cahoots for a while now. She made a deal with Katherine in regards to the cure and Klaus promised he would protect her in exchange for information.
Caroline, Damon and Stefan think that taking Elena back to school will help – do these people ever have good ideas? Damon tries to use the sire bond to get Elena to behave in school and not “eat anyone” – I’m sure that will turn out dandy. Caroline is still trying to reach Tyler over the phone, without success. Elena asks Caroline for her spot back on the cheerleading squad, which she gleefully agrees to give her because “it will make Damon happy.” 
Damon pays Klaus a visit and confronts him about “secret phone conversations” with Hayley. He tells Klaus that Katherine will use the cure against him unless he finds it first and they give it to Elena. He wants to question Hayley about Katherine but Klaus says she’s off limits. I really don’t understand why Hayley is so important now but whatever. Are we supposed to care about a character who was in like three episodes, backstabbed him, fled town and then suddenly resurfaced? Because I don’t.
Liz tells Stefan that after everything that’s happened, the town is at a tipping point – it took this long? He tells him that all the hospital blood supply has been stolen and she wants him to help her find out who took it.
Elena and Caroline are back in their skimpy cheerleader outfits and Elena is using her super vamp hearing to eaves drop on the competition. She follows one of the girls back to the bus and feeds on her. I love the fact that she’s being such a mean girl about it, initially telling the girl she wants her hair ribbon and taking it from her while draining her blood. Elena returns to the competition with the girl’s ribbon on her hair and Caroline quickly figures out what she did.
Stefan calls Damon to tell him that the sire bond isn’t working anymore and that Elena is basically out of control. Damon, however, is busy at the truck stop – where Klaus and Hayley met the night before – trying to find the vampire that can lead them to Katherine. He runs into Rebekah who has some of Klaus’ blood. She plans to heal the vampire of his werewolf bite to get information about Katherine’s whereabouts. 
Stefan asks Elena about the missing blood supply at the hospital, as she uses him to stretch – quite suggestively, I might add. Her defense is that she prefers her blood a little warmer and not from blood bags. Stefan doesn’t want her to become a ripper like him but she thinks being an emotionless vampire is a better version of who she used to be. Caroline doesn’t want to let her cheer but Elena isn’t about to let anyone boss her around. During their routine, she throws Caroline up in the air and steps back letting her fall on the ground. Holy crap! Not cool, Elena. Stefan tells her she needs to take her fun somewhere else, but instead tricks her and stabs her with vervain to weaken her sassy attitude. 
Klaus interrogates Hayley over dinner and drinks and tries to use persuasion and that sexy, classy accent of his to get answers. Hayley tells him that Katherine promised her to help her find out who her dead parents were and that’s why she made a deal with her. Later, she goes through Klaus’ artwork, and he tells her that painting is a metaphor for control – which he loves to have. Hayley brings up Tyler, telling him that Caroline would hate him forever if he killed him. She tries to convince him that if he lets Tyler live, she can have a chance with Tyler and he with Caroline.
Stefan brings Elena back home and she begins undressing in front of him but when he compares her to Katherine she doesn’t like it. She insists that she no longer has any feelings for him. She tells Stefan that his whole world revolves around her and maybe he’s the one who needs to turn his feelings off. He hears noise downstairs and comes to find out that Elena arranged a party at the Salvatore home. Caroline shows up, apparently feeling A-OK and not at all mad after being dropped on the floor by her BFF. She’s actually happy that Elena is having fun. Caroline’s even being a total wingwoman, telling Stefan to have fun with any of the hot girls at the party and he picks her up in a very fun and flirty way instead. What is happening right now?
Damon and Rebekah check the local hospital for the missing vampire and find that this hospital is also clean of all blood supply. They realize someone else is stealing the blood but they don’t know exactly who. Later, he bites a nurse outside of the hospital to use her as bait for the vampire they’re looking for. He finds out that it’s a vampire he already knows, named Will. But when you think he’s going to help him, he rips out his heart instead. Rebekah calls Klaus and tells him that the vampire who was after Hayley is now dead. 
Klaus tells Hayley she’s free to go “or stay” and she begins flirting with him again. She tells him that he liked one of his paintings because it showed her how twisted he really is. One thing leads to another and they end up hooking up! No, seriously. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!
Back at the party, Elena is having fun and sees Caroline laughing and having a good time with Stefan. She seems a bit displeased but then urges her to take Stefan “out for a spin.” Liz crashes the party and when she tries to put an end to it, Elena attacks her, making Caroline very angry. Elena being the quick and unpredictable loose canon she is now, flees the party. Caroline and Stefan go after her.
Damon gets to the party with Rebekah. She knows he killed the vampire so she couldn’t get to Katherine and therefore not get to the cure. Damon tries to talk her out of wanting the cure. He points out that being human isn’t really what she wants because being ordinary “sucks” and she’s better off being a vampire. He gets a text from Stefan alerting him about Elena.
Meanwhile, in the woods, Elena comes up behind Caroline and they engage in an all-out brawl. Caroline tries to reason with her, telling her to stop but Elena tells her she doesn’t care. She tells Caroline she should also turn off her humanity so she can stop whining about Tyler and as an added bonus, not feel guilty about all the dirty thoughts she has about Klaus. Things escalate again and Elena is about to stake her but Damon and Stefan get there just in time.
Back at the Salvatore home, Caroline calls Tyler one more time trying to get in touch with him to no avail. She gets a text from Matt asking her to meet him at Tyler’s house. Stefan and Caroline decide they won’t give up on Elena and they make a deal to keep trying to bring Elena back to the way she used to be.
Damon and Elena have a similar conversation, he tells her to sit tight and think of a time when she didn’t want to kill her best friend. He finds a photograph in his belongings in which he’s with Will – the vampire he had to kill in order for Rebekah not to find the cure. Elena is sure that Damon prefers her this way as opposed to the way she used to be but he doesn’t say anything on the matter.
Caroline meets Matt at the Lockwood mansion and is unable to enter until he invites her in. He gives her a message that Tyler sent for her. Tyler tells Caroline he can never come back as long as Klaus is alive because he will keep trying to kill him. He’s left the deed of his house to Matt – congrats on the new house, buddy! Caroline cries when she realizes Tyler is truly gone and is never coming back. Look, I feel for her but maybe this will put an end to all the phone calls because it was starting to get old.
As Hayley is putting her clothes back on, Klaus sees a mark on her shoulder. He tells her it’s a mark belonging to a werewolf clan that once thrived in what is now Louisiana. Sounds like he might know a thing or two about her “family.” Again, another set-up for the spinoff and I guess the reason why Hayley is tagging along with the Originals to New Orleans.
Liz calls Stefan and informs him that other hospitals in the area have also had blood stolen. Stefan alerts Damon and tells him that someone is stack piling blood. He figures out that it’s Silas who is back in Mystic Falls and no longer on the island. Damon doesn’t want to deal with it at the moment and we find out it’s because he’s on a little road trip with Elena and they’re heading to the Big Apple.
Whoa! Lots of phone calls during this episode. Are you guys liking this new Elena or do you want the old one back? Do you think Klaus and Hayley are actually related? Because, ewww. Tells us what you thought about “Bring It On!” (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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