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Richard Goedegebuur

Staff Writer

I can just hear you thinking: “Uhoh, this is going to be nasty…” But I’ll be nice. Sort of.

Anyway, there was a point to this! See, when there are these awful shipwars, there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can run and hide. I can’t say I haven’t considered it, but well… is it really possible to just leave The Vampire Diaries behind? The second option is trying to convince people not to fight, which is probably the most noble option, but it is also the most exhausting and frustrating one, so perhaps that isn’t perfect either… That only leaves the third option: throw some extra oil on the fire! So let’s get this thing started!

First, let me introduce myself. Hello, my name is Richard. As you might have noticed, that is a name usually given to a male person. So well… I’m a guy. And since I’m a guy, of course, I have this wonderful idea that women are nice and friendly beings who only fall in love with nice guys and who would never go for the arrogant, bad guy who treats them like dirt. 

Anyway, my overly positive world views aside, that means that Stelena is just the best option! Girls always say that they are looking for that perfect guy who would care for them and who would love them no matter what, and that person, is Stefan! Stefan is willing to do everything for Elena. He would change everything about himself if he had to, just as long as it meant that Elena would be happy. 

Damon is different. Damon is the dangerous, arrogant and perhaps, the more adventurous option. He is the selfish guy every woman fears. He is unpredictable, and he would hurt you without even thinking about it. He is that guy who Taylor Swift would write a song about titled “I Knew You Were Trouble,” because you just know he will be.

So what I’m trying to say is that Elena will choose Stefan, because he is the nice guy, and all girls are attracted to nice guys! I mean… which girl would ever go for the selfish, arrogant and unpredictable guy if they had the choice…?

Hmmm… okay… that might not have been the right question… I’m suddenly reminded of the fact that I myself am sitting here writing an opinion piece about TVD… alone… without a girlfriend… Actually, Matt is kind of alone as well… and Jeremy was… and Stefan… Come to think of it, the only male TVD character who is actually in a fully existing relationship is… oh crap…

Right, I think it’s about time for a conclusion now, before I make this any worse than it already is… As I said, I ship Stelena, and I definitely always will, because Stefan is the good guy, and it would be nice if the good guy would get the girl for once. But I haven’t got much hope left. Right now, us Stelena shippers are losing our faith in humanity, so please, dear Delena shippers… if you ever run into someone who ships Stelena, don’t fight, don’t start a war, but help them. Save their faith in humanity and be nice to them! Please, we need your help: save us from our Stelena tears… (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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