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PopWrapped | Music
Warped Tour 2014: Boy Meets World | Boy Meets World
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PopWrapped caught up with Boy Meets World on VANS Warped Tour 2014. The band shares what it’s like to play their first full Warped Tour and stories of various tour hijinks, including climbing to the top of a cell phone tower.

UPDATE: Boy Meets World has been announced for Warped Tour 2015. Look for them this summer at a location near you!

Zachary Jaydon: So fellas, you have five show days left. That means you’ve been on the road for a while. So, what are you looking forward to?

Craig Sulken: The next five days, or after the tour?

ZJ: The next five days.

Brad Sulken: Hanging out with a lot of new friends that we’ve made, talking to people, and networking still… It was a great time...

ZJ: So I know, Brad, this has been a long journey for you. You’ve been doing this for a really long time. What’s changed since the last time you played Warped Tour?

BS: Since the last time we played? We actually get to do the whole tour this year, that’s cool, so that changed. Last year we only did one day in Cincinnati, so that was fun, but this time we get to experience the whole thing. It’s been fun, it’s been a challenge, but I think we’ve mastered it pretty well and gotten ourselves out there.

ZJ: What is your favorite part of Warped Tour so far?

CS: Sleeping in a van… I'm just kidding. Probably just meeting everybody, just being on [the performer] side of things, actually being inside of Warped Tour and meeting all of the bands. Everybody is really cool and that’s my favorite part.

BS: Watching sets from backstage. It’s a different perspective from what I'm used to doing, sitting out in the front, now I can stand behind and see what it looks like up there.

ZJ: Who is your favorite band or artist to party with?

Ryan Sulken: The Maine. We party with The Maine a lot.

CS: We play some cornhole with them.

RS: We played beach volleyball a few days ago.

ZJ: Who won?

RS: It got really intense.

CS: They did.

BS: My team. We split up teams. It wasn’t just bands against bands. We picked teams and it was good. My team was dominating.

RS: They did.

BS: We won two out of three games. I’ve been hanging out with Mayday Parade a lot, just talking, chillin’, hanging out on the bus playing video games.

ZJ: Do you have any plans to come back next year?

RS: Hopefully, if we’re asked.

BS: Yeah. that’s not up to us, but I'm sure we’d be down for it.

ZJ: Who does the most driving?

CS: This guy [points to Pat]. Me and Pat.

ZJ: Who’s the scariest driver?

All: [immediately point in his direction] Drew!

CS: Can we go in depth a little bit on this?

ZJ: Yeah, I wanna hear more about this.

CS: Okay, so Drew drove his first time three days ago.

BS: We went the full tour without letting him drive because we know how bad of a driver he is in a car, let alone a van or trailer.

CS: We never trusted him with the van and trailer until a couple of days ago. We were like, alright, you need to drive, so…

RS: But he did well, he did well.

BS: He got stuck at a gas station. I'm in the back sleeping and I hear, “YOU’VE GOTTA STOP PULLING FORWARD! YOU’RE GONNA HIT THE POLE!” [laughs] So Craig had to get out and move [the trailer] around the pole.

ZJ: What’s the craziest thing you’ve had happen on tour?

BS: Well, yesterday Ryan climbed a cell tower.

RS: 250 or 300 feet.

CS: I don’t think it was that big.

RS: I jumped over a barbed wire fence to get to it…. We got a little tipsy and people were like, “Hey! Let’s go climb that cell phone tower.” So I did.

ZJ: What happened?

RS: We went to the very top and it started shaking a little bit, and we were like, “This is kinda sketchy.” So, we took some pictures and went back down.

ZJ: That’s your most exciting tour story?

RS: I thought it was pretty exciting.

BS: I got to celebrate my birthday in St. Pete… They hooked me up with some Fireball, three different sized bottles. I turned 27. I played volleyball on the beach, spent all day out there.

RS: Everything is pretty exciting; this is our first Warped Tour.

Drew Thomason: We went out to Vegas…

BS: I won $140.

DT: Ever since then we’ve had a gambling addiction. [band members laugh]

ZJ: Are you guys excited to go back to Cincinnati?

BS: I'm ready to go home and hang out with family and friends. we’re gonna go back out on the road again in the fall.

CS: We’re going up to NY and Boston, for three weeks in September we’re going on tour. We booked it ourselves and we’re going by ourselves, so we’ll be home for a month and then leave again for four weeks.

ZJ: Has it been a challenge trying to make everything work?

BS: Yes.

CS: Yes. We’re completely DIY, we do have a publicist.. she’s helped us a lot, but overall it’s DIY. It’s been a challenge, but rewarding at the same time knowing that you did it yourself.

ZJ: What’s next for you?

BS: Recording an album in the winter.

CS: Yeah. We haven’t talked a ton about it but we have a few songs that we’ve written and haven’t recorded yet.

ZJ: Anything else you want to tell everybody?

BS: Go check us out online. all of our social media outlets, Facebook, is our website, everything’s on there, @_bmwband...

CS: Just go to [our website] and you’ll find every social media link there.

BS: Buy our album on iTunes, our EP and our Christmas album, ‘cause they’re awesome.


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