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Twin Earthbenders May Be The New Avatar

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
05/30/2017 9:51 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Twin Earthbenders May Be The New Avatar | avatar
Media Courtesy of Nickelodeon

It has been a while since we last saw Korra and Asami hitch their bags and step into the spirit world together. The Legend of Korra ended its run last December, and there has been scant news about what this could mean for the Avatar line. However, showrunners Bryke (the amazing duo that is Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino) have decided not to continue Korra's arc.

So what does that mean? Rumors say the show may continue on Netflix, and the Earth Kingdom is next in line to produce the newest Avatar. The cycle typically goes through Fire (Roku), Air (Aang), Water (Korra), and Earth. 

According to the show's forums (where Bryke draws inspiration), fans have been brainstorming new theories about who could become the next Avatar. This new Avatar, coming after Korra, would grow up in a world of machines and innovation. They would have to master Earth- and then probably Metalbending. 

Fans are also hoping to have twin Avatar benders. 

According to Venture Capital Post, "Fans are also deeming to have a twin avatar, and it will be an offspring of a fire-and-earth-bending couple, and they will be going against each other! They are named Vin and Khan. Let's see if the creators would take a grip onto this idea."

Maybe they could be from Toph's family? That would not only make them part amazing Earthbenders but also part of the old nobility. But then who would the firebender be?


Photo Courtesy of Deviantart

This kind of reminds us of Makko and Bolin. In one expansive theory from ComicBookMovie, the brothers will have to save the world from a new evil after the Avatar conscious somehow was split into two different people, and so  these two twins are the first “Avatars”." 

This new evil will be fought while the twins are facing the biggest battle of all: sibling rivalry. 

While these are all just working theories, Bryke has been unusually silent. Perhaps they are sitting back, watching the theories percolate, waiting for their time to strike.


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