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Who Is "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" In This Week's Teen Wolf?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/30/2013 4:33 am
Who Is

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

I feel like the girl who knew too little. Talk about a mind fuck! Beacon Hills is just full on supernatural now. The episode opens on Deputy Graham patrolling the school after a 911 call came in. Danny and a few other kids were packing up to leave after rehearsal.

Just when you thought she was safe, guess what she’s not. She sees a body being dragged and follows it and is met with the vision of her own dead body under the shower. That’s when we see the face of the Darach up close and person. And guess what it is not pretty….

Lydia once again is there to find the body but calls the boys before she investigates and it doesn’t take long. Allison and Isaac are seemingly missing from all the drama at school because they are busy tracking down Argent. Allison fears that her father just may be the Darach. I mean he has all the sacrifices mapped out and just seems to know a bit too much.

She notices that the table in her father’s room has a five fold Celtic knot on it. In each circle has each category of sacrifices: virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers, and guardians. The gang begins to ponder who the next guardian would be seeing as Graham was a deputy.

Back at school the twins are at odds. Aiden is warning Ethan to back off of Danny (literally). It is bad for both him and Danny. Scott and Stiles need to get Ethan alone to pick his brain so they use Lydia to distract Aiden. The twins weren’t Alphas when they met Deucalion, they were omegas. They basically were the bitches. Deucalion taught the twins to morph and then take down their pack. All of the alpha’s former Emissaries are dead except for Deucalion’s. However, we were unable to get a straight answer because Cora decided to avenge Boyd by taking on Aiden. She ends up getting hurt pretty bad but trucks on, well because she’s a Hale.

It seems that while in school Jennifer has been working towards teaching the kids something that ties into each episode. Today’s lesson: Idioms which is understanding a phrase based on prior knowledge. Scott decides to use his free time to go visit Ms. Morrell for some answers. She denies having any involvement with the killings but gives Scott a bit of information on Deucalion.

He is an obsessive. He wants Scott as one of his trophies but also fears him.

There is a catch, to have Scott’s true power Scott will have to join willing to become the true alpha he was meant to be. If Scott refuses he will eventually push him to have to kill which will ruin his ability to be a true alpha and essentially bring him to the dark side. Scott of course refuses both options and Morrell verbally bitch slaps him to start thinking about how to stop the killings.

Mr. Westover was busy getting ready for his next class writing notes on the board when he looks back up he is met with the five fold knot. The chalk drops and finds its way to Lydia who adds a two in the top right circle followed by a blood curdling scream. She is certain Mr. Westover is the next victim and Stiles soon remembers that Graham was once a teacher. It’s philosophers on the chopping block not guardians.

In the midst of all this Stiles is forced to try to explain to his father what is really going on. Using an idiom he likens the supernatural happenings to chess. After a much involved discussion Sargent Stilinski still does not believe. He tries to have Cora show him but when she goes to do so she passes out. The wound on her head is not healing. While his sister is suffering Derek is busy macking it with Jennifer. I still think there is something about her that I do not like!

Allison locates a possible location that Mr. Westover could be trapped. Her and Isaac set off to save the day and Isaac has some reservations about going it alone. Rightly so, they found Mr. Westover and the Darach too. Luckily Argent was there and scared off the Darach but they weren’t in time to save the teacher. The last sacrifice is set to happen at the recital and they all rush back.

Lydia decides to stay to try to help prevent the third killing but gets a text from Aiden and heads off into the school alone. The concert starts and is your typical recital. At the hospital Sargent Stilinski asks Mrs. McCall for some help locating records of a body found 10 years ago. By what he is describing the victim sounds a lot like Paige, however the picture is of a much older woman. In my opinion this woman resembles Talia Hale a bit. Mrs. McCall let’s Stilinski in on something odd that happened when the woman was in the OR. Hundreds of birds threw themselves into the walls and windows of the hospital.

Almost like a sacrifice.

Back at the school Lydia finds herself face to face with the Darach…

Who is in fact… Jennifer.

I knew something was up with that biatch. After knocking her out cold she ties her to the chair and is getting ready to kill her in what seems to be the third sacrifice. At the same time the recital takes a creepy turn and the begin the Darach’s chant. Scott and Stiles take off to find Lydia but have no idea where to begin until that blood curdling shriek pierces all the wolves ears.

Jennifer is the one who finally answers Lydia’s question. She’s a banshee and much like her appears all sweet on the outside but is a venomous snake underneath..

Hmm sound like anyone else we used to know?

Close to her death Sargent Stilinski busts in and tries to save her. Jennifer or Darach whatever you want to call her hurdles a knife at him and gets his arm. Scott flies in and tries to take her down but she’s just too strong. Stilinski is at it again, all while poor Stiles watched locked outside the door. He shoots her and she heals instantly. He is no match for her.

The chanting is getting louder and the students are playing their instruments violently. In an instant a piano string snaps and slashes the throat of the teacher playing it. The third sacrifice has fallen. Stiles finally busts in only to realize that his father has been taken…

Which means Sargent Stilinski is the first of the guardians to be taken.  

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around all of this! Derek, more importantly the Hales are somehow related to the Darach. Remember how Talia could shape shift they said?

She was actually a wolf who shifted into a woman. Notice how Jennifer is a lovely lady one minute and a scary ass thing the next. This also would play into what is happening to Cora too. I have no idea what to peg that as but it’s related.

Next week is sure to be another doozy!


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