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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Voice Comes Back With A Vengeance For Its Season Five Premiere Week

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/30/2013 7:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Voice Comes Back With A Vengeance For Its Season Five Premiere Week
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim & Erika Rivera

Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Welcome back my fellow Voice fans! It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing. The weather is cooling. Birds are migrating south. Usher and Shakira have left to warmer climates while Cee-Lo and Christina return. Your Dynamic Duo of Erika Rivera and I will give you the blow by blow of all the amazing contestants this season. We are going to be doing the recap just a bit different for this premiere. Night number one is right below:

Bec's Take:

Between Cee-Lo and Christina’s wardrobes I feel like a bird migration joke would be appropriate here but I can’t think of one right now. Plus hey The Voice won an Emmy for season four last night. So congrats guys! Now let’s get back to this season’s burning questions. Will Blake force an all country team on us again? Will his and Adam’s bromance be as strong as ever? Will Cee-Lo have a fun new pet for us? Will we see Christina’s cleavage? Will someone FINALLY dethrone Blake Shelton? Answers in order: God I hope not. God I hope so. Cee-Lo better. According to promos, surprisingly no (thank God). COME ON AMERICA LET ANOTHER COACH WIN! Also the coaches should totally sing “Reunited (And It Feels So Good)” So with that in mind, let’s begin the recap! Carson Daly’s dramatic opening sequence. Adam. Hello. Yes in Usher’s absence my ogling is focused solely on you. Oh God Blake is fondling his three trophies. I missed Cee-Lo. I loved his weirdness. Wait is that his hair or did he tattoo his head? OH WAIT! He’s paying homage to “Thriller.” Cee-Lo my love is complete and total. This season is already awesome. Why? Because I am not staring at Christina’s cleavage. "I Love Rock And Rollsung by The Coaches: Awww. This is really sweet. I totally believe that they are really happy to be back together. Adam and Blake are having a guitar off. It’s awesome. Seriously. I kind of wish at times like these that we could get the Coaches together songs off iTunes. You made a killing. I also really like Christina’s performance outfit. Though Cee-Lo has won my heart. I’ve Got The Music In Mesung by Kat Robichaud: She is wearing stripped leggings. She loves glam rock and musicals. Oh My God I already adore you. She was in a band where she played festivals and met her husband. Her husband is also adorable by the way. She went on hiatus and her Dad passed away. She’s here in honor of her Dad. Dammit. I want tissues now. Cee-Lo this is soooo for you. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! She has a very growly voice. She asserts herself. HELL YEAH CEE-LO!!!! Blake and Christina also turn around. But she is totally a Cee-Lo girl. Adam is still contemplating it. I am so happy! Thank you Adam for pointing that out about Cee-Lo’s outfit. He says that she set him on fire. Christina says she knows she was having fun and loved her kicks in the platforms. Adam says he knows her coach is not Blake. Adam knows she belongs on Team Cee-Lo. TEAM CEE-LO Anything Could Happen sung by Caroline Pennell: She was nervous about sharing her singing with her friends and family. She looks a lot younger than seventeen. She calls her first experience terrifying. She thinks the show can be a push to put herself out there. She does a lovely and kind of cool cover of “Anything Can Happen”. I really like the slight voice. She is so excited that she kind of stumbles. Her family is all emotional backstage. Blake and Cee-Lo are supporting her from their seats. She definitely got a little choked up. Adam and Christina thing she is adorable. Blake thinks she has an good tone to her voice. Cee-Lo wants to help her go far. Blake wants to believe in her (FINGER POINT). TEAM CEE-LO Cee-Lo is on fire tonight! You Are So Beautifulsung by Donna Allen: YOU GO DONNA! I love the older singers. They rock. She stopped touring because she had a son. She was a back-up for Gloria Estafan. She wants to be the first person over forty to win the show. She deserves this chance. She’s awesome already. She has a lovely voice. I can already tell. Christina and Adam immediately hit their buttons. Christina looks like she’s having a moment listening to Donna’s voice. Donna gives it her all. Now Adam is having a moment. There are a moment’s all over the place. She is killing it. Christina thought Donna’s voice was like the heaven’s opening up. Blake and Adam are having a moment. The judges aren’t just fucking with poor Adam Levine. TEAM ADAM Favorite moment of the night is Donna jumping into Adam’s arms. He lifting her as she wraps her legs around his waist. BRILLIANT. I love her. Can she stay? Keep Yours Hands To Yourselfsung by Jake Wotherington: Yeah. He’s going on Blake’s Team. He is going on Blake’s team so badly if he gets on a team. They talk about going on The Voice as he “manning up” complete with his friends. Wow. He’s pretty good. I mean he has this weird uptick in his voice that makes him sound breathy? That uptick in his voice is just soooo weird. Oh My God it gets on the nerves. Adam wants to see Jake beat him up. Blake noticed the weird breath things too. He wants to know how to work on it. He was really close just not close enough. Oh Blake wants to “mix it up.” Please stick to that. I will refer back to it. Cough Syrupsung by Matthew Schuler: Hey PA boy! I almost went to Westchester. His parents are preachers. They lost the building but they run a church in the basement of their home. You go Matthew. HOLY SHIT FOUR CHAIRS IN LIKE A SECOND!!!!!!!!!! He is sooo talented! I definitely am digging his cover of this song. Hell yeah Matt! That was just awesome. The coaches are losing their freaking minds. It’s a grudge match between all four coaches. Adam made it clear Blake is due for a loss. Everyone is just freaking out. I am freaking out. Christina is definitely selling it tonight. Wow. I did not see that coming. TEAM CHRISTINA Oh look a Kia product placement. Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)” sung by Nic Hawk: Nic seems fabulous. There is him dressed as a cat. I love you. His stepdad left his Mom. So he moved back home to help his Mom and his brother (who has epilepsy). He instructed dance and tended bar to help make ends meet. Now it’s time for Nic to chase his dreams. Someone please pick him. I love you Nic! Adam turns around. He has a interesting sound. It’s one I like though. He also has cool stage present. People are telling Cee-Lo to turn around. Cee-Lo hits his button. Alrighty flirty banter with Adam. Nic looks like he’s about to squee. They both praise his breath control. Nic so has a crush on Adam. Hell yeah Nic go with the eye candy who can sing! TEAM ADAM Now failed auditions of younger artists. I Want You Backsung by Matthew Brea: His parents are immigrants who come to America for a better life. Wait he’s fifteen?! His Dad’s acapella group inspired him. Singing helped him get over the death of his little brother. He’s so little I just want to give him. He has a great voice. But did it break yet? I’m not trying to be funny. It’s just that it could turn out totally different. It would so suck if it broke during the show. I hear some breathing issues. It could be nervous but he’s taking a lot of breaths during the song. The judges think he’s adorable but too young.  Christina gives him a huge hug for doing it. It boiled down to the technique for them. Awww and Cee-Lo went to see him! That’s so sweet. Here For The Party sung by Shelbie Z.: A pageant coach and stylist from Alabama. Music is her first love though. She left the pageant world when she was ten because she was teased for her body type. She wants to let out her inner fire. She has fire right out of the gate. She gets a three chair turn from Christina, Cee-Lo and Blake in that order. Adam looks tempted to turn around to mess with Blake. Shelbie has some attitude and power. I like her! Blake wants to welcome her to Team Blake. Everyone knows she is going to Team Blake. And that is no surprise. TEAM BLAKE Too Close sung by Josh Logan: His mom was a DJ. That was how he fell in love. He got his girlfriend pregnant at sixteen. It made him grow up. He’s very proud of his son. Father and son look alike. It’s really sweet. He wants to support his family with his music. Blake and Christina turn around. He has a very cool song. There’s a good rasp to the voice. Oh! Adam turns around! Oh! There’s the power. Christina looks like she is thinking thoughts. Christina liking that yearning in his voice. Black has a man crush on Josh. BLAKE AND ADAM HUUUUGGG!!!! Yeah it’s about Josh after this hug though. He goes for Christina. Huh. That yeah…okay. TEAM CHRISTINA Closer sung by Delvin Choice: Oh My God this guy is insane. I feel exhausted watching him. He has an interesting hairstyle. Starbucks shout out! Oh he sings your order. This guy is exhausting. Oh he is already dancing. His breathing already sounds iffy. I think that’s just nerves. Awww. Yeah I don’t know about this guy. Awww. That’s a bummer guy. I love the “lobster”. Oh Christina is already regretting. It was the music choice that killed this guy. Adam tells him to come back with a different song next season. “Love Interruption” sung by James Wolpert: Another PA boy! Holla! He was originally going to be an artist. He fell in love with music. He kind of reminds me of Michelle Chamuel, who was my girl last season. OhmyGod he is so adorable. He put college on hold to pursue music. He wants to pursue music full time thanks to the show. OhmyGod. His voice is awesome. I love that rasp. I love that emotion. SOMEONE TURN DAMMIT. Adam and Cee-Lo THANK YOU! Blake following them a second later. He has such a great voice. OH THERE IT IS! The glory note! Hello Christina! His whole family is sobbing. I’m thrilled. He’s my age? I feel like I wasted my life right now. Blake calls him the complete vocalist. Christina’s from Pittsburgh? Did not know this. Adam says he can win this for sure. They loved his confidence. OhmyGod. It’s going to devolve into hairpulling in a second. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE JAMES. TEAM ADAM (Adam has totally regained his four chair magic.) This season is going to be so hard. I love so many people already. I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Erika's Take:

Speaking of tomorrow, I've decided this part just a bit different for the sake of time. The following people made the cut for the battle rounds. Let's see what teams they ended up on.

Barry Black, “What You Won’t Do For Love” (Team Adam)

 I didn’t hear much from Barry’s audition that convinced me he’ll advance past the Battle Rounds. I mean, it can’t be a good sign that I felt an overwhelming urge to Google “Aua, American Samoa” before the halfway point of his audition, can it? Not sure what Adam saw in him but I won't be surprised if he gets cut first.

 Austin Jenckes, “Simple Man” (Team Blake)

Uber sad backstory: Austin’s father had committed suicide some nine years back. His voice was on point but he's got a blandness about him. Naturally, he ends up on Blake's team.

 Cole Vosbury, “Movin’ on Up” (Team Cee Lo) 

For me, this guy was all about performance more than vocals but it worked in his favor because Ceelo saw something he liked alot.

 E.G. Daily, “Breathe” (Team Blake) 

Gotta say that I fangirled some kinda fierce when I realized it was the voice of Tommy Pickles up there. Loved her vocals! Too bad she went to Blake!

 Jacquie Lee, “Back to Black” (Team Xtina)|

 It turns out the kid’s got a ton of power and vocal control. Color me impressed! Although, should a 16-year-old really be tackling Amy Winehouse? (I said “No, no, no!”)

Holly Henry, “The Scientist” (Team Blake) 

Anyone who dares to take on Coldplay for auditions is brave. Holly did pretty decently and nabbed Blake as her coach.

Destinee Quinn, “Cowboy Take Me Away” (Team Xtina) |

 I really dug Destinee’s lack of sob story. Destinee’s Dixie Chicks cover was effortless and dreamy.

2. Tessanne Chin, “Try” (Team Adam) 

 Tessanne’s gale-force rendition of Pink’s gorgeous anthem was somewhere on the Voice scale between Judith Hill “What a Girl Wants” (aka “holy smokes!”) and Amanda Brown’s “Dream On” (aka “as good as it gets”). I just hope that doesn’t mean Adam will spend the season saddling her with dubious song choices that cause her to get booted before her time.

Jonny Gray, “All These Things That I’ve Done” (Team Cee Lo) 

Phenomenal voice...holy crap...I was impressed. Ceelo certainly earned himself a winner here! Join us for next week as the Battle Rounds continue!


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