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Why Stop Now? 9 X-Men Story Arcs That Could Be Done

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/05/2013 4:22 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Why Stop Now? 9 X-Men Story Arcs That Could Be Done

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Erika Rivera

Content Editor

With Days of Future Past in the works, one cannot help but wonder what other wonderful comic book arcs from X-Men history could be done for the big screen next. After all, this is just the beginning for a franchise that has the potential to keep going if done properly (still slightly miffed about Last Stand).

Here are some story arcs mentioned by fans that could translate well to the Big Screen:


The Dark Angel Saga:

This story involves Angel’s Archangel Persona taking over and wreaking havoc all over everything. Chaos does tend to do well in films.



Wolverine and Cyclops finally duke it out as full-on enemies in the arc. Fans of this feuding pair will eat this up!



The X-Men relocate from NY to San Francisco to start over for mutantkind but good Ol’ Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin) does not agree with that and makes his own team of “dark X-Men” to fight an all out war against the other X-men. What a spoil sport.


Age of Apocalypse:

A total what-if hypothetical situation where Charles Xavier died before his feud with Magneto ever got going and shows fans what would have happened to some of Marvel’s most famous mutants. Whoa.


Mutant Massacre:

The X-Men attempt to save the Morlocks and all hell breaks loose. One of the most epic stories in the X-Men universe not to mention a whole lot of Wolverine and Sabertooth kicking each other around.


House of M:

The Scarlet Witch takes her reality-altering powers to the extreme as a result of severe delusion in this arc, leaving the fate of mutant kind hanging on by a thread. Good thing: lots of ways to bring this gem to life cinematically. Bad thing: the mutant population is severely reduced in the process.



Brood, an insectoid from outer space, goes after the X-Men and tries infect as many mutants as possible. Think of a MIB/Outbreak mashup of sorts.


Curse of the Mutants:

Mutants vs. Vampires. In a nutshell. You’re welcome, Hollywood.


Messiah Complex:

This one can serve as a sequel of sorts to the House Of M story, where after the mutant population has been cut in half, the first mutant born in a while is fought over for by factions. Loads of potential here.

Your turn now, X-Men fans! What arcs in the X-Men universe would you like to see hit the big screen? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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