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Trump's Addiction To His Mar-a-Lago Travels

Mary Kiser | PopWrapped Author

Mary Kiser

Staff Writer
04/16/2017 10:45 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Trump's Addiction To His Mar-a-Lago Travels | Trump

Trump has been on quite a few vacations since his inauguration, specifically to his Mar-a-Lago resort. While he has criticized his predecessor Obama for travelling during an "Ebola outbreak," the billionaire should take his own outcry to heart. The president has been on plenty of vacations during his time in the White House, even though he's not even 90 days into his presidency. His time away has been spent at his Mar-a-Lago retreat, so his trips have cost Americans more than a pretty penny. "Since Trump became president the cost of membership at Mar-a-Lago has doubled, with guests now paying $200,000 just to join," an NBC News article states. Trump's been promoting his extravagent country club to the masses. While he promised to forgo a yearly salary, he's still making millions in his own way.

He's raking in dough without even breaking a sweat, unless he's on the golf course. His Floridian estate may be decorated like the Queen of England's palace, but the guests are still vulnerable to the heat.

While the guests play, Trump will be at work. "White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has defended the travel, saying Mar-a-Lago 'is where [Trump] goes to see his family. He brings people down there. This is part of being president,'" Spicer asserts. He's right ... to a point. Presidents are known for their travels, and they can tote a hefty receipt. Obama's 14 vacations totaled at $97 million, and who footed his bill?


The number's unfathomable, but Obama's travelling expenses pale in comparison to other presidents, like Bush and Trump. "Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told NBC that each day President Trump spends in Mar-a-Lago costs his department $60,000," the article continues. In one day Trump spends what very few Americans make in a year, but a few thousand is just pocket change to the commander in chief.

He's already taken 25 different trips so far; before 2018 begins he'll make $97 million look small. 


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