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What do Mars and Reality TV Have In Common? More Than You Know!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/18/2013 11:46 pm
What do Mars and Reality TV Have In Common? More Than You Know!

Jamie Harsip

Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to star on your own reality show? Have you ever wanted to go to Mars? Well, pretty soon you might be able to kill two birds with one stone! Last year Mars One was announced – a completely legitimate organization, complete with funding and NASA astronauts, with the goal of creating a settlement on the red planet!

The organization will develop its reality TV show in order to help fund this monumental undertaking (a $6 billion price tag ain’t cheap!), and also to record its progress for posterity. If it happens this will, after all, mark a momentous occasion in human history! In the words of Mars One’s co-founder and CEO Bas Lansdorp, “We are talking about creating a major media spectacle, much bigger than the moon landings or the Olympics, and with huge potential for revenues coming from TV rights and sponsorships.”

But what makes us think you could be a part of it? Well, Mars One has released a description of what it takes to potentially be a part of it all:

“Unique to all other space exploration endeavors before it, Mars One is opening the astronaut program to anyone on planet Earth that meets the base criteria. It is not necessary to have military training nor experience in flying aircraft nor even a science degree. It is most important that each applicant be intelligent, in good mental and physical health, and be willing to dedicate eight years to training and learning before making the journey to his or her new home on Mars…Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age, have a deep sense of purpose, willingness to build and maintain healthy relationships, the capacity for self-reflection and ability to trust.”

Does that include you? Well, if you’ve got $25 to spare, pretty soon you’ll be able to find out! If you want to apply for the mission, which begins in 2023, the application process begins this July! We don’t know any of the concrete details, but “early reports suggest applicants will be asked to send in a one-minute video about why they should be selected to go to Mars.”

But before you apply, take note: If you are accepted and decide to take part in Mars One, you’ll be moving to Mars. A return trip to planet Earth isn’t on the agenda!


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