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Lifestyle PopWrapped | Lifestyle

Tips To Honor A Father On Father's Day

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

12/30/2016 9:52 pm
PopWrapped | Lifestyle
Tips To Honor A Father On Father's Day | Father
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As millions of us spend today with our families, celebrating our fathers,


renowned and highly respected Board Certified Life Coach Brooke Lewis has put together a few tips on how to honor that special man in your life – your father – on this annual day of celebration. 

Having written for, spoken on and appeared in TV segments for the likes of The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Female First and John Kerwin Live to name just a few, Lewis has gone on to empower, inspire and motivate men and women around the world, giving them the power and knowledge to make each and every day truly count and to help them feel confident in themselves and their relationships. Read below to see what she has to say on how to honor, love and cherish your father on this special day.

"Let’s just admit right now that sometimes we forget to honor the fathers in our lives. Often times, they are our caretakers, providers, protectors and we know we can always count on them. They pick us up when we fall. They come home, after a long day at work and help the kids with two hours of homework. They drive hours to see the kids on a Saturday, when they no longer live in the same home. They comfort us after a losing game or a broken heart. And, sometimes…they need to feel loved and comforted too! So, on this special holiday, here are some TIPS TO HONOR A FATHER ON FATHER’S DAY".

Acknowledge Your Father For All His Hard Work

After all these years, and being a life coach and dating coach, I still can’t figure out men, but what I do know is that men need and love to be acknowledged for all they do, provide and work for! A man’s self-worth is often based on his success and accomplishments. So, let your father or man in your life know that you recognize and are grateful for all he has done to keep your family afloat and happy.

Ladies, Let Your Husband Or ‘Baby Daddy’ Know What A Good Father He Is

A lot of women compliment their men on how romantic or thoughtful they are or how well they cleaned the house on Sunday, but they forget to let the men know how wonderful they are at fatherhood! We have all witnessed how fatherhood has changed many men’s lives. Many men will tell you that their greatest accomplishment is their children. Men take pride in being a Dad and doing the best job they can. They deserve to hear that you think so too!

Plan Something Macho And Out Of The Ordinary

Ladies, yes, this is a day when you may have to kick off the Louboutins and play the role of a racecar driver! Whether it be fishing, hunting or hitting that baseball game (I’m more of an Eagles football gal, myself!!!), get guy-ish and take him out to the ballgame! Think about all the weekends Dad has spent taking your daughter to dance class or watching that Saturday night chick flick with you, so choose a fun day, event or activity he rarely gets to do and plan it! And, email us pictures of you playing paintball!!!

Pamper Your Father/Husband/Man

Tell Dad to take a load off! Bring him breakfast in bed, pop in whatever DVDs or Netflix he wants to watch all day, draw him a bath and play his favorite music! Pick up his favorite “cheat day” food from his favorite restaurants. Give him a full day without fixing anything or solving any problems. Make Father’s Day all about him and he will feel like a King!

For more information on Brooke, visit her website or follow her on Twitter, and from all of us here at PopWrapped, we wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s Day. 


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