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Which Liar Uses "The Guilty Girl's Handbook" This Week & Messes Up?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/31/2013 3:17 am
Which Liar Uses


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Welcome back, Liars!

After last week’s episode, looks like this new A (or old one) is turning up the heat and ready to take some lives. The Liars are all in danger as this season keeps upping the ante with its plot twists and surprises.

Will we be losing a Liar or Liar’s mom by the end of this season?

Let’s dive right in!

As always, spoilers lie ahead: if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, put your high heels back on and keep it moving.

This week’s major plot lines:

  1. Emily and her mom deal with the aftermath of A’s car crashing. They end up in a motel, where Em’s mom tries to keep her distracted and focused on her future. Em meets up with Ezra later on to go over college apps. Ezra tries to get Emily to open up to him about her troubles but she shuts down. He instead tries to get her to remind herself how great she is and recommends she call her old boss, Zoe, from Haiti for a recommendation. Zoe arrives (played by Rumer Willis), and you can kind of see some sparks there. Zoe invites Emily to Nicaragua to work again, and she accepts. Em shares the news with her mom, who breaks down after all this time of trying to be strong for her. Poor Mrs. Field!
  2. Aria has Mike issues to deal with in this episode. She finds out that he’s been taking martial arts lessons with Jake and freaks out. Mike tells her that he’s going to hang with the team but Aria doesn’t buy it. She goes to Jake to see why Mike is taking lessons and finds out that he’s being bothered by the team. Later on, Aria hears noises outside and calls for Mike but gets no answer. She then calls Jake for backup to find Mike but Mike eventually gets into contact with her. She ends up spending time with Jake, showing that things are turning around for these two. I ship it!
  3. Spencer spends the episode digging around for more clues. Spencer takes advantage of her mom’s law clerk and digs around the evidence sent to her mom and steals a file. She later pays Eddie Lamb a visit at Radley, where she shows him some evidence that she found on him. Eddie tells her that he was there when Toby’s mom died but Wilden fabricated the report, changing the account that Eddie gave. Spencer wants to know why he didn’t come forward but he doesn’t say and tells her to drop it. Spencer returns home to be outed by the law clerk as he noticed she swiped the file but he doesn’t say anything to her mom. She eventually confesses to her mom and demands to know why she isn’t pursuing it. Her mom tells her has no value as to what is happening with Hanna’s mom.
  4. As for Hanna, Ashley is denied bail and being sent to state prison until her trial starts. This sends Hanna over the edge, and she takes matters into her own hands. Hanna calls up Mona and wants her help to confess to murdering Wilden. Mona agrees and starts schooling Hanna on the art of lying. In the mean time, Caleb and the rest are worried about her, and Ashley meets with Caleb later on to ask him to watch over Hanna. As Mona and Hanna fabricate the lie, Caleb catches them in the act, and Hanna boots him out. Hanna eventually finishes her lessons with Mona and gets ready to leave for the police station when Caleb comes back and stops her. Caleb tries to get her to listen to reason but she’s not having it. Just when you think it’s all over for Hanna, all the Liars get a call: Mona has confessed to killing Wilden and is being questioned. Plot twist!
  5. As for our hooded figure creepster: the episode ends with the person drilling holes underneath someone’s house….

Quote of the night: “A really likes throwing cars at people.” - Spencer

Until next time, bitches!




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