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Todrick: 01x01, Who Let The Freaks Out

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
09/05/2015 1:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Todrick: 01x01, Who Let The Freaks Out | Todrick
Media Courtesy of MTV

Ever wonder what goes into making a great YouTube video? Well Todrick Hall and his team get to show you every week in Todrick.  In this first episode, we see Todrick and his team go though quite the bundle as they celebrate a birthday and put together a video in a day. This first episode is entitled "Who Let The Freaks Out."

We start the episode off at Todrick's lovely Los Angeles home as he and his team (known as Team Toddy) Jenni, Chester, Nicole, Carlie, Thurzday, Vonzell and company come together as Todrick discusses his new video idea.  He lets the team know he has envisioned the video  around the craziness of celebrities and what they do to get their name back in the limelight. He entitled the video "Who Let The Freaks Out". As the team discusses, Todrick finds out that Nicole aka Lip-stick Nick, will be celebrating her birthday the day of filming. 

As the team has their fair share of getting things done for filming,  Todrick and his best friend and assistant Chester go to find costumes for them to wear during the shoot.  As they try and find them, Todrick comes up with an idea to surprise Nicole with a birthday video. 

After all the fun and games at the costume shop, Todrick drops Chester off and heads to Jeeves' recording studio to get Nicole's song recorded and ready to film. Back at his house however, over 30 dancers are over and "raiding his closet" as Chester says, to find clothes for the shoot.  Todrick ends up deciding last minute to add his fans AKA Toddlerz to the mix.  After an all night shoot at his house for the Birthday dance, Chester runs up to Todrick's room to tell him that Kelly Rowland texted him about Nicole's Birthday song. Him and his cameraman Shawn  waste no time and head down to meet Kelly . Todrick explains how big of a fan Nicole is and hopes she could give her a shout-out for the video. She of course accepts and the rest is history. 

The thing I love about the show is that you get to see behind the scenes of how Todrick and his team put things together, from props, to paintings to costumes to make-up.  After taking a small break, Todrick brings Nicole upstairs and surprises her not only with the birthday dance video, but her family joins in on the fun as well. The whole celebration surprise leaves her in tears.  

We then get to see the day of filming in the theater. The team only had three hours to get what they needed. Within those three hours, they ended up taking the filming outside, and getting in trouble with security for filming. But Team Toddy doesn't care and they continue to dance anyway!

We end the fun-filled episode with the premiere party and Todrick gives a lovely speech as he hits the play button on the "Who Lets The Freaks Out" video. 

Check out the video below:

Make sure come back next week Popwrappers as Todrick takes Team Toddy to his home state of Texas!


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