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The Voice Battle Rounds Show No Mercy On Night 2!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/17/2013 8:15 pm
The Voice Battle Rounds Show No Mercy On Night 2!

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Managing Editors

Hello everyone! Welcome to Round 2 of The Voice. Shakira steals are gone. Blake is cutting anyone who isn’t country and wasted one on pitchy Taylor Beckham. Usher is showing us that he wants a performer and a singer. Adam is showing us how much it sucks to have a stacked team like he does. In the words of Judge Mills Lane of Celebrity Deathmatch Fame: “I’m looking for a good clean fight with tonight’s battle rounds. Now, let’s get it on!” The Unholy Trinity is ready to bring you all of tonight’s carnage as the Battle Rounds continue on the Voice.


I wonder how many of my fantasy team members will battle tonight. Tarra is kicking my ass in points!


Battle # 1: Michael vs. Warren “My Kinda Party”

·       Michael was the big sheriff, warren the firefighter; it is Adam’s civil servant, country showdown!!!

·       I’m pretty sure his people and Hillary are out knowledging him right now

·       this doesn’t sound like a party song so far, not amused…

·       and way to drop the surgery bomb Mike

·       neither of these guys excite me & this sounds a HOT MESS

·       WINNER: Warren

·       And no steals for Michael, soooooo firefighter beats sheriff


“My Kind of Party” sung by Michael Austin versus Warren Stone: It’s the battle of the male country artists! Warren has a very smooth stone but needs to strengthen his voice. Michael, who has just had a sinus tumor removed, needs to soften his voice and simultaneously compensate for what the tumor removal. It’s hard to figure out who is going to win this battle. I mean they both sound good for me and they would fit the male country slot. (Either way I think Blake may steal one of these guys in my opinion.) They both sound good to me. Although the mixing for sound needs work or something. The instruments are overpowering them a little bit.  However, it sounds like they want to beat each other up. Blake picks Michael. Usher picks Warren. Shakira is tied for both of them.


Warren Stone (and his kids are adorable!)


Team Adam: Michael Austin Vs Warren Stone! Adam’s two country bumpkins face off with this battle. They will sing Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party”. Warren doesn’t have enough attack for Adam during rehearsals. Michael needs to warm up his vocals and refine them as well for Adam’s liking. Michael had surgery so he might be not up to scratch which is a pity because I like him. Both guys struggled during final rehearsal. This is going to be interesting. Michael brings the attitude! Warren looks a bit nervous. Vocally, they both sound amazing! Michael had more fight in him, I think. Adam picks Warren as the winner because he sounds more diverse. No steals for Michael, which is a pity. 


Battle #2: Jeff vs. Josiah “Roxanne”

·       hehehe it’s ON Unholy Trinty, first battle with a member of my fantasy team, let’s go Josiah

·       this is the most attractive battle of the night, hands down; and full of confidence

·       uh oh, Jeff is in TROUBLE. Don’t forget those lyrics man, and it doesn’t sound like he’s phrasing


·       right, or there is an air issue. I dunno, it just sounded off

·       Just saying, I think Josiah went to the Adam Levine school of Hair styles and It works for him so, not complaining

·       WINNER: Josiah ( yeah, not surprised at all)

·       Jeff and his Dane Cook-esque looks got no steals so, good bye


“Roxanne” sung by Jeff Lewis versus Josiah Hawley: I want Josiah to win because he’s so pretty. It’s a totally vain reason. I do not care. He’s pretty and he can sing. Okay…so my friend says this perfectly “NEEDS MORE GRIT! YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS A WHORE!” Both of these guys need to be less clean. Usher is like a musical drill sergeant and I love it. I want Jeff Lewis to go because eh…he’s kind of giving me an “asshole” vibe.  Yeah. This is not because Josiah is pretty. He’s actually better at singing this than Jeff. It’s a medicore performance all around. I like his part better. Shakira says she wasn’t impressed by either of them. Adam throws his support behind Josiah. Blake throws his behind Jeff.


Josiah Hawley


Team Usher: Jeff Lewis Vs Josiah Hawley! They will take on “Roxanne” by the Police. The pretty boys have their work cut out for them with that song. It will take a lot of confidence to sell that song! Jeff rubs Usher the wrong way by laughing during final rehearsal. Usher looks PISSED. Josiah has the edge right now over Jeff. Usher is not impressed by him. Josiah starts off strong. Jeff has more attitude in his delivery. Overall vocally, they were both pretty strong. Smiles aren’t going to cut so we shall see which pretty one wins. Usher gives it to Josiah! Jeff should have not rubbed Usher wrong! No steals for jeff!

Cue the montage of quick battles as Grace Askew wins from Team Blake, Audrey Karrasch wins from Team Usher, and Tawnya Reynolds from Team Shakira. 



Battle #3: Grace vs. Trevor “Me and Bobby McGee”

·       I guess to save Trevor the embarrassment of losing they did this battle rapid fire style

·       WINNER: Grace


Kinda upset we didn’t get to see Grace Askew battle! No fair!


Battle #4: Audrey vs. Jamilla “If I Were A Boy”

·       so was this rapid fire to save me from ANOTHER Beyonce cover on a singing competition show?


·       If so, thanks!

·       WINNER: Audrey


Battle #5: Tawnya vs. Mark “The Chain”

·       see, this is a battle I would have loved to have seen play out. Thanks ‘The Voice’


·       WINNER: Tawnya


Battle #6: Caroline vs. Danielle “Put Your Records On”

·       why didn’t I pick Caroline on my team?? Oh right, I AM AN IDIOT

·       and GAH I LOVE THIS SONG

·       the battle for the next Taylor Swift is going to be a close one

·       man it is like they know that Monday is their big night or something, these Tuesday battles just aren’t as good

·       they are sucking the fun out of the song, although they are singing it well. It sounds like someone is getting stolen tonight…

·       WINNER: Danielle


·       Caroline is now on Team Adam. After Usher and Adam were groveling at her feet! BEGGING FOR HER


“Put Your Records On” sung by Caroline Glaser versus Danielle Bradbery: I’m calling Caroline. Danielle is cute but…yeah she needs to grow more. However, both girls need a little more swag for the song. Also both girls need to loosen up and have fun! I REALLY want Caroline to win. She has such a pretty and unique voice. Danielle just sounds like Taylor Swift. I love this song though! Caroline is definitely embodying the song more. You need that floaty quality in your voice like she has. Danielle is just too…poppy? You need that rasp in your voice for it. Shakira says Caroline did it better. Usher and Adam don’t say much except Adam calls himself an idiot for not turning for Caroline. WHY ARE THE COUNTRY ARTISTS WINNING ALL THE TIME?!?!?!!? GODDAMMIT BLAKE!  If you country artists so damn bad why did you pick Taylor Beckham?! (Yes I am still pissed about that) And not use it on Michael Austin?!?! Usher and Adam both want to steal Caroline THANK GOD! Good to see someone having goddamn sense!


Danielle Bradbery


Caroline Glaser on



Team Blake: Caroline Glaser Vs Danielle Bradbery! It’s the battle of the young’uns for Team Blake! They will take on Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On”. I personally love Caroline’s voice over Danielle because it has the sass in it. I love me some sassy singers. Caroline sounds stronger and more confident in rehearsals. Danielle lets her nerves get the best of her. I am nervous for the both of them. Both start off beautifully. Caroline’s voice really embodies the feel of the song. Danielle waits till the end to hit the high notes she’s known for. Blake has his work cut out for him. Adam loves Caroline. Blake chooses Danielle as the winner! I hope someone steals Caroline! Usher and Adam don’t let me down as they push to steal her! I hope Adam wins her! And he does! Smart girl!!! 


Usher trying to use Adam’s line to steal Caroline from him!

Usher’s not impressed face at Jeff during rehearsals!

Blake claiming to be sick again as he has to make a choice! 

And for those keeping track at home:
Team Tarra: 11 points
Team Bec: 8 points
Team Erika: 7 points

Come back next week as we continue the Battle Rounds!


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