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Which Liar Got "Into The Deep" On This Week's Pretty Little Liars?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/11/2013 1:02 am
Which Liar Got


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello my fellow Liars! Sorry for the delay in this week’s recap. I needed some time to process the crazy that went down in the episode as the heat on the Liars really got turned up on full blast!

The season’s finale is right around the corner so we all know what that means? That’s right! The craziness is far from over!

Without much further ado, let’s dive into this week’s episode. As always please remember this recap is full of spoilers! 

This week’s major plotlines:

  1. Hanna’s mom gets granted bail after Mona’s confession. The only problem is that the bail has been set at one million dollars. This sends Hanna into a frenzy as she tries to figure out how to pay that amount. Caleb tries to help but is unable. Miraculously, someone pays the bail’s minimum amount, with Hanna thinking it’s her father who caved and helped. It turns out that Pastor Ted (Ashley’s boyfriend) still cares for her and paid the bail (aww). Guess not everyone is Rosewood is evil!
  2. Aria spends the episode trying to figure out her feelings about Jake. She ends up getting jealous over Jake when she sees that he has brought a date to Emily’s party (more about that later). He ends up going over to her house at the end of the night to deal with the drama of the party (more about that later). The pair of them end up kissing as Aria realizes she really wants something with him (GO ARIA!).
  3. Emily starts the episode up on a high as Paige has set her up with a coach that could help her become a better swimmer. Emily goes to see the coach. Although he is impressed, he cannot help her since she is injured, a fact he didn’t know about. Emily is livid about Paige lying to the coach and confronts her at her surprise party. Emily and Paige have a heart to heart outside away from the party. Paige kept pushing Emily to keep swimming because she is afraid that if she doesn’t go to Stanford, then they will grow apart and break up. Emily makes Paige accept the fact that they won’t be together next year. Looks like they two are heading for a break up (CRUSHED).
  4. Spencer spends the episode spying on Shana and Jenna as she knows that they are up to something. She also catches wind of what Hanna was going to do. Spencer is glad she didn’t get the chance to do it. She and the rest of the Liars come up with a plan to find out what Jenna knows by inviting them to the party. Shana and Jenna arrive but spend the night evading the Liars. They end up leaving the party, with the Liars following them out. Spencer goes MIA for a bit as she is looking for Jenna, and Aria and Emily go looking for them. All hope looks lost as Emily spots a body floating in the lake that looks an awful lot like Spencer. Emily dives in to save her and finds that it’s not Spencer. It’s Jenna, who has been hit on the back of her head and dumped there. Jenna lives but barely. Spencer goes to the hospital to check on her and asks Shana who Jenna is so afraid of. Shana tries to walk away. She finally caves and gives a name: Cece Drake!

Last but not least, our loose ends:

  • Mona ends up back at Radley after going MIA for a bit in the episode. The police don’t buy her confession but enough doubt was placed so Ashley could go free.
  • The mysterious Red Coat shows up to the DiLaurentis House and sneaks in.
  • Our friend the Hooded Figure drinks wine and plays the piano at the end of the episode as he or she mails off the music to Toby in an envelope.

There you have it: look like all signs are pointing in Cece Drake’s direction but is she just a red herring? It’s almost to good to be true.

My lovely colleague Adele Fredeluces will be taking over recapping duties for next week’s episode as I will be unavailable.

Until next time, stay out of trouble, bitches.




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