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The Vampire Diaries "Stand by Me" Recap! Pain, Hurt And Suffering!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/23/2013 7:39 am
The Vampire Diaries


Elena Butler
Staff Writer

Are you guys done crying over this week’s Vampire Diaries episode yet? Because I’m having a hard time looking at Chucks or thinking of McQueen’s arms without getting a little teary eyed. That scene of Elena’s shoes going up in flames was a definite sign that the old Elena is now gone–no more hiking in Converse or pairing them up with comfy jeans. Does this mean we have Katherine 2.0 on our hands? 
Let’s discuss what happened in this week’s episode, “Stand By Me”–that is if I can type and sob at the same time.

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…
The cure: everyone and their momma wants it, some want it for themselves, others want to ram it down someone else’s throat, but most have agreed that Elena should be the one to take it, since there is only one dose. Oh! Bonnie got stabbed by Vaughn, sneaky Katherine ran off with the cure, and Silas drained Jeremy of his blood before snapping his neck.
Two Dead Brothers, One Gilbert Home.
The episode picks up with Elena looking at an old picture of her and Jeremy. We are then shown the moment she found him lying dead in the cave. Elena notices he was wearing his magical ring of not-dying and is relieved, thinking it will bring him back to life like it’s done before. In another part of the cave, Stefan tells Damon that Jeremy was one of The Five which makes him supernatural and renders the ring useless. Damon tells Stefan to take Elena and Jeremy home while he stays behind to look for Bonnie.
Back at the Gilbert house, Caroline is busy trying to remove the burn marks left by Kol’s charred body. How appropriate is this scene? Kol died at the hands of Jeremy, whose corpse is now being brought back home–kudos writers! Stefan sets Jeremy on his bed and Elena says she will wait by his side until he wakes up.
Rebekah Mikaelson Has Feelings.
On the island, Damon is searching for Bonnie when he runs into Rebekah. He tells her that Katherine has stolen the cure and that Jeremy’s been killed. The blonde shows a bit of compassion towards Elena, knowing Jeremy was the only family she had left. When she insists on finding Katherine, Damon tells her she’s long gone and he needs to find Bonnie. He warns her that Silas is now awake and probably roaming the island.
Shane is miraculously healed from his broken leg and I’m sure there’s no connection between that and Silas walking around the island, right? Right. Shane tells Bonnie that Jeremy is dead. Wait, I thought she was awake when it all happened. I guess she must have been in deep shock after getting stabbed by Vaughn because she seems genuinely surprised by the news.
Elena is in Denial About Not Being in Denial.
Stefan and Caroline talk about Elena’s state of mind and he’s convinced that Damon and the sire bond are the only thing that can help put her at ease. I love that Stefan turns on the water faucet so Elena can’t hear them. That might work with humans but you can’t fool Elena’s vampire hearing, Stefan! Elena tells them that she’s not in denial only to prove that she definitely is. She’s hoping that Jeremy’s supernatural destiny was fulfilled when Bonnie used his tattoos for the spell. “There’s absolutely no way that my brother is dead. I’m not in denial.” She says and this is just the beginning of her downward spiral.
The Steroline friendship in this episode is so great! They don’t really have anyone else to rely on except each other. Caroline calls Tyler to tell him what happened but he doesn’t pick up–I guess he really took her words to heart. If she’s looking for some comfort, I’m sure Klaus would pick up after the first ring–just throwing it out there. After Caroline starts rambling about a cover story, and funeral plans, she notices the smell coming from the house. Stefan tells her Jeremy’s body is starting to decompose, and I can’t help shivering at the thought.
Vaughn and Shane Spill The Beans.
Back on the island, Damon uses Rebekah as a human shield, after Vaughn tries to shoot him. Damon goes after him and ties him up for questioning. After Rebekah threatens to torture him by tearing him piece by piece, then healing him and doing it all over again, Vaughn finally starts talking. He was tracking vampires in Colorado when Katherine found him and told him he knew where to find Silas. Katherine knew all about the hunter’s mark and the cure from Hayley, who happens to be in New Orleans. I see what you did there, Julie Plec! Another mention of New Orleans, another set up for the spinoff’s backdoor pilot. Nice!
Bonnie is sobbing–like every TVD viewer–over the death of Jeremy. Shane tells her that Silas can bring him back but he needs her help. Apparently Silas is immortal so he’s no longer a witch, he needs Bonnie’s power to raise the dead by using the power of three massacres. They already sacrificed 12 people at the Young farm and 12 hybrids died at the hand of Klaus. All Bonnie has to do now is kill twelve more innocent people, sounds simple enough.
Elena Isn’t Ready to Let Go.
Meredith shows up at the Gilbert home to check on Jeremy. She tries to reason with Elena and asks her to release his body to her. Elena doesn’t want to hear anything about Jeremy being dead and attacks Meredith before Stefan intervenes. Matt arrives at the home and starts crying at the sight of Jeremy’s lifeless body. Elena assures him that everything is going be fine. The two later share a quiet moment, in which Elena tells him that she thinks Damon actually loves Bonnie because “You’re mean to the people that you care about.” She says this is ‘Damon logic’ but I say it’s just simple ‘TVD logic’. 
Damon calls Stefan to let him know he hasn’t found Bonnie yet but Stefan urges him to come home because Elena needs him. Just as Damon agrees, Bonnie comes out of the woods and tells him she knows how to bring Jeremy back.
The Stoner Pit of Memories and Love.
Matt brings Elena to the school’s stoner pit and shows her some of Jeremy’s graffiti–one was the name “Vicki” while the other was “J+V”. Matt thought it would be a good way to make Elena accept that even though someone dies, they’re not completely gone. He tells Elena that it’s okay to have hope because sometimes that’s all that keeps him going. I liked that Matt tried to give Elena some sort of comfort but I feel like the stoner pit wasn’t the best place for that. Maybe it’s just me, but it didn’t feel sentimental enough.
The Devil Walks The Earth. 
Rebekah takes Vaughn to the cave. He warns her to be careful of Silas and to use the cure to kill him. Rebekah picks up Silas’ mask, which Vaugh found in the chamber where he was buried. I guess it’s time for me to detract my statement about Silas looking like an Orc from Middle Earth, since apparently he was wearing a mask the whole time. “How do you hide from the devil, when you don’t know what he looks like?” Vaughn asks her and warns that if they don’t use the cure against him, everyone will be doomed. See, they should’ve all just listened to Kol in the first place! 
Bonnie Boards the Crazy Train.
Caroline calls Tyler for the millionth time this episode and once again asks him to return her call. Damon arrives with Bonnie and she explains what she has to do in order to bring Jeremy back. By killing 12 more people, she will complete the expression triangle, which in turn will drop the veil between their world and ‘the other side’. That’s right, every supernatural being who has ever died and is currently trapped in ‘the other side’ will be free to join the living. 
Elena Turns It Off.
Elena goes up to the room and takes another look at her brother, finally snapping out of her denial and accepting that Jeremy has been dead this whole time. Damon arrives to calm her down and she tells him that he wants him to bring his body downstairs. When she asks about Bonnie, Stefan tells her that Matt took her home. Elena begins squirting lighter fluid everywhere, telling the group that if its a cover story they need, then she’s going to burn the house down with Jeremy in it. She’s not willing to let Bonnie bring back every supernatural creature just so she can have her brother back. Elena finally let’s her grief take over, and Nina Dobrev should win all the awards. She breaks down, asking for someone to make it stop because it hurts so much. Stefan asks Damon to help her. He tells Elena to turn it all off and everything will go away.
Will The Real Professor Shady Pants Please Stand Up?
Matt drops off Bonnie at her house, where Shane is already waiting for her. He tells her that the innocent people who died in the Young farm were a necessary sacrifice for the greater good, assuring Bonnie that they are both “the beginning”. Shane was particularly creepy in this episode and in the following scene we find out why. 
Rebekah is still in the island, and she runs into the real Shane, who is lying on the ground with a broken leg. He reaches out to her, causing her to scream, but only mutters “Silas” before exhaling. It’s not very clear whether he’s actually dead or not but he looked in pretty bad shape. On a side note, I find it quite adorable how frightened and jumpy Rebekah gets even though she’s one of the most powerful creatures alive-ish. Damon was right, she is a scaredy cat.
Everything Goes Up in Flames.
Stefan and Damon don’t agree in regards to Elena turning off her humanity but Damon tells him it was necessary. He knows that after losing all her family, he simply isn’t enough for her. Back inside the house, Elena lights a match and sets everything on fire before leaving the house with the Salvatores. On a very poignant moment this episode, we see everything that represented the old Elena go up in flames: Jeremy (R.I.P. Jer, you and your tank tops will be missed!), his sketches, her favorite Chucks, and lastly her diary. This scene marked the end of the ‘human’ chapter in Elena Gilbert’s life and makes it very clear that even if she wants to, she can no longer go home.
I have to admit that Elena sometimes annoys the hell out me but I think what’s happened to her has been the most tragic thing imaginable. She has nothing left, not even her humanity. While I’m sad for everything she’s gone through, I can’t help being excited for this new version of Elena Gilbert. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until March 14 to find out what’s next because The Vampire Diaries is taking a 2-week hiatus.
What did you guys think of the heart-wrenching episode? And most importantly, how are you planning to survive the mini break?


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