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Music PopWrapped | Music

Typhoid Rosie Pay Tribute With "Hearts Bleed Goodbye"

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

04/11/2016 5:56 am
PopWrapped | Music
Typhoid Rosie Pay Tribute With
Media Courtesy of typhoidrosieband (Facebook)

Written after singer Rosie's mother sadly passed away unexpectedly, Typhoid Rosie's new album Hearts Bleed Goodbye serves as an eleven track tribute to the woman who inspired and encouraged her every day of her life.

Opening number and title track "Hearts Bleed Goodbye" is immensely powerful. Written with reference to how the loss of a loved one hurts both physically and emotionally, there's no denying that as she delivers the vocal, Rosie is reflecting on the pain she continues to feel having lost her mother. 

"On The Day" is more up-tempo, with more of a pop-rock rhythm sure to have heads nodding and toes tapping, despite the lyrics looking back on days her mother helped her - there's an sentimentality to the track that means it lingers long after it's over.

Following on from that is "The World Is Coming To An End" - the catchiest track so far which will no doubt go down a storm at live shows as fans sing and clap along to the chorus. 

Slowing things down just a little, "Better To Know Now" is a reflection on the scars, metaphorical and real, left behind following the passing of a loved one. It doesn't quite pack the punch of the collection's title track but it will certainly hit home to anyone who, like Rosie, has suffered a loss.

"Won't Last Forever" meanwhile reminds us all that those around us, the memories and moments we all share won't last forever, as life doesn't. It's a thoughtful little number which, to me at least, encourages those who listen to it to make the most of each and every day as the next one is never truly secure for any of us.

Kicking things up a notch again, "Baby I Want You" is perhaps the weakest number on the album, although it's certainly not bad by any means - but in comparison to the tracks which have preceded it, it lacks a little something to make it stand out. Fortunately "It's All Over" is better and the lyric "Ever since my Mother died, Heaven's never looked so nice" is extremely powerful and will likely make listeners reflect on their loved ones and the idea that they're looking down on us all.

"Walk Of Shame" and the line "this girl walks alone tonight" in particular makes the track a strong number - there's an energy and almost a confidence that comes through that lyric although it can be taken two ways; as a girl being lonely, or a girl being strong enough to face the world and all it throws at her on her own. That, to me, is inspiring.

That fiery confidence continues through "Run Along". Undoubtedly one of the strongest numbers on the album with motivating lyrics such as "don't tell me what to do, or how to live my life... give me wings to fly", this track may yet find itself an anthem for anyone looking to stand up for themselves or wanting to pull away from those who wish them to conform - as a society, we're not all meant to be the same and this song in particular champions individuality and freedom.

"Oopsie Daisy" slows things right down, offering up the first true ballad on the album and as a result of the dramatic change in style and tempo, it doesn't quite work alongside the other tracks and so may find itself being overlooked or skipped by those who give it a listen. The album does however end on a high, as "Till We Meet Again" cranks the volume and tempo, offering up a toe-tapping slice of energetic rock, it's chorus just begging to be screamed at full volume by the masses who delight in listening to the track.

Typhoid Rosie are an incredibly talented band and anyone who has yet to discover them, may wish they had done so sooner should they check this out. Ultimately, Hearts Bleed Goodbye is a fitting, phenomenal tribute to Rosie's mother - she is no doubt, and rightly so, looking down with beaming pride.

Hearts Bleed Goodbye is available now on itunes.


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