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tyDi, MORTEN, And Cameron Walker Create The SHARPEST Weapon Of 2016

Zachary Jaydon | PopWrapped Author

Zachary Jaydon

12/20/2016 9:17 pm
tyDi, MORTEN, And Cameron Walker Create The SHARPEST Weapon Of 2016 | tyDi
Media Courtesy of tyDi

tyDi, MORTEN, and Cameron Walker have just dropped the hottest EDM track of 2016. "Sharpest Weapon" is JUST THAT, and we've got the first listen for you right here! ...but first, PopWrapped's Zachary Jaydon sat down with global EDM superstar, Tyson Illingworth, or tyDi, as the rest of the world knows him, to talk about the new track, as well as upcoming tour plans.

Zachary Jaydon: So first off, how does a Dane and an Aussie get together in the first place to make music?

tyDi: Well I was a big fan of MORTEN's music, and, to be honest, in my past, I've never really dabbled too much in collaborations, so, this year, I wanted to really push for that. I wanted to try out different things and figured it might be cool to reach out, and, then next thing you know, it we're in the studio making this record!

ZJ: With collaborations, it seems like it's always a melting pot of styles and ideas. How do you think you guys rubbed off on each other in your production?

T: For me, it's always been trance or house with massive toplines. That's always been my kind of music. With MORTEN, he showed me to peek around and try some bassier sounds in my music. He really pushed me to my limit on this one, and I loved it! It was a huge learning experience personally.

ZJ: Is the dynamic of producing your own song vastly different than creating a collaboration?

T: Absolutely! When you make your own music, you're stuck inside of your own head. Sometimes it can really hinder the creative process because, at some point, you spin the same wheels the same way. However, when you have a collaborator, they kinda force new ideas and influences into you, making the creative process way more diverse.

ZJ: What do you think this song is going to lead to for your careers?

T: I'm not sure. All I know is it's way different for my fans to hear something like this, so I hope it leads to an ability to release a bigger variety of music for myself.

ZJ: What kind of music lovers will be into this song?

T: Anyone really. Dance fans, pop fans, bass fans. Hell, I hope we convert some hip hop fans with this record!

ZJ: We had tyDi fans submit their questions for you on Twitter, and, with an overwhelming margin, the biggest question was "When is tyDi coming to [insert city here]?" Do you have any big tour plans coming up for 2017?

T: Haha. That's great. I can't say TOO much yet, but I am announcing a bit of a special tour around this release. We will be talking much more about this really soon.

Without further ado, we present, tyDi, MORTEN, and Cameron Walker with "Sharpest Weapon".


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