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True Blood Promises to "F... the Pain Away" on This Week's Episode!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/16/2013 4:33 pm
True Blood Promises to


Emmy Rivera

Senior Managing Editor

Hello Truebies! I’m back to recap this week’s episode of True Blood. A million thanks to my colleague, Dani Strehle, for taking over last week. This season so far has been full of WTF moments, and this episode, aptly titled, “F… the Pain Away”, delivers on that promise. Going to do something a bit different with this week’s recap as we have a lot of plot lines going on so I’ll break them down for you. Without further ado, let’s whip out our fangs and dive in!

Sookie-Warlow Situation:

As we saw in last week’s episode, Sookie took it upon herself to confront Ben about possibly being the one who has been after her for a while (we all know the truth now). Sookie, completely stripped down (who does that?!), confronts Ben/Warlow, which he doesn’t deny. He actually says he loves her (really, dude?!) and has his reasons. Sookie goes off and demands to know why he killed her parents.

He said he did it to protect her as they were going to kill her that fateful night. Sookie, in turn, hurts Ben/Warlow (or Barlow), which is felt by Bill as Barlow is apparently his progeny. Bill ends up going to her house and snatching Barlow up (“As your Maker, blah, blah, blah”), and Barlow obeys, totally confused by it all.

Sookie’s plan to deal with this: Ask LaFayette! Sookie turns up at the bar the next day to seek out his Medium help. She and LaFayette end up holding a séance to find out what happened to Sookie’s parents and what they were really up to. After a series of flashbacks with Barlow and the ‘rents, it turns out he wasn’t lying to Sookie. Sookie’s dad makes his presence known and owns up to wanting to kill her. As a matter of fact, he’s not done. He possesses LaFayette, locks Sookie in the trunk, and drives her to the river to finish the job!

Eric-Pam Situation:

Pam gets taken to Vamp Camp after she gets into a fight with Tara. Tara freaks and goes to alert Eric. Eric looks distraught and quickly forms a plan to go get Pam: they have to surrender. Tara and Eric end up in Vamp Prison/Camp, where Eric gets experimented on by way of an exercise on survival (they get shot if they fail the task).

Pam, after witnessing several experiments (including one where fangs get removed and vamp sex is being tested), ends up in therapy. At first, she is reluctant to share anything with the therapist but opens up when she is promised a live donor. Pretty soon, she’s spilling her guts, including the fact that she was hurt by the fact that Eric released her and cares nothing for him now.

Tara and Eric are left in Gen-Pop to deal with other captives when Jessica, still high as a kite, joins them as well (more on that later).

By the end of the episode, thanks to the workings of Sarah Newlin, Steve Newlin, and the therapist, Eric and Pam are pitted against one another to fight to the true death!

Sam-Alcide Situation:

Alcide continues his hunt for Sam. He ends up at this dive bar called “The Unfriendly Possum” (best name ever). He finds a hooker who likes shifters, but no Sam. He does run into dear old Dad, who tries to give his son sound advice about the whole mess. Daddy Herveaux is questioning Alcide’s intentions, which causes Alcide to lash out against him. Daddy bails but not before hitting up his son for cash (how sweet).

As for Sam, he and Nicole apparently slept together (quelle surprise, non?). Nicole tries to run out on him but Sam catches her. She doesn’t want to stay in this mess but Sam promises to find a way out of it all. They get spotted by Daddy Herveaux much later on, as he is staying in the same motel as they are, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to squeal on them.

Jason Situation:

Jason gets a visit from Sarah Newlin. She tells him that she felt holy with him and he mentions her gay vamp ex-husband (her face: priceless). She goes onto tell him “Jesus wants me to fuck you” (best pick up line ever). The two have sex, with Jason really getting riled up as he thought he was gay for a second because of Barlow’s blood.


Jessica turns up later while the two are sleeping. She’s still high off the fairy blood and starts babbling about Jason not really loving her when he admits he does. Unfortunately for the both of them, Sarah overhears them and freaks out (cue the catfight). Jessica and Sarah start going at it, which Sarah wins as she is somehow able to rescind Jess’s invite (still scratching my head on that one). Jess gets taken by the Vamp Camp police (see aforementioned stint in the joint) as a result of Sarah’s screaming.

Sarah lays into Jason and his vamp sexing pecker and storms out. Jason, feeling awful, decides to the right thing and joins the LAVTF to go and rescue Jess.

Bilith Situation:

Before Jessica ends up at Jason’s and the Vamp Camp joint, she starts off the episode freaking out about the fairy slurpee she had with Andy’s fae daughters. Bill tries to comfort her but fails to do so because he ends up snatching up Barlow from Sookie. Bill shares some memories with Barlow as the evil (?) wonders why Bill can command him. We learn about Lilith and Barlow’s history (including a quickie vamp-fae sex session), and we see how Barlow is turned. We also get to see how Barlow nearly wiped out the fairies as Bill and he have it out. Turns out that Barlow set Lilith on fire and killed her in the past and wants to do it again as he still hates her and what she turned him into.

Andy-Terry Situation:

Andy, at the beginning of the episode, arrives at Bill’s house to find his daughters drained to death. All but one, as it turns out. He grabs her while Jess runs out (she had a busy time before ending up in the Vamp Camp joint). Andy hurries the police station to give his baby girl some V to save her, and she lives.

His cousin, Terry, isn’t having a good time either. He speaks to an old friend of his from the Army and hires him to kill him (really, dude?!).

Andy spends the rest of the episode wanting to kill Bill (like, who doesn’t these days) and Jess for killing his girls. Holly is able to talk him out of it, and we see poor Andy finally break down and act like a father (so heartbreaking).

Guvnor Situation:

The Guvnor is torn about his baby girl Willa being a vamp now (nice one, Eric). Sarah, before sexing up Jason and setting Eric and Pam against one another, tries to make him move on by suggesting they have a baby (guess that’s how she got into politics). He says no and leaves her, which sets her off as she screams at him “When a woman shows up in black lingerie, you unwrap her!” (good to know). The Guvnor ends up taking his beloved Willa to Vamp Camp, much to her horror and Eric’s surprise, as he wasn’t expecting that.

There you have it, Trubies! So much has been set into motion! Will Eric and Pam make it out alive or will we be saying bye to one of them?! What about Sookie?

I’ll see you fangbangers next week! 


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