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Fashion PopWrapped | Fashion

These Twins Just Won Halloween With Their Brilliant Photo Campaign

Louise Fairen | PopWrapped Author

Louise Fairen

11/11/2016 5:23 pm
PopWrapped | Fashion
These Twins Just Won Halloween With Their Brilliant Photo Campaign | Twins
Media Courtesy of CJ Johnson

This year, for Halloween thrills, J+J shot a vintage, thriller-inspired photoshoot featuring the Denison Twins for a stylish twist. Bringing tech to a new level of trendy, models Amber and Kerisa Denison are featured in a garden of roses with a Bezalel product.

This year's campaign gives you a feeling that it was inspired as a sort of throwback to the popular hit thriller movie The Shining. To anybody who has seen that movie, this photo campaign suggests what those twins might look like today ... still creepy.

J+J has been acknowledged all over the world for their unique original content on social media platforms and are always on the forefront of content -- this is just the proof.

Twins CJ Johnson

The product the twins are holding is a wireless charging device for phones. Obviously, the creepy Shining twins would now want to use the most advanced portable charging technology while they're on the go around town (or in an isolated mansion). J+J wanted to combine a fashionable and glamorous shoot with a vintage thriller.

Twins CJ Johnson

Pretty creative eh?

Twins CJ Johnson
Twins CJ Johnson

Bezalel was founded in 2013 to find a solution for what is arguably the foremost problem with today’s mobile, highly-connected lifestyle. It’s a problem just about everyone has experienced -- the batteries that power our smartphones, tablets and wearable gadgets run out of power too quickly. While the problem is simple, the solution has, thus far, proven to be more complex. As a result, nearly all of our “wireless” devices are still charged by plugging a cord into a power source. The Futura wireless charger ($40) pictured above will be released in November. It will be available for iOS and Android devices.


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