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The Vampire Diaries Recap! A Death, A Goodbye, and A Return!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/19/2013 7:07 pm
The Vampire Diaries Recap! A Death, A Goodbye, and A Return!


Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Holy bananas! Last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, was not for the faint of heart. There was so much that happened during the last 5 minutes of the episode that I’m still having a hard time processing it. We said goodbye to two characters–although in very different ways–and said hello to a familiar, fan-favorite face.

Let’s go ahead and break this baby down. Spoilers Ahead! 

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…

The gang was on the search for the cure in a mysterious island. Kol warned them that raising Silas would be a huge mistake–no one listened. Damon admitted he doesn’t want Elena to be human, and one of the vampires from Twilight broke Damon’s neck.

Damon and the New Vampire Hunter.

The episode picks up with Damon tied up–what’s new, TVD?–to a tree. Vaughn, who is one of the Five, wants to know why his tattoo magically completed itself. He makes it clear that he’ll do anything to get Damon to talk.

Caroline wants Klaus’ Sword.

Elena calls Caroline to keep her up to date on everything going on in the island. Caroline, still wearing the bloodied shirt from the night before, offers to go in search of the hunter’s sword, which is the key to decipher the map that will eventually lead them to the cure. Did Tyler even come back to check on her after basically dumping her on the floor like a sack of potatoes in front of Klaus? Klaus, being the psychopathic gentleman that he is offers Caroline his help but she flat out says no.

The Most Expensive Tombstone Ever.

Shane, Jeremy, and Bonnie arrive at the sight where Silas is buried. The island native that helped Shane kidnap Jeremy and lure Bonnie to him asks to get paid for his services. This is where that ugly piece of rock Stefan and Rebekah have been hauling around comes in. Apparently the tombstone is made up of Qetsiyah’s calcified blood so it’s worth a hell of a lot in some witch circles.

Caroline’s Seen ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

Caroline and Tyler arrive at Elena’s house with Klaus’ sword in hand. Apparently the attic is the new soap dish, because they were literally gone for like five minutes before they found it. I would’ve thought Klaus’ hiding spots would have been less accessible; Originals, they’re just like us. It’s obvious off the bat that Tyler has absolutely no idea how to work the sword or what he’s even looking at. Luckily, Caroline has ‘seen the Da Vinci Code’ and figures out the handle acts as a cryptext. I just love Caroline so much!

Tyler and Caroline think it’s as easy as sitting down, look at pictures of Jeremy’s naked torso and ‘cryptext away’. Of course, that’s before Klaus informs them that they need to know Aramaic in order to translate it. Then the most amazing thing happens, Klaus starts speaking super sexy gibberish, and here I thought that Joseph Morgan’s sexiest accent was English. Silly me.

You’ve Got a Friend In Me.

Back in the island, Elena and Stefan talk about the cure. You can tell Stefan really doesn’t want to be a vampire anymore. He’s been through so much that he’d be happy to give up that life and be a normal human. Stefan calls Elena his “friend” and I don’t know if it was just me but Elena seems a bit taken aback by it. You can’t have it both ways, girl!

The Cure and the Big Twist.

Vaughn reveals he’s using Damon as leverage to get to Bonnie. He wants her to open the passage to awaken Silas. Vaughn’s mission is to use the cure on Silas to make him human and kill him. Damon demands to know why he can’t just share the cure after he uses it on Silas.

Caroline and Tyler translate the symbols on the tattoo but nothing makes sense to her. Klaus shows off his Aramaic skills again and informs them that finding the cure requires a powerful witch and a hunter in full bloom. They use the cryptext on the sword and Klaus figures out a very important piece of information about the cure. Caroline gets frustrated with him when he’s unwilling to tell them what it is.

And then, Vaughn, reveals the most predictable twist yet; the cure can only be used by one person because there is only one dose. The reason why this wasn’t that surprising is because we all still remember how the Sun and the Moon curse turned out. Nice try, writers!

Caroline sends Rebekah the map’s translation and Klaus drops the bomb about there only being one dose of the cure. It’s nice to see Klaus do something nice for his sister, for a change. He wants Rebekah to be the only one who has access to the cure because he knows how much she yearns to be human again. For someone who seems to care only about himself, this act is quite selfless. He puts aside his plans for more hybrids to give Rebekah a chance at a normal life.


Silas is basically an Orc from Middle Earth.

Shane, Jeremy and Bonnie find the passage to where Silas is buried. It’s amazing how in a cave so large, they just happened to be standing over it. Bonnie runs her hands over Jeremy’s chest–totally not sexual at all–and draws power from his tattoos. The cave walls begin to crumble and the passage opens up. Bonnie and Jeremy go in search of the cure, leaving Shane in the cave with a broken leg.

Rebekah the Neck-Snapper.

Stefan learns from Rebekah that the cure can only be taken by one person. She knows that Stefan would rather give it to Elena than use it on himself and feeling like it’s ‘every man for himself’, breaks Stefan’s neck and goes after the cure on her own. Stefan who can’t keep any secrets from his “friend” Elena, tells her about the cure.

Rebekah runs into Damon and Vaughn and the hunter gets the upper hand but before he’s able to do any more damage, Stefan and Elena interfere.

Klaus Compromises.

Caroline asks Klaus not to kill Tyler and even after he states that he really wants to get revenge on the hybrid, he finally agrees to pardon him. He confronts Caroline about not wanting the cure. How sad is it that Caroline knows that even if she wanted to take it, no one would give it to her? She’s so used to everyone always putting Elena first. My poor baby! After Klaus tells her that they are both the same, Caroline asks him to prove it by showing Tyler mercy.

Tyler and Caroline say their final goodbye. She is visibly heartbroken but Tyler tells her it’s not goodbye, it’s “until we find a way.” In one of the saddest parts of the episode, Caroline asks Tyler to live a happy life, to forget about her and to never think about her again. He promises that he will do just that and then they share one final kiss before he leaves.

To Caroline’s dismay, Klaus is able to leave his invisible enclosure in the Gilbert home. Klaus tells her he would never hurt her–even though last episode he almost killed her. He says that he’s shown kindness, forgiveness, and pity. “Because of you, Caroline. It was all for you,” he remarks and I start to feel like I can’t handle so many emotions.

A Stabbing, a Neck Snap, and a Doppelganger.

Bonnie thinks she’s seeing her grams but Jeremy knows that if she was really there, he’d be able to see her too. They find out Silas is playing tricks on them and she’s not real. Bonnie figures out Silas is controlling Shane by making him see his dead wife.

Bonnie and Jeremy find a frozen Silas with the cure around his mummified fingers. Bonnie knows that the only way to get it is to wake him by feeding him their blood. Vaughn shows up and stabs Bonnie, before cutting his own hand open and dripping blood over Silas’ mouth. When Jeremy tries to stop him, they engage in a fight but Vaughn gains the upper hand. Luckily, Elena comes out of nowhere and is ready to dig her fangs into his neck before Jeremy reminds her of the hunter’s curse.

In another part of the cave, we see Stefan run into a barely-conscious Elena who’s apparently been hit on the head. Elena mutters, “She’s here,” which can only mean one thing; Katherine is back!

When Jeremy refuses to focus on the cure instead of saving Bonnie, Katherine reveals who she really is. She bites into Jeremy’s neck and then places him over Silas so he can finish feeding. Katherine quickly take a hold of the cure and flees, leaving Jeremy to fend for himself. Silas wakes up and breaks his neck, the episode ends with Jeremy lying on the ground, presumably dead and Bonnie witnessing the whole thing. 

What an ending! What did you think of the episode!? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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