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What's In The Future For Glee Star Kevin McHale?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/18/2013 7:43 pm
What's In The Future For Glee Star Kevin McHale?

Tarra Matthews

Managing Editor

With four seasons, on one of television’s most popular and publicized shows, under his belt, Kevin McHale (who plays wheelchair bound Artie Abrams on Glee) has had a lot go his way in the last couple of years.

Before Glee, McHale was one quarter of the boy band NLT that had a medium amount of success in the early 2000’s. If nothing else, the boy band scene allowed McHale to fine-tune his singing and dancing abilities that would (kind of) come in handy when he went out for the role on Glee


McHale joined Glee as one of the original members of the New Directions and since then has had many moments in the spotlight including “Dancing By Myself,” “Safety Dance,” and “Scream,” a duet with the show’s other resident mover Harry Shum Jr.

With the departure of many of the original New Directions from the halls of McKinley at the end of season 3, McHale’s character was given the opportunity to take a more central role as a senior member of the glee club. As he mentions in the interview with Digital Spy below, we finally got to meet Artie’s mom this season (played by the talented Katie Segal) as well as finding out Artie’s plans post-high school. 


The interview (conducted back in June, before the untimely death of co-star Cory Monteith) also touched on what it was like to film the “Glee Actually” and very topical “Shooting Star” episodes of season 4.

“They would just let it run [the tape] and there would just be minutes of silence so you could just get into that zone of what it would actually feel like.“

So what does Kevin want to see next on the show that FOX has been renewed for 2 more seasons? McHale is excited for Artie to take on the Big Apple and film school and joked that maybe he will live in the loft across the hall from Kurt and Rachel and have the show ‘turn into Friends.’ He also hopes that a new city may bring a new love interest for his character who we’ve seen strike out with many a McKinley lady over his high school career.

“I will play Artie as long as they want me to. I completely enjoy it; it’s like family.”

Outside of Glee, Kevin has been keeping busy and was even featured in one of the premiere episodes of the Whose Line Is It Anyway? reboot that aired this past Tuesday on The CW.


Be sure to check out the full interview from Digital Spy and to hear the inside stories from on-set with Kevin McHale.


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