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The Vampire Diaries "Graduation" Recap: Beheading by Mortarboard!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/20/2013 6:02 am
The Vampire Diaries


Elena Butler

Staff Writer

The dreaded (anticipated?) day finally arrived!  As expected with every TVD finale, “Graduation” was filled with tears, happiness, death, and a total of four kisses shared between some of our favorites.  The Mystic Falls gang celebrated the end of their High School years – thank God because Stefan was starting to look a little too old for H.S., if you know what I mean – in the midst of a supernatural apocalypse.  The resurrected ghosts caused a bit of mayhem, there was a declaration of love, and by the end of the episode Silas dropped a big bomb.  So much happened, so let’s get started and break down the final episode of the season.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie promised Katherine true immortality in exchange for Silas’ tombstone. Ghosts came back from the other side to play – rough up our favorites.  Silas admitted that he had been lying to Bonnie and no one actually knows what he looks like.  Bonnie did a spell to keep Jeremy from going back to the other side and died as a result.

The episode picks up with Kol welcoming the angry paranormal beings that came back from the other side.  Witches and hybrids that died in the massacres gather in the football field where the Mystic Falls High School graduation will take place.  They’re there for one thing only:  revenge.

Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” starts playing as the title card rolls around.  We cut to Lexi moving her hips back and forth – giving Shakira a run for her money – as she enjoys time with her bestie, Stefan.  They’re drunk and making the best out of their current situation.  Damon crashes the party, reminding them they should be taking care of Silas but after a while even he thinks drinking is the best answer to any problem.

Caroline’s busy at school, taking care of final graduation arrangements, when Bonnie calls to tell her she’ll put the veil back on that night.  Caroline does not want to cancel graduation even if it means being in the center of the expression triangle.  Does she not realize she can graduate a million more times if she wants to?  Anyway, Grams tells Bonnie she’ll make sure no one finds her body and advices her to say her goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Alaric, Jeremy and Elena are having a picnic and enjoying delicious-looking burgers, when Connor calls her.  He wants the cure so he and the other hunters can kill Silas.  When Elena refuses to help, he threatens to kill family members who are in town for the graduation.  In another part of town, Alexander has picked up modern technology really fast, for someone who has only been around a few hours.  He has Matt propped up on a bomb, as Rebekah watches on, unable to help – why?  I don’t know.  She promises Matt they will get out of their situation.  She makes plans to take him to Europe and China, and basically pulls a Klaus on Matt.  “It’s a date,”  he tells her, accepting her offer.  These Originals and their amazing getaway proposals.  Vaughn for his part, shows up at the Salvatores’ home and shoots Damon with werewolf venom-laced bullets.  Stefan shows up to help his brother and pulls Vaughn’s heart out.

At school, Bonnie is heading to the graduation ceremony when Katherine shows up asking for the immortality spell she promised her.  She’s angry that Elena, her “shadow self” – I’m sure this term will be relevant later in the episode – is living a better life than her.  Katherine threatens to kill Elena if Bonnie doesn’t make her truly immortal.

At the Salvatore home, Elena comes to speak with Damon.  He hands her the cure, wanting her to take it.  She refuses and he notes that if she was still sired, she would’ve done it.  It doesn’t take long for Elena to notice his bullet wound and the venom threatening his life.  Jeremy suggests they use the cure on him so the werewolf bite doesn’t affect him.  Damon is zero percent down with this plan and leaves the room.  Stefan and Lexi talk and she eavesdrops on Damon and Elena’s conversation.  She knows that Elena refused to take the cure, meaning the sire bond is no longer an issue.  Stefan admits that if Elena were still in love with him, he’d go back to her ASAP.  As they’re talking, Vaughn comes back to life – or ghost, whatever – and Damon comes into the room and hands him the cure.  He says he’s going to show him where they dumped Silas.  

After they leave, Stefan tells Elena that Damon’s just buying time.  They haven’t had a chance to bury Silas yet.  She’s still worried about the werewolf venom in Damon’s system and wants Klaus to come help him – because they loathe him unless they need something from him.  Jeremy interrupts and tells Elena to attend her graduation.  She’s hesitant but agrees to go.  He has to stay behind, since the whole town thinks he’s dead.

Back at the parking lot of explosives, Matt tells Rebekah that he’s wearing the “ring of not dying” and perhaps the explosion won’t hurt him.  She’s not willing to take that chance and instead kisses him, sneakily switching places with him.  Matt is free to run away and Rebekah doesn’t waste time using her vampire speed to get away.  The bomb goes off and Alexander is history (har har).

Damon takes Vaughn to the quarry where he insists he dump Silas’ body.  He jokes around with him a bit before Vaughn gets angry and shoots him a few more times.  Just as he’s about to deliver a headshot, Alaric shows up and saves his BFF.  He breaks Vaughn’s neck and throws him into the water but not before taking the cure from him.  He tries to convince Damon to take it and save his life.

At the school, everyone’s decked out in their cap and gowns.  Caroline is trying to get a hold of Klaus, but has no luck.  Elena and Stefan show up and she’s happy that they’re all there and graduating together – um, did she forget Tyler is missing?  They make plans to room together and it’s really sad for Bonnie because nobody knows she’s dead yet.  The ceremony beings and the mayor – Bonnie’s dad – hands out the diplomas and Bonnie thanks him for everything he’s done for her.  Later, Kol appears in a seat behind Bonnie and informs her he’s there with other supernaturals eager for revenge.  He wants Bonnie to drop the veil completely.  She takes him down to the place where her body is being kept.  She lies, saying she’ll help him keep the veil down but instead traps him in an invisible magic box.  Kol is not happy.

The ceremony ends and Alaric calls Stefan to tell him about Damon’s situation.  Meanwhile, Caroline is still trying to get a hold of Klaus and his magical hybrid blood.  Alaric needs to know if he should force Damon to take the cure but before Stefan can answer, they are confronted by the 12 witches Caroline killed in the sacrifice.  The main witch gives them one of those excruciating headaches and they all bend over in pain.  Klaus shows up, out of nowhere, and delivers his most badass move to date.  He decapitates her with a graduation cap!  I had no idea mortarboards were that sharp, I guess all you need is vampire strength.  He threatens to do the same to the other witches.  Caroline gives him heart eyes and he gives her a smile – and for a second everything is right in the world.

We cut to a shirtless Damon who is now all healed and squeaky clean.  Elena slaps him – she’s angry that he’d rather die than be human.  After that, she goes looking for Stefan to thank him for sticking with her and not giving up on her when she was at her worst.  She gives him the cure and tells him that he should be the one to have it.  He’s the worst vampire of them all and being human would benefit him the most – um, was that a compliment?  Later, she has another talk with Damon.  He admits that he doesn’t want to be human and grow old and lose her.  He’s selfish when it comes to her and he won’t change.  Elena says she won’t apologize for the way she feels about him.  She knows he’s been a terrible person but she’s in love with him.  They kiss, there is mouth noises and the whole Delena fandom dies from fangirling.  We cut to Stefan, who’s in the other room and heard the whole thing.  He’s portraying what the other half of the fandom is feeling, utter sadness.  

Back at the school, Caroline is busy cleaning up all by herself.  Seriously, why is she always the one to clean up after people?  This time, I let it slide because it gives her alone time with my favorite Original.  You guys!  She sent Klaus an graduation announcement and that’s why he got there so fast after she called.  He admits that he was going to give her a plane ticket to join her in NOLA but opted for giving Tyler his freedom instead.  Caroline is touched by his gesture and Klaus couldn’t have chosen more perfect words to tell her how he feels about her.  He knows Tyler is her first love but he wants to be her last, however long it takes.  If you’re not swooning, there’s something wrong with you.  

At the Salvatore home, Stefan is packing his stuff plus a frozen Silas in his car.  He’s going to dump him in the quarry – why don’t these people ever drive all the way to the ocean, like they plan to?  He tells Damon he’s happy for him even though he’s not happy about losing Elena.  He hops in the car, intent on leaving town like he said he would do if Elena chose Damon. 

In the cave, Bonnie tells Jeremy she’s ready to close the veil.  He didn’t say goodbye to Elena, instead he left her a letter.  Bonnie begins her spell.  Back at casa Salvatore, Alaric congratulates Damon on getting the girl and he suddenly disappears.  On the car ride to the quarry, Lexi and Stefan plan where he’s going to go next, now that he’s leaving town.  Lexi tells him that a vampire can have multiple loves and he needs to let Elena go.  She also disappears, leaving Stefan all alone.  Elena goes in search of Jeremy and Bonnie when she runs into Katherine – uh oh!  Back at the cave, Bonnie and Jeremy say goodbye with a kiss.  When the veil closes, Bonnie realizes the spell she did to bring Jeremy back worked.  He’s no longer dead.  But he finds out that Bonnie died in the process and he can only see her because she’s a ghost.  She doesn’t want him to tell her friends yet.

Rebekah shows up at Matt’s house.  She knows that he might not be willing to make good on his word to travel with her.  He admits that things between them will never work but he does want to go with her.  Rebekah is happy to hear that he’s accepting her offer to see the world together.  Unexpected?  Yes.  But it’s adorable as heck!  Meanwhile, Katherine is busy treating Elena like a tiny rag doll.  There is just no way Elena can win a fight against her doppelgänger – if only she had a secret weapon.  Elena remembers that Stefan never actually accepted the cure.  He gave it back to her.  She stuffs the cure into Katherine’s mouth and forces her to take it.  She loses consciousness and falls to the ground.  Human Katherine, I can’t wait to meet you (again)!

Now for the unexpected and jaw-dropping ending… Stefan arrives at the quarry determined to dump Silas’ body and get rid of him for good.  However, he finds out that Silas is no longer stone because Bonnie is dead, therefore undoing the spell.  Silas (in the form of Elena) reveals to Stefan that he – not Quetsiyah – created the immortality spell.  But there’s always a loophole, so nature had to find a balance and created a version of him that could die.  Silas has a shadow self – what did I say about this term being relevant?  Stefan thinks he’s just another Petrova doppelgänger but comes to find out he’s actually a version of him.  Silas locks Stefan in the safe intended for him and dumps him in the quarry, leaving him to drown.  There are now two Stefans in Mystic Falls!  Sort of, one is underwater.  The screen fades to black and the whole fandom cries.

I cannot believe how incredible this season’s finale was!  It had everything I was hoping for and I was actually caught off guard and genuinely surprised by the twists.  I still don’t know what to think about Stefan being a doppelgänger but I guess I have the whole summer to figure that out.  Also, after that not-goodbye scene from Klaus and Caroline, I’m expecting some TVD/The Originals crossover episodes in the future.  

So, what did you guys think of the finale?  How is Stefan getting out of that safe?  I hope the current carries him all the way to New Orleans so the Originals can adopt him like a baby Moses.  Human Katherine!  Excited or disappointed by that development?  Finally, how are you planning to survive the summer hellatus?


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