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We Discover The "Da Vogel Code" This Week On Dexter

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/08/2013 3:37 pm
We Discover The


Susan Booth

Staff Writer

The one thing I love about Dexter is that there’s never this feeling that they are re-doing the same storyline like some series have been known to do in the past.

Every time I watch Dexter I’m excited because I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen in the episode, and it is one surprise after another. Tonight’s episode had me asking a lot of questions, and I still feel as though I am left with no real answers. With that in mind, this is what happened tonight:

I’m not sure what to make of Dr. Vogel yet, since every time a woman comes into Dexter’s life it does more harm than good. It’s probably safe to assume that Dr.Vogel is no different from Lila, Lumen and Hannah.

So, she knows about Dexter and his dark passsenger. Let’s take a trip back to the 1980’s, where we see a videotaped interview of Harry discussing his many trials and tribulations when it comes to properly parenting Dexter. Dexter told his dear old daddy that he wanted to see a murder scene back when he was just a boy and Harry snuck him into one, only to have it be more fun for Dexter. Guess this isn’t the kind of kid to take to Disneyland, seems to me he would have had a field day with Jigsaw from the Saw films.

Here is my question: Why in the world would you make Dexter keep this code you claim to value so much, only to have your interviews about raising him videotaped?

When it comes to watching Dexter, it’s best to just watch first and ask questions later, as you may end up missing a lot. If you ask me, there’s nothing worse than watching this with someone who points out when they ‘think’ they see an obvious plot gap and points it out. Since Vogel was taping these sessions with Harry, you can clearly see that it was done with his permission, since trying to hide a video recorder from the 80’s would be anything short of easy. Depending on how good any of you are at figuring things out with this series, it becomes clear that it was Dr. Vogel who basically wrote the code that Dexter lives by. Would that make it the Vogel code instead of Harry’s code? She even suggests that she should have had some champagne chilling, maybe in the hopes of toasting how awesome Dexter’s skills are? I can’t get past that, no matter how hard I try.

The crazy brain-scooping killer that everyone is hunting left a piece of his last victim on Vogel’s doorstep, leading her to believe that it may be a former patient of hers who may be more than angry about her very unorthodox form of treatment. Of course, she wants her pride and joy (Dexter) to take him out before Miami Metro gets him first, as he will likely spill her secrets and rat her out. She says there is good motive behind the killer’s actions and even thinks that “sooner or later, somebody’s going to be holding a piece of my brain in a jar.”

This brain stuff makes me want to become violently ill – which is why I keep over the counter motion sickness medication with me in case this shows actually causes me to do exactly that. Dexter informs Vogel that he doesn’t take requests and she decides to show him another video in the hopes that it will convince him to carry out her wishes.

This tape, that Dexter watches alone, shows Vogel actually defending all of Dexter’s actions to Harry. There was a moment in the last episode where my first thought was that she was attempting to blackmail him, glad to know I was wrong about that.

Plus, she couldn’t blackmail Dexter, since she wrote the code she would go down for all his crimes too. Dexter feels that if Vogel is responsible for creating him, than she’s at fault for what happened to Deb. That is stretching it a little too far, Dex. 

On the other side of town, a VERY hung-over Deb meets with her new boss, Elway, to fill him in on what went down with that jewel thief (Briggs) that Dexter decided to off last week. Elway gives her some brownish looking drink that looks like sewer water and she downs it in seconds.  Deb quickly gets defensive about sleeping with Briggs and explains that she felt nothing for him. She only slept with him to get the location of the jewels. It seems like she was getting pissy at the idea that someone might be implying that Deb is a whore.

Deb reveals to Elway that she has the key to Brigg’s storage unit, and they head to Briggs apartment to check things out. Elway makes a comment about Deb having slept with Briggs, little does he know that she didn’t actually screw him despite him be a complete douche nozzle, she screwed him because he was a douche nozzle.

Deb finds a bill for the storage unit where the jewels might be. Now, we flash to a skate park crime scene, as Dexter makes a point about how, “Miami makes more corpses than sunburns.” Another body is found with the same M.O as The Brain Surgeon – which is the name the killer is given compliments of Quinn and Batista– doesn’t hesitate in stating the obvious about having a serial killer. Dexter finds a partial print and he informs Vogel that he may have a head start on the killer. Dexter inquires as to why Harry went to her to begin with, and even though it’s never stated, we all can’t help but wonder if they were sleeping together. Vogel says to Dexter, “You don’t trust me,” which Dexter replies with, “Which you should have expected, since you know me so well.” What was your first clue Vogel? Come on!

Dexter gets a hit on the print and heads to the presumed killer’s apartment. There he finds a photo of a hunting cabin, which proves to be a clue. It’s at the cabin where Dexter finds the killer already dead and hanging on a meat hook.

Vogel explains her theory on psychopaths to Dexter, and she says that, “psychopaths are a gift of nature, not a mistake.” She calls them, “alpha wolves, who help the human race survive long enough to become civilized. And without psychopaths, mankind would not exist today.”

Back at the storage unit, Deb finds the jewels and then El Sapo appears! He grabs her gun and takes the jewels. Old Deb would have been beyond pissed, but new Deb decides to body rush him instead. He kicks the hell out of her and orders her to stay down on the ground. While Deb is lying on the ground, we flash to Quinn and Batista insisting that Quinn takes the exam and to move his career forward since he is dating Jaime.

So, Batista is a good enough detective to figure this out but he can’t figure out the brain surgeon killer? Okay….I’m leaving that alone for NOW.  On second thought, if he was good enough, he would have known about Jaime and Quinn months ago; as well as the fact that Deb shot LaGuerta and Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Then again, it’s not like he’s got a living room filled with boxes of evidence or anything.

Quinn goes to pick up Jaime, and she wastes no time ragging on him for talking about Deb again. They get into a completely pointless fight and she storms off. Although she had the right to give Quinn crap about being focused on Deb, that doesn’t mean she needs to go off on her poor brother about getting in the middle of a fight she started. He’s got enough crap to deal with without your petty B.S.

Back at the station, Dexter runs some blood in the lab and discovers that it actually belongs to Deb. Deb returns to the station to answers Quinn’s unsuspecting questions about the jewelry case when she starts having bad episode of PTSD and Dexter has to rush her out before she opens her mouth and all hell breaks loose. Deb explains that she shot El Sapo after he beat the crap out of her, and Dexter goes to criticize her, but realizes he has no legs to stand on.

Deb is really bad at attempting to cover her tracks; she was stupid enough to leave a gun in El Sapo’s glove box. How exactly is it that Deb shot El Sapo if her gun was in the glove box? It looks like the little woman carries more than one gun. With that storage unit filled with random crap, she could have easily shot him through a window. Clearly, the writer’s felt that they needed a weapon that would cause more confusion – job well done, guys!

Deb takes a minute to warn Dexter that, “He’s not the first person I shot and he may not be the last. Anything can happen in this hell hole that is now my life! Your gift to me, Dexter!” Anyone else feel like they are witnessing the worst TV break-up in a long ass time? Deb’s threat is a valid one, since she has a large amount of untraceable guns. Just a precautionary measure, Dexter goes and switches out the weapon for Deb, just like he did last season. “I’ll never get used to doing this for Deb,” he says.

Finally, when Dexter goes back to Dr. Vogel’s house, it appears as though the Brain Surgeon killer had broken in and left a gift – a DVD that shows the killer forcing the strangler to throttle his victims, and then killing the strangler. Okay, I think I get this…this killer is making other people kill for him. Dexter finds himself distracted thinking that he has destroyed Deb, as Vogel goes in for a mom-type hug and tells him, “You’re exactly what you need to be, Dexter. Perfect.”

Do you think Deb will become like Dexter? One more murder and she will be there. Stay tuned for next week’s all new episode in the final season of Dexter!


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