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The Voice Battle Rounds Wrap Up Their Slaughter On the Competition!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/26/2013 4:41 am
The Voice Battle Rounds Wrap Up Their Slaughter On the Competition!

Bec Heim


Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editor

Welcome to the final Battle Rounds of The Voice!

Who will Usher use his final steal for?


“Piece of My Heart” Brandon Roush versus Shawna P: I forgot how awesome this guy’s hair was! Shakira choose them for being intense performers. This song just seems to be made for Shawna. Brandon is not going quietly though. Shawna, however, has to focus her emotions. Okay seriously costume department?! YOU PUT THEM IN THOSE CLOTHES?! Oh shut up Carson “youth versus experience”? Both of them are really good. I like both of them a lot. However, Shawna just OWNS it. Can they form a duo? Adam is impressed by Brandon. Usher has to commend both of them. Blake…I have no clue. However, after utterly owning it the decision is easy.


Shawna P.


Team Shakira: Brandon Roush Vs Shawna P.! To very different styles going on here! A veteran versus a teacher! They will battle to a Janis Joplin song “Piece of My Heart”.  Shawna might kill it because she can connect to the song better and really has the Janis feel to it. Brandon was screaming a bit too much during rehearsals. Shakira corrected him and by the end, he got it! This will be interesting. They both brought so much fire to this song. Brandon is really selling it for me though. Shakira goes with Shawna! Yay for her! No steal for Brandon :(


“Wanted You More” Duncan Kamakana versus Sarah Simmons: Sorry Duncan. I’m going with Sarah on this one. The competing pair need to harmonize better. Sarah needs to pull back. Duncan needs to assert himself. Adam says they need to focus on harmonizing better. It sounds like Duncan is too close to the microphone. I love Sarah’s boots. Duncan is super fine though. He is so pretty. But Sarah is just really really really good. Aww there’s a good hug at the end. Blake and Usher support Sarah. To the surprise of no one.


Sarah Simmons


Team Adam: Duncan Kamakana Vs Sarah Simmons! It’s my girl, Sarah! I hope she crushes! She’s amazing!  They will battle to “Wanted You More” by Lady Antebellum. Duncan sounds great but Sarah crushes in rehearsals. She’s got the big voice for it. I just hope she can connect with song. They both falter in rehearsals a bit. I hope they get it together. They can’t seem to harmonize. Sarah comes out guns blazing! Duncan is super restrained with his vocals. Sarah swallows Duncan whole. Sorry guy! But at least they got the harmonies down. Adam picks Sarah as his winner (damn right!) ? No steal for Duncan :( Everyone thinks Sarah is trouble for them!

Michelle Chamuel wins her battle for


. (Yay!)

Amy Whitcomb wins her battle for



Justin Rivers wins against the Morgan Twins (no more creepy matchy-match!) for




“Antes de la Seis” Cathia versus Mary Miranda: Battle of the Latina singers. Cathia is not impressed by how the Spanish trips up Mary Miranda. Mary has to learn the song. She has improved over time. Mary wasn’t singing when she was supposed to on the chorus. Cathia throws Mary under the bus hardcore. Both of them seem kind of bitchy. But eh I guess I’ll go with Mary? Also she kind of looks like Selena Gomez with her hair straightened. I…this sounds good? I can’t judge because they both sound really good. But I don’t know the song well enough to judge. I think I would still give it to Mary? Adam picks Mary. Blake picks Cathia.


Mary Miranda


Cathia to



Team Shakira: Cathia Vs Mary Miranda! Another one of mine goes to battle for survival! Let’s see how these girls do in rehearsals! She gives them one of her songs “Antes de la Seis” to battle on! This will be interesting. Mary Miranda needs to connect with it. Cathia is crushing it in rehearsals. Poor Mary. She brings her A game during the last rehearsal. Cathia gets off her game. The claws came out with the girls. Cathia kinda went full bitch on Mary wow. Cathia sounds rough and Mary softly sweet. Mary hits her notes flawlessly. So beautiful. Cathia struggles for me. Shaki chooses wisely and goes with Mary! Cathia makes her away off the stage when Usher pushes his button and steals her!



Shakira going off on Usher and he got kinda scared!

Blake really looking confused during the Spanish battle.

Adam’s looks of longing at Shakira!


Battle Rounds Fantasy Scoring Results:

Team Erika: 22
Team Tarra: 18
Team Bec: 17


Join us next week for the Knockout Rounds!


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