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TV Reporter Quits Her Job, Reveals Pot Presidency

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/22/2014 8:51 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
TV Reporter Quits Her Job, Reveals Pot Presidency | reporter
Media Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch News
Yas. Just yas. As of yesterday KTVA-TV Reporter Charlo Greene solidified her position as Supreme of the Badass Coven... by quitting her old position as a reporter.
Now, since I know that the audio quality of that video was somewhere between "wat even" and "eating your own used tampon", allow me to transcribe the audio:

Now everything you have heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy towards freedom and fairness which begins with legalising cannabis in Alaska.

And as for this job, well not that I have a choice but… fuck it, I quit.

And there it was: the laugh heard 'round the world. Aka mine. Because I laughed. So hard. Hard laughter. Yup.

Not only did she reveal herself as the owner, President, and CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club (which is ironic, since I'm like 99.999999% sure that job types like hers mean regular drug-testing... or maybe not; not to mention, you wouldn't expect it from a "respectable profession" as a reporter), but she also cut all the bullshit, made clear her intentions and that she did not have a choice in the matter. She summed it up in four words that are now iconic in the history of live television: "Fuck it, I quit."

She justified her reason for quitting in the following video:

She's since been terminated... like that mattered at all. She just quit on live air, how are you going to try and save face and claim she was fired? From her version, you guys didn't give her a choice (or perhaps she couldn't do both and justify it to herself or others), and she quit in a truly spectacular fashion.

...And already the YouTube comments are trying to rip her apart.  If you can stomach it, just take a look at this drivel:

olimario 48 minutes ago

Why would anybody make themselves instantly unemployable like that?

Absolutely disgusting that people are devoting their lives to these addictive, mind-altering poisons. It's sad that there are movements to protect the environment but at the same time a movement that seeks to legalize the destruction of the environment within our own bodies and minds. These drugs are just the kind of thing that makes people make irrational decisions like this and throw away their lives. I hope she fails miserably in her efforts to legalize these poisons that destroy physical and mental health and gets treatment for her addiction.
I wonder how long it takes for her to straighten that nappy hair in the morning so she can look more like a white girl? She ought to quit that too, and go back to her NATURAL AFRICAN FRO!
And especially this one:
I'm black as hell. Born and raised in the "hood." But this is classless and whack.I'm all for her supporting something she believes in. But tarnishing the professional reputation of ALL blacks in the process is whack.Let's be real here. We DO get judged by the actions of one and she probably single-handedly ruined the chances of a black person working on the news in Alaska.And whenever you place your own personal aspirations before the progression of your race, you're no better than those who still display racism towards us
The last one in particular irks me to no end. Why the fuck are you pinning this on black people as a whole, instead of Charlo Greene as an individual? Why are you trying to blanket it as though it's a race thing, as though she can't be held responsible for her own actions instead of having to constantly represent her race? It is not our job as black people to constantly be on our best behaviour and be flawless and make no mistakes to appease white people or any one else. Why does your post scream "I'm Uncle Tom!!! Please sympathize with me, white folk, we ain't all like dem crazy negroes over there! Yessuh, yes massa, whateva you say!"
We shouldn't have to be a representative for every single black person. We're diverse, we have different likes, we disagree and have different outlooks. I understand that we have to do our best to be united within our own community, but that does not mean a single mess up, if this is even considered such, is a failure on the global black community as a whole. Now that's what's whack.
Luckily, there are some people with at least half a brain that functions properly:
she's getting tons of hate , but the man who said 'fuck her right in the pussy" is a hero .. care to explain !?
i find it funny that she gets tons of hate yet the guy who said" f*** her right in the pussy" is role model.and I'm pretty sure it's merely the fact that she's black and a woman that's why
If this was a white person, people would be standing up applauding their "stick it to the man go out with style'' mentality. but based on all these comments, the fact that she is black the majority of people are shitting all over. If you were fed up with your job, to the point of saying "ya know what, fuck it i quit" then more than likely that job sucked ass anyways and the people in charge needed to hear someone do that. Rock the fuck on Charlo.
Either way, it was an entirely amusing and clever way to generate buzz, social media interest, and eyes on her club. What say you, Poppets: Was she justified in her exit, and was it badass and what you wish you could do with your job? Or do you think it was tactless and classy and she should have quit in a much better way?
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