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Which Glee Star Should Let Out A Katy Perry Sized Roar?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/12/2013 2:00 am
Which Glee Star Should Let Out A Katy Perry Sized Roar?

Bec Heim
Managing Editor

Warning: this opinion piece may contain spoilers.


We’ve covered in the past that Glee will be covering Katy Perry’s “Roar” in an upcoming episode.

The real question is just who will be singing it?

Allow me, if you will Gleeks, to posit a theory to you.

I think that it’s going to be Kurt.

Yeah. That’s right Kurt. So why do I think our favorite fabulous Gleek is going to sing “Roar”? Several reasons.

1) “Roar” fits Kurt as a character.

What? It does. “Roar” is about finding your own inner strength and sense of self. It’s an empowerment song. Kurt, over the course of the series, has been becoming a highly empowered character. After season four with the break-up, his job, and his chance at NYADA Kurt has grown even further as a character. “Roar” fits Kurt at this point in his life. He’s ready to, if you will, let out a roar of his own.

2) It could be start of finding normalcy after “The Quarterback”.

 I’m expecting after “The Quarterback” there will be some grief and sadness coloring characters in episode four. Kurt would, understandably, be really sad after losing his stepbrother. He would also, however, know that Finn would want him to try to move on. “Roar” could be a step toward that goal of moving on. It’s about overcoming things. Overcoming your own grief is a pretty big thing. So it could also be an opportunity for Kurt to start moving on and honoring what would be his stepbrother’s wishes.

3) Kurt has NEVER sung a Katy Perry song. EVER.

I checked, double checked and triple checked. Kurt has NEVER sung a Katy Perry song. That needs to be rectified! I’m not saying give him all the Katy Perry songs but come on! Give him one! You know Chris Colfer’s voice would sound amaaaazing. You all know it!

4) Think of the costume.

Katy Perry’s costume in “Roar” was fabulously campy. It’s a theatre school. I want to see someone breakout wearing something odd. I can see Kurt wearing like a tiger striped shirt. He would pull it off too. Chris Colfer can pull off anything.

5) Katy Perry versus Lady Gaga.

 We have revealed that Adam Lambert’s character is singing not one, but TWO Lady Gaga songs. Kurt is not going to respond with another Gaga song. He’ll go for the rival to Lady Gaga. Who is? Miss Katy Perry of course. “Roar” has decimated “Applause” in terms of sales alone. It’s a great choice and rivalry for Kurt to draw from in order to establish himself against his new nemesis.

And that’s it.

I mean it’s not confirmed yet. It just makes sense for Kurt to sing “Roar”. It fits his character, his situation and the plot. He would have to stand-up to Adam Lambert’s character sooner or later. Kurt? Well after being bullied in high school I don’t think that he will take to it in NYADA. He hasn’t in the past there. The episode of “Diva” is a great example of it.

So go ahead Kurt and roar!


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