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Time to Feel Tormented All Over Again: Carrie Reboot Trailer Released!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/05/2013 6:35 am


Susan Booth

Staff Writer

The first time I ever saw the original Carrie movie, I always found myself relating to her. Mind you, my mother wasn’t like THAT, and I didn’t that much in terms of issues at my school, but I had my share and I often felt like I was an outcast. Always on the outside looking in. As of an hour ago, Screen Gems released a new trailer for the Carrie Reboot.

Not only does Julianne Moore’s performance almost mirror Piper Laurie to a tee, but she’s alittle more creepy than before. This poor girl seems to have it a lot worse, and that infamous locker room scene is so much worse than before, it appear that the torment has been stepped up a bit. This new teaser trailer ends with a REAL phone number in Maine daring you to call Carrie while she’s trapped in the closet. If you have an Iphone, this experience is VERY intense and more creepy than I could EVER explain in this lifetime or the next. After having just watched the series premiere of Hannibal, if I wasn’t freaked out before, I sure as hell am NOW!!

So, why are you still reading this article? Go watch the trailer and call the number. I DARE you. ;)

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