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The Voice Unleashes A Slaughter As The Knockout Rounds Begin!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/30/2013 8:34 am
The Voice Unleashes A Slaughter As The Knockout Rounds Begin!

Bec Heim


Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Welcome everyone to the Knock Out rounds! Time for as we like to call it, the real blood bath on The Voice! Team Adam and Team Shakira are both up tonight! Will our favorites survive to sing another night? Let’s find out together and weep together if things don’t go our way…. 

With one week left to the Live Shows it’s time to get down and dirty.

First up it’s Team Shakira and Team Adam!


OhmyGod Adam is still wearing suits! I’m dying out of insane love of it all.

Bec’s Take:

TEAM ADAM:“I’m With You” sung by Amber Carrington versus “Higher Ground” sung by Midas Whale: Amber is going the Cassadee Pope route and singing an Avril Lavigne song. While Midas Whale is going the Glee route and singing a Stevie Wonder cover. Amber goes grand with her vocals. This is not my favorite Midas Whale song ever. I’m really not feeling this and I LOVE Midas Whale. It’s just something is kind off. Blake and Shakira back Amber. Usher backs Midas Whale.


Amber Carrington (Now I am so so depressed that Midas Whale won’t be on anymore.)

TEAM SHAKIRA: “Too Close” sung by Garrett Gardner versus “Hell On Heels” Tawnya Reynolds:  Garrett is toning down the growl and needs more emotion. Tawnya wants to be heard more with some vibrato. This is the first time I really really like Garrett’s voice all competition without all the over the top growls. It has a lot of great energy. Tawnya’s is…okay. It just…I don’t know. Something isn’t doing it for me. Coach Shakira wants to disappear-a. Adam puts his support behind Garrett. Blake puts his support behind Tawnya.


Garrett Garnder

TEAM ADAM:  “House of the Rising Sun” Amy Whitcomb versus “Little Talks” Caroline Glaser: I am so rooting for Caroline. I love her so much. Amy I have no clue who you are. I love Adam glasses. Adam and Caroline have matching hipster glasses. I LOVE THIS SONG! And I love Caroline. She is so adorable. Oh I can definitely hear Amy’s pitch problems. It makes me wince a bit. Okay. It makes me wince a lot. Amy has a TON of pitch issues. I totally want Caroline to win now. Caroline is KILLING it! She is just amazing! Totally buying this right now! No lies. They’re best friends? Really? Blake supports Caroline. Usher supports Amy.


Caroline Glaser 

TEAM SHAKIRA:  “What a Wonderful World” sung by Kris Thomas versus “Every Breath You Take” sung by Mary Miranda: I think this is an odd pairing. I was expecting Mary versus Monique. Kris seems more comfortable with his song than Mary. So I’m going with Kris as the winner. Kris definitely does some really good crooning that I like a lot. It’s very beautiful. Mary is tearing up listening to him. Mary sounds like she has issues with the breath control. She does these little hitches. Adam backs Mary. Blake continues to put himself on Shakira’s shitlist. Usher picks Kris.


Kris Thomas

TEAM ADAM: “Always On My Mind” sung by Judith Hill versus “All My Life” sung by Orlando Dixon: She sings this because of her dead grandmother. But I’m calling Judith here. Orlando is just canon fodder. Judith kills her song but…dude. You can get your own recording contract easy. You don’t need to be on the show. However, her voice is so pretty. And the poor canon fodder takes the stage. Bless them he goes down fighting. Poor Blake. No one likes him tonight. Blake, Usher and Shakira pick Judith. We all know who is going to win.


Judith Hill

TEAM SHAKIRA: “Are You Gonna Go My Way” sung by Karina Igalsias versus “The Power of Love” Monique Abaddie: Karina needs to be more soulful. She wants to move on and it’s do or die for though. Dammit Monique. I will compare you to Trevin Hunt and Amanda Brown and their amazing battle last season. This is the first time I liked Karina. Oh Monique. Why? Adam, Usher and Blake back Karina.


Monique Abaddie

TEAM ADAM:  “Wild Horses” sung by Sarah Simmons versus “I Just Died In Your Arms” sung by Warren Stone: Warren is going for a rock song to step out of his comfort zone. Sarah is singing a song that her Dad shared with her when she was small. Adam is helping Sarah control her AMAZING voice. Poor Warren Sarah is going to win. He is pretty though. Warren is absolutely great though. I loved his cover here. I love Sarah but your headpiece looks stupid. Sarah’s voice continues to be just stunning. She puts so much emotion in her songs. Blake, Shakira and Usher put their support behind Sarah. Poor Warren. He was really good too.


Sarah Simmons

TEAM SHAKIRA: “Maybe I’m Amazed” sung by Shawna P versus “At Last” sung by Sasha Allen: Poor Shawna P. Shakira is not giving up her golden goose of Sasha Allen here.  Shawna has trouble not screaming during it. Sasha is totally getting operatic here. She also looks gorgeous and old time-y in a good way. Poor Shawna P. I feel so bad for her right now. Shawna goes down fighting. But Sasha Allen is Shakira’s golden goose. Shakira is not letting her go. Adam, Blake and Usher back Sasha Allen.


Sasha Allen

Tarra’s Take:

GAH I’m BACK!!! After last week in the Battle Rounds with Luke Edgemon getting through it’s time for the KNOCKOUTS!! 8 artists from each team face off - only HALF make it through to the next round. Cue nail biting!!

Amber Carrington vs. Midas Whale

Adam what you DOING with the pairing??? If my boys Midas Whale aren’t in dis to win dis, they may be going home! Amber picked a BIG SONG with “With You” by Avril Lavigne - that song proved to me Avril was actually a vocal talent to be watched. Midas Whale doing “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder but folk-y could be the BEST THING EVER!

Watching Adam’s face during Amber’s performance - her ROOF RAISING performance is an early indicator to me that Amber’s got this. Watching Midas Whale, you can tell that JPL is more of the performer in the duo by far. Too bad there isn’t a steal in this round because Midas Whale would probably end up on Team Usher.

WINNER: Amber Carrington

Garrett Gardner vs Tawnya Reynolds

Oh NO….. Why are all my people up tonight?? “Too Close” by Alex Clare O.M.G. YESSSSSSSSS this song could show that he has range. Tonya singing “Hell On Heels” and Shakira trying to coach that?? Tonya you’re kinda on your own… and I’m kinda over your yodelling.

"Too Close" has this pocket you have to get into and Garrett did that and then *WHAM* kicked it in the ass like only he could. High energy but still laid back, I dug it. Tonya on the other hand, b.o.r.e.d. with the whole thing. Girl can sing but meh, didn’t get the sassiness either, maybe if you picked up the pace about a million notches…

WINNER: Garrett Gardner


Amy vs. Caroline

Don’t remember Amy…at all… bad sign. But then you pick “House Of The Rising Sun” and if you screw this up…you’re CUT! Caroline, Caroline… you picked Of Monsters and Men and I died with happiness. Did not realize that her voice was that strong!

Dear Amy, sing this song in a higher key, I DARE YOU! And WOW way to growl scream the WHOLE SECOND HALF OF THE SONG!!!!! A little WARNING NEXT TIME PLEASE AND THANK YOU I THINK I AM DEAF NOW. Caroline you’ve improved so much my little snowflake!!!! I hear her losing breath/nerves but nothing too bad! But if I have to see Shakira with her little shoulder shimmy one more time I’m tying her to her chair. If Adam doesn’t want to make me angry he’ll pick Caroline.

WINNER: Caroline


Kris Thomas vs. Mary Miranda

Kris you have this AMAZING VOICE and go pick such an overdone song - I’m DONE with you! Mary I did NOT expect you to sing this song and I don’t think it will do you any favours.

Wow Kris talk about PROBLEMS with that song. I think this battle will be a case of who didn’t do TOO bad of a job. Ugh Mary you screamed and made this weird pained noise. And then she finished it all softly and it was okay??

WINNER: Kris Thomas


Judith Hill vs. Orlando Dixon

Judith, make me love you more, c’mon now! And Orlando…asdkjfhasdkjhfkjasdhf LOVE LOVE LOVE This song.

Judith you sang well but I didn’t FEEEEEEEL it! And Orlando seems to have captured the audience more and all but there were a few technical issues. And sorry Adam, Blake has replaced you with Usher as Brosef for life.

WINNER: Judith Hill (no surprise)

Side note: It’s becoming increasingly obvious that judges have their favourites and are pairing them up with seemingly weaker members of their teams… In Adam’s case anyway…


Karina vs. Monique

Surprise, surprise…not really, at this pairing. Karina choosing Lenny Kravitz is awesome. Monique chooses the typical BELTING SONG -_- I want to kick a chair Cory Monteith style.

It seems like Karina is being swallowed up by this song. Her voice sounds strained to me…Nope, not working. Yo Monique, someone straightened all your hair… and all that extra BOUNCE went into your voice. WOW

WINNER: Karina


Warren Stone vs. Sarah Simmons

Fireman Warren, if there was ever a time to actually SET FIRES this is it. “I Just Died In Your Arms” - way to rip my heart out! And GAH Adam those GLASSES. Give me ALL the Warren singles now. Sarah singing “Wild Horses” - be still my HEART. My body isn’t ready for this Knockout.

Ummmm….Warren please enunciate because you smoulder with your eyes in these cases, not your voice. For some reason I get ALLLLLLL the David Cook vibes from this guy. And that was really good and you could feel the passion. Sarah we cannot be friends if you’re going to be like raspy screechy on the WIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDD’s in the song… but you totally beat Warren.

WINNER: Sarah Simmons

Adam’s team is all girls…wait, is he single right now? That could explain this 

Sasha Allen vs. Shawna

Sasha chooses “At Last” and this could go either way. I’m not a fan of Shawna sooooooooo picking that song, not helping your case chicka. it just sounds like she’s singing from that place in her pelvis area and pushing too hard too.

Sasha you broke glass with that last phrase I think, but I was still pretty bored before that. It’s nice that Shawna isn’t SCREAMING the words at me, a softer side is always appreciated. Until you sound like you ate a bass drum…


Shakira you seem to have pulled yourself together over the course of the night but I still think you are in over your head. Except you have Garrett whom I hope doesn’t get left behind.

TOMORROW NIGHT IS LUKE’S KNOCKOUT & I’M ALREADY SO NERVOUS. Come back tomorrow to see if I have an actual breakdown!


Erika’s Take:

Team Adam: Amber Carrington Vs Midas Whale! I am disliking the knockout rounds already! Ugh this is going to be so bad! My heart is going for Midas Whale but Amber is amazing too! Amber is going with an Avril Lavigne song “I’m With You” and the duo goes with “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder.  Amber sounded really good but I’m kinda like over this song since Cassadee did it last season. Midas Whale had a lot of energy in their performance but were out of sync at times. All the judges liked Amber because of her power vocals. Adam picks Amber as his winner for that bout!

Team Shakira: Garrett Gardner Vs Tawnya Reynolds! My boy, that I wish was on my team, is up with this bout and he goes with Alex Clare’s “Too Close”, which I think suits him. He’s gonna crush it if he has the swagger to back it up. Tawnya picks “Hell on Heels”, a country song which will play completely to her strengths.  Garrett is doing beautifully and the audience is eating up his vocals! No nerves to be seen anywhere! Tawnya was kinda of drowned out by her background vocal singers. Her twang annoys me a bit but other than that, she did a decent job. Garrett gets complimented on his growth, which he is definitely showing! Shakira chooses wisely (as Tarra and I would have lit ourselves on fire if she hadn’t) and picks Garrett as her winner for that bout!

Team Adam: Amy Whitcomb Vs. Caroline Glaser! I know nothing about Amy so I can’t say too many things about her. She goes with “House of the Rising Sun”, a song I’ve never heard of. This can’t bode well for her since we really haven’t seen much of her until now. I’m still pulling for Caroline since she has such a unique voice. She goes with “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, which I totally love! Amy sounds a bit pitchy in her performance which she tries to mask with big vocals. Adam doesn’t look too impressed right now. Eww what the hell was that growl about?! I think this bout is Caroline’s to lose. Caroline’s voice is perfect for this song! It’s so beautiful and I’m jamming out right now! SHE KILLED IT! Adam hopes Caroline works through her nerves and picks her as his winner!

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas Vs. Mary Miranda! Talk about different styles! Kris goes with the Louie Armstrong standard “What A Wonderful World”. He better do this song right since it is a standard and everyone has a certain expectation for it. She picks the Police “Every Breath You Take”. This will be interesting since it is in English and we haven’t seen her sing in English yet. Kris starts off pretty strong. Some notes sound a bit awkward to me. Mary surprises me with her English voice. It wasn’t her best but it was still pretty strong. Shakira goes with Kris as her winner as Mary’s risk was too big and exposed her weaknesses.

Team Adam: Judith Hill Vs Orlando Dixon! My fave Judith is up! She goes with “You’re Always On Mind”. I just love her. She’s flawless. I won’t gush too much about her now. Orlando goes with “All My Life”; he sounds a bit weak in the rehearsals. Judith comes out guns blazing with her performance. Just so effing beautiful…I’ve got chills! Orlando doesn’t stand a chance. Sorry, dude. You got blown away! Just give it Judith already. Adam does just that! Blake feels like she punched him in the face by choosing a country song and Adam over him!

Team Shakira: Karina Iglesias Vs Monique Abbadie! The rocker versus the Latin girl! Karina goes with Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way”. Monique picks Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love”. I think she sealed her doom with that one because that’s a hard song to sing. Ugh….this is going to be so bad! I love Monique! Damnit! Karina nails her performance! She was amazing! Monique is in trouble! Monique does suprisingly well considering her song choice. Much to my utter dismay though, it wasn’t enough and Karina with her rocker vocals takes the win!

Team Adam: Warren Stone Vs Sarah Simmons! I’m batting zero tonight for the most part. I hope Sarah crushes it. Warren goes with an 80s rock classic “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight”. I think it’s above him this song. He might be in trouble. Sarah goes with “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones. I hope she doesn’t oversing it. Warren starts off pretty good until he hits this really awkward high note! It sounded awful! What a pity since he sounded pretty good. As for Sarah….first of all…what does she have in her hair? Umm no…but that’s okay since this is a competition based on skill. Sarah gives all the judges feels during her performance from the looks on their faces. Sarah crushes it! Adam looks like he was blown away. Sarah wins the round!

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen Vs Shawna P! This could get ugly! Sasha goes with “At Last” by Etta James. She sounds great during rehearsals! Shawna goes with “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Sasha sounds AMAZING in her performance. OMG she’s butter! Just smooth! Shakira gives her a standing O! Shawna sounds great too! I’m torn. Ugh…this is going to be rough. Adam feel likes an idiot for pairing Sasha against Amber and losing her. Sasha wins the bout naturally!


Shakira serving Blake not once but twice about her critiques! Damn!

Adam telling Blake he just got served LOL

Usher propping his leg back up!

Our Fantasy Team point system has changed for those keeping up: Now we will award 1 point to the winners of the Knockout Rounds. With that in mind, here’s where we stand now:

Team Erika: 25

Team Tarra: 21

Team Bec: 21

Join us tomorrow as the blood bath continues when Team Blake and Team Usher duke it out for a chance to sing live next week!


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