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Who is Currently Winning RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5!?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/23/2013 5:45 am
Who is Currently Winning RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5!?


Aaron Johnson

Staff Writer

There is no real way to see who’s really heading the pack each season
besides choosing a favorite and swearing up and down that your pick is
the best most polished queen. Or is there? Using a point system of 1
to 5 I tallied up each girls score to really see who is “winning”.         

Here’s the system break down:
                5 points for each main challenge win
                4 points for being rated high
                3 points for being just safe
                2 points for being rated low
                1 point if you were sent home

Here’s the queens individual break down from lowest to highest.

10 Penny Tration          1 point
9 Serena Cha Cha        3 points
8 Monica Beverly Hillz    6 points
7 Vivenne Pinay           10 points
7 Honey Mahogany      10 points
6 Lineysha Sparks       15 points
6 Jade Jolie                  15 points

Pretty boring stuff here, but because of a double elimination and a
non-elimination there is a jump in the numbers. With fourteen queens
this season it seems no one will be ranked fourteenth this season with
two ties in the currently bottom seven. If none of these queens return
then they will stay here in this position but their number of ranking
will end up higher. Pending no ties in points over the last few
episodes they will be ranked 12th to 8th.

5 Alyssa Edwards          22 points
4 Coco Montrese           23 points
3 Roxxxy Andrews          26 points
3 Ivy Winters                  26 points
2 Detox Icunt                  27 points
2 Alaska Thunderfuck    27 points

Now wait, Ivy even with going home has a higher score then both Alyssa
and Coco. So by mathematical standards she has done better then two
girls who get to stay. By my standards I believe if someone is granted
to return this season it should be Ivy.

Now onto this seasons currently highest ranked queen:
1 Jinkx Monsoon 32 points

With one win, being rated high five times and twice being safe she is
the front runner by 5 points right now. Of course this can all change
in the time it takes for Coco to read someone then shut them down when
they try to rebuttal, but let’s see how it plays out.

Instagram: PopWrapped


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