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What's Eating Dexter Morgan on This Week's Episode of Dexter?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/15/2013 7:44 pm
What's Eating Dexter Morgan on This Week's Episode of Dexter?

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

If it’s not one thing, it’s another for Dexter’s sister. I know the girl is having a hard time, but she is gonna get Dexter into so much fucking trouble and end her own career and life on top of it.

This was the almost episode, because there were so many almost moments it started making me crazy! Dr. Vogel ALMOST suggested that Dexter kill Deb, Deb ALMOST got arrested for a DUI, Deb & Dexter ALMOST made up when they had dinner together, and once again, Deb ALMOST confessed to killing LaGuerta. Was it even slightly possible that one of these almost moments actually developed into something else plot wise, or is that asking too much? It was starting to be alittle too much for me. 

I love Jennifer Carpenter has always been amazing as Deb, but tonight made me tired watching DEB. It almost (there’s that word again!) made me feel like her crazy ride may have come to a stop for the time being.  The opener for this episode was interesting, watching Harrison moan and groan in discomfort as you see what looks like a trail of blood from the kitchen to the bathroom, only to discover that Harrison ate a box of red popsicles because he loved them.

We jump over to Deb, who’s having a grand old time waking up in her car, surrounded by beer bottles, being woken up by the cops and laughing about the fact that she basically ran down a parking meter. Just as we are fairly sure that she will be getting a DUI, good old Quinn comes in to save the day, even after how much shit he caught from Jamie after last week. 

Miami Metro hits a bit of a snag in the Brain Surgeon case when they find Lyle Sussman’s dead body at his cabin, taken off the hook he was hanging on and made it seem as though he had killed himself. That means this case is closed, right? Wrong! Someone clearly knows how to work a crime scene and make it look the way Dexter does when he’s trying to set things up and this killer is pretty good at that, almost (have you noticed the constant use of this word yet?) as good as Dexter. We know it wasn’t Dexter this time around, maybe it was Vogel? Who the fuck knows in this case. 

What we do know is that The Brain Surgeon knows Vogel and Dexter are onto him or her. (S)he sent Vogel another mysterious text, telling her to “look outside” where she found two more gift-wrapped brain bits, marked His & Hers. But they weren’t just any brain bits, these brain bits were from the occipital lobe, the part of the brain apparently responsible for vision. In other words, he’s been watching them. Anyone see that coming? 

Meanwhile, from cross-referencing Vogel’s book and her former patients, Dexter found a possible Brain Surgeon suspect: Ron Galuzzo. He strangled his best friend in high school, but convinced Vogel he was a bully. Not much time later, she figures out the truth and gets him institutionalized until he was an adult. Dexter eventually stalked him at his job and searched his apartment, where he discovered Galuzzo was a serial-killing cannibal, sure enough though,he’s  not the Brain Surgeon he was looking for. But he killed him anyway just because he wanted to, and let me say that this sure as hell doesn’t seem like code following Dexter to me. 

Dexter explains to Vogel that Deb is having such a hard time with everything and that’s she acting out. Can we say, understatement of the fucking decade!  And then, for reasons I can’t possible understand, Dr. Vogel got creepy very quickly, because she doesn’t like not having Dexter’s complete  and somewhat undivided attention. “So my question is this: When your sister found out about who you were and what you were doing, why didn’t you kill her?” Vogel asked. “Not that I’d ever advocate such a thing.” Of course you wouldn’t, Vogel! Why in the world would you EVER do that?! She would never advocate such a thing. But she would imply that, now wouldn’t she?

Vogel also wasn’t buying that bullshit that  Dexter loves Deb like a sister because psychopaths “can’t love” like a normal person. And then she tells  him that he’s perfect again. “All this talk about Deb and loving her, is like you’re Michaelangelo trying to play the banjo.”

Later, we learned that Vogel owns a gun, an interesting thing to not miss for those like me who have been speculating that she might be the killer herself. Not entirely sure if this concept is completely off the table just yet. 

Let’s get back to Deb and Dexter, because that’s what this episode was really about in the first place. Dexter went into Elway’s office in order to confront Deb about her almost-DUI, and got her to agree to go to dinner with him so they could talk some things out. (A few minutes earlier, Elway had given Deb another mysterious hangover cure with some pills dissolved in it, another interesting thing to notice for those commenters who think he is somehow up to no good. Because so many of the men in Deb’s life are upstanding citizens, right?)

Deb and Dexter’s dinner almost looked promising. Dexter showed her a guy she saved in a shootout having dinner with his family. He tried to convince her she’s a good person. And she finally seemed to let her guard down. Deb finally letting her guard down alot longer than it should have, if you ask me. Faster than Dex can give us a dose of M99, her guilt comes back i, and she shows up at the police station wasted, slurring to Quinn, “I wanna make an official statement.” Now would be a safe time to assume that Dexter is fucked three ways from Sunday at this point.

"I don’t want coffee, I want to confess," she continued, before whispering, "I killed LaGuerta" into his ear. He discretely drags her into an interrogation room and turns off the mic. But, Quinn didn’t get that Deb was actually confessing to the murder. He told her to write down everything from that night on a yellow legal pad, while he called Dexter to clean up the mess as always. 

Dexter, taking Vogel along with him, races back to Miami Metro, and they  tag-team the situation when they arrive. Vogel informs Quinn that Deb is suffering from a mix of survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder, and thenDeb screams and says, “I’m confessing everything … the whole fucking truth … there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” Dexter jabbed one of his knockout shots of M99 into her neck. As Dexter drags her out of the station, Vogel grabs the legal pad Deb was writing her confession down on. I guess it’s good that Dexter has Vogel to help him clean up, because he is getting awfully sloppy.

When they go to take Deb back to her beach house, Dexter handcuffs her to the couch and leaves her passed out with Dr. Vogel so he can run off and kill Galuzzo. Considering none of us are really sure what EXACTLY Vogel’s intentions are, does anyone else think this this a very BAD idea? 

Lo and behold,  we see a shot of Vogel looking quite creepily at Deb’s pills, either contemplating giving her an overdose like Hannah TRIED to do or just being a good doctor, depending on what you believe her intentions to be.

I know it’s a bit of a stretch to hope that maybe Deb starts to get out of this funk of hers, because for me, it’s getting alittle hard to watch each week. Until then, Do you think Dexter and Vogel are gonna end up in some serious hot water? We know Hannah is coming back, but when and why?


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