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The Vampire Diaries 'She's Come Undone' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/04/2013 2:47 am
The Vampire Diaries 'She's Come Undone' Recap

Staff Writer

INTENSE!  That’s what this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries was, if I were to sum it up in one word.  From all the Silas trickery to Elena’s torture scenes, it was a nonstop thrilling ride.  It’s the kind of episode I can’t get enough of and what I’ve been missing from TVD lately.  It was a great feeling being on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what was going to happen next.  Nothing about it was disappointing.  It was as close to perfect as I was hoping for.  Okay, let’s break down “She’s Come Undone,” shall we?
Previously on The Vampire Diaries
Elena tried killing Bonnie.  Bonnie saw Silas’ real face.  Klaus got tricked by Silas by taking Caroline’s form.  The Salvatores decide to take extreme measures to bring back Elena’s humanity.
The episode picks up with Damon trying to pick at Elena’s brain.  He shows her what it would be like to be back in school with her friends as a way of making her nostalgic and getting her to respond.  It doesn’t work and the Salvatores take her out of the safe they had her locked in.  Elena isn’t budging, proving that bringing back her humanity won’t be an easy task. 
Caroline comes to the Salvatore home and she’s not on board with them torturing Elena in order to provoke a reaction.  She asks to speak with Elena and after offering her some blood and trying to sweet talk her, Elena responds with insults.  Not only does she call her clingy but she suggests that perhaps her attitude is what made both Klaus and Tyler skip town.  When Caroline finally has enough, Elena tries to attack her and she has no other option but to break her neck.  She tells the Salvatores to do whatever they want to bring her humanity back.   
She tries to get in touch with Bonnie to come help with the Elena situation, but unlike her, Bonnie’s not one to easily forgive and forget.  She tells Caroline she has other things to do – like studying for finals.  It’s all a lie, Katherine comes into the restaurant where Bonnie is hanging out.  She wants Katherine to hand over Silas’ tombstone.  She admits that she’s lied to Silas about helping him bring down the veil to the other side and is only buying time.  Katherine questions how she can be sure neither of them is Silas and Bonnie says he can’t get into her head anymore and she’s the only one that can see his true face.
Damon and Stefan take Elena out of the cellar and try another approach to bring out an emotional response.  They tie her to a chair, next to a window, and let her burn in order to make her feel fear.  After many failed attempts, and Elena even directing some harsh words at Damon – admitting that her feelings were never real and that perhaps when she gets her humanity back she’ll give Stefan another go – she outsmarts them.  She knows the Salvatores won’t ever let any real harm come to her and she proves it by ripping her restraints, opening the curtains herself, and catching on fire.  Damon is quick to put her out with the fire extinguisher.  They decide that it’s time to bring out the big guns!  The only person Elena would be afraid of and who would love torturing her is Katherine.
At the Mystic Grill, Rebekah and Matt have a little chat about her loss of the cure and her brothers being out of town.  Matt suggest that she leave town too, she’s free to do so, unlike him, who feels like he’s stuck and can’t move on.  Later, he goes to the Salvatore home and keeps Caroline preoccupied so she doesn’t listen in on the torturing going on inside – she hates hearing Elena in pain.  They talk about graduation and getting Elena back to normal, when Rebekah shows up.  She’s there to help Matt study for the classes he’s failing.  Caroline is mad he didn’t ask her for help so she volunteers and leaves the house to get the materials they’ll need.  However, once outside, she gets an unexpected surprise from a certain Original hybrid – or at least, he looks just like him.  
Caroline and Klaus go for a little stroll in the nearby woods.  She tells him that everyone’s been saying that he skipped town for good and he admits that he did but never meant to go without saying goodbye.  Caroline says that he doesn’t owe her an explanation and that if he wants to move on he’s free to do so.  Klaus admits that his intention isn’t to move on and that no matter how much he tries, he can’t stop thinking about her.  He asks Caroline to come to New Orleans with him and when he asks what she’s so afraid of, Caroline tells him she’s afraid of him.  Klaus turns it around, saying that what she’s really afraid of is herself and what she desires.  He tells her Elena was right when she told her earlier that she wants her perfect feathers ruffled by the bad boy.  Caroline is smart and quickly catches on that he isn’t the real Klaus.  Silas finally admits that he’s playing mind tricks with her.  He wants to find Bonnie and is hurting her closest friends in order to get her to come out of hiding.  He makes Caroline believe that he staked her and she falls unconscious to the ground.  
Later, she wakes up in the woods, and one of my favorite TVD sequences occurs when she starts running back towards the Salvatore home.  She runs into who she thinks is Matt and explains that Silas is nearby.  But just when she thinks she’s safe, Matt/Silas chokes her and threatens to kill her mom if she doesn’t find Bonnie quick.  Caroline runs away in fear, only to come face to face with Klaus/Silas again, who throws her down the stairs.  She runs back to her car and calls her mom, telling her to stay home and lock the doors.  As she’s backing up, Silas comes up next to her window and shows her his true face.  You guys!  He looks like the Jeepers Creepers demon!  Luckily, Caroline’s finally able to make a break for it.
Meanwhile, Matt and Rebekah are trying to study, when she offers to help him by compelling him scholarships and good grades.  Matt’s not very fond of the idea but she tells him to take advantage of what she’s offering and make something of himself.  Their sweet moment is interrupted by Katherine who shows up to torture some emotions into Elena.  She threatens to rip Elena’s throat out but not before asking what she told Elijah to turn him against her.  Elena tells her that Elijah left on his own accord because Katherine is damaged goods and no one wants her.  Katherine admits she’s done horrible things but unlike her she deals with it instead of turning it off.  She puts Elena back in the safe but purposely leaves the door unlocked so she can escape.  Katherine is certain that Elena wouldn’t last a week being a vampire without everyone fawning over her.  When the Salvatores find out Elena is gone, Damon has an idea on how to bring back her humanity, and it involves Matt.
Elena is out in the woods, pretending to be hurt and needing help when Matt finds her.  She tries feeding on him and he reminds her of their friendship, even admitting that she’s the only girl he’s loved longer than he can remember.  The talk doesn’t work, Elena feeds on him anyway.  After he wakes up, she goes in for another bite but Stefan stops her.  Damon tells Elena that he can’t hurt her but he can hurt Matt.  She thinks he’s bluffing and so he proceeds to break Matt’s neck, killing him in front of her.  Damon’s plan works like a charm.  Elena soon begins to feel anger and sadness over Matt’s death.  When she’s starting to get overcome with emotions, Damon shows her that Matt was wearing the “ring of not dying.”  Elena feels relieved and happy because he’s not really dead.  She begins sobbing, remembering all the awful things she’s done.  Stefan calms her down, telling her to focus all her feelings into a single emotion.      
Caroline gets home and is suspicious of her mother, she calls her cellphone to make sure it’s really her and not just Silas playing with her head.  She explains everything to her and is wondering why Bonnie hasn’t called her, when Bonnie finally arrives at her house.  Caroline doesn’t want to let her in, thinking she can be Silas.  Sheriff Forbes enters the room and while Caroline sees her as her mom, Bonnie is able to see Silas’ real form.  She breaks the door open and Silas confronts her about hiding.  Bonnie tells him she will do the spell and drop the veil as long as he stops hurting her friends.   Meanwhile, Caroline runs into the other room to find Sheriff Forbes on the floor with a wound on her neck.  Silas orders Bonnie to leave the house, and she is forced to abandon Caroline without helping her with her mom.  Caroline’s attempt to feed her mom her blood are futile.  She finally extracts her own blood with a syringe and then uses it on her mom to revive her.  I really thought Sheriff Forbes was going to kick the bucket in this one!  That would’ve been heartbreaking for Caroline.  As a side note, I thought it was interesting that Caroline promised to get her out of Mystic Falls if she came back to her.  
Back at the Salvatore mansion, Matt comes back to life.  Rebekah is there waiting by his side and tells him that what he did worked.  She compliments him on being brave and he says he did it as a payback for Elena giving up her own life to save him from drowning.  Rebekah knows she was at fault and can’t apologize enough.  She promises to do everything she can, until graduation, to try to make it right.
Bonnie and Katherine meet at the restaurant again.  Katherine suggests that since Bonnie is a relative of Quetsiyah, maybe she doesn’t need a full moon to drop the veil.  Bonnie is keeping the reason for wanting to drop the veil a secret, but promises Katherine she will speak to Quetsiyah about creating a spell to make her truly immortal forever.  Katherine accepts the deal.
The episode ends with Elena speaking with Damon and Stefan about what she’s feeling.  There are a lot of emotions she’s going through but there is one that she’s chosen to focus on – hate.  She’s certain that Katherine is at fault for everything that is happening, since she was the start of it all.  Elena’s hate has drive her to come up with a new plan – she wants to kill her doppelganger.
What did you guys think of this week’s episode?  Were you worried about Sheriff Forbes not making it?  Are you glad to see Elena back to “normal”?  What about her plan to kill Katherine?  Does Caroline really want her feathers ruffled by Klaus?  Tells us all about it, readers.  We’re dying to know!


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