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Why This Hardcore Gleek is Tired of Defending Glee...

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/22/2013 6:03 pm
Why This Hardcore Gleek is Tired of Defending Glee...

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Why I Am Tired of Defending Glee

Or why shippers annoy me.

I’m exhausted guys.

I get that Glee is not the best show. It tries. But yeah it’s not the best show on television. It’s my guilty pleasure watch. My friends barely mention it in public. However, I am the one who will defend Glee to the death because I still think it’s dynamic, interesting and has something different to say from other shows on television.

However, I am done defending season four. I am done defending the show. I have pointed out what is good. I have pointed out what Glee is doing right. I have pointed out everything that is right with the show. I have pointed out how they are rebuilding each other after the disaster of season three. I have pointed out the flaws. I have pointed out the good stuff. Other colleagues have done this as well.

Yet, it seems like no one is listening to me or us. When it seems like they do we are cursing out Glee and declaring never again.


Because of these relationship stuff and people quitting watching the show because of THAT.

Now, I do understand where these people are coming from. I stopped watching Torchwood after Ianto died and Janto was dead. I mean I finished out Torchwood: Children of Earth and then quit. (That and Torchwood: Miracle Day sucked.)

But everyone is acting so pissy because Finchel and Klaine broke up and haven’t gotten back together immediately?

I was upset when Tike broke up. I’m upset that Tina is an uber bitch with no soul this season. I was devastated when Brittana split. Yet I’m still watching the show. It sucks but you know what? Here’s the really big secret here guys.

Break-ups happen!

They happen! People grow apart. Relationships get strained. People change. It shows real character growth especially for teenage characters.

Because let me tell you guys. High school sweethearts? They rarely stay together.

Also Finchel and Klaine had a lot of problems. I mean we saw cracks forming in season three.

Rachel accepted Finn’s marriage proposal because she felt bad that she didn’t get her NYADA letter. Yeah. That was the real reason she accepted it guys. Worst. Reason. To Get Married. Ever.

Klaine never had resolution after that whole Chandler incident.  They just kind of sang at each other. And Kurt mentioned how their sex life was suffering.  Klaine was heading for a crash and burn in season four.

Also Rachel, Finn, Blaine and Kurt are four extremely neurotic people who have to work through their issues before even trying to have a relationship again.

Why is Rachel letting herself be defined by men? Can’t she be a strong independent woman? What about the girl from season one whose career was the most important thing? Why can’t she just focus on herself and her career instead of guys? She let herself be defined by Jesse, Finn and Brody. She needs to stop doing that. Defining yourself by the guy you’re with and relationships are just a disaster of epic proportions. She needs to be single. She needs to discover her own self-worth. She needs to discover Rachel Berry outside of relationships. She can be ambitious and driven and career focused. That’s what I loved about Rachel Berry in season one! Yeah she had crushes on guys. Yeah it got a little weird sometimes but she always knew her end goal.

Why is Finn still hung up over Rachel? Rachel tried to move on why can’t Finn? Dude do not put stock in a relationship with a girl who tried to control you and THREW A CLOCK AT YOUR HEAD! She wouldn’t even let you go to the bathroom in the bathroom! Forget sex. True intimacy is being able to share a bathroom together and not be disgusted with the other’s bodily functions. Finn is discovering himself. So let him discover himself. Let him go to college and have a life and maybe have a girl in that life that isn’t Rachel. Let him find himself outside of that identity. Let him have his own dreams and goals and desires that isn’t getting together with Rachel again.

Why hasn’t Blaine had any real meaningful character development since season three? I mean I love Darren Criss. I think he’s the most adorable man on the face of God’s green earth. I want to clone him or shrink him down and carry him around in my pocket. But Blaine? Dude. Blaine is just really pissing me off. I’m sorry but Blaine Anderson is not Darren Criss. If Blaine was Darren Criss maybe I would like Blaine more because then he would have more of a personality. He’s like this grown in the lab Teenage Dream that’s safe and there but ultimately you want someone real. I feel like I don’t know who the real Blaine Anderson is. I would love to know who the real Blaine Anderson is. And someone seriously better stop putting that gel in his hair. EMBRACE THE CURLS GODDAMMIT! But yeah. Who are you Blaine Anderson? What are your dreams? What are your desires? What are your favorite books? Do you hate anything? Do you get angry? What is your character outside of being the perfect Teenage Dream?  Also why are you trying to force yourself on Kurt again by auditioning for NYADA? Dude you cheated on him. Trust is a hard thing to rebuild. Focus on rebuilding trust before hooking up with him.

Kurt, why did you treat Blaine like the sun shone out of his ass? Of course you became a spectator in your own relationship! Why didn’t you and Blaine talk about how hard this would be being apart from each other? Why didn’t you and Blaine discuss Blaine’s need to be adored and loved? Why didn’t realize that if he felt like he was being neglected he may do something stupid? He’s a teenage boy, Kurt. Of course he’s going to do something stupid. You told Blaine that trust is a hard thing to get back. Why aren’t you pissed that Blaine really isn’t trying to get your trust back? Are you upset that he’s auditioning for NYADA? You looked it. Why didn’t you tell Blaine you were upset? Why haven’t you gotten with Adam yet? He actually seems to really adore you. He actually seems like a real person. Why don’t you admit that getting cheated on actually really fucked you up and made your wary around people? If you told Adam that I’m sure he would respect your feelings and issues. Maybe we have you two as friends and then go into a relationship.

These people need to grow up in order to have real meaningful relationships. They need to suffer and change and get more heartbreak or fall in love. They need to become their own people first. They should not define themselves as Finchel or Klaine because ultimately these relational identities defined them. So yeah no more Finchel or Klaine. I want Rachel and Finn. I want Kurt and Blaine. I want the people in the relationship actually act like people. I want individuals not a collective identity because ultimately these collective identities are what ruined them. If we have to have these relationships then this stuff needs to be addressed and worked through.

We can’t keep throwing them together and hope that something with stick and mesh.

This is why I’m angry at people who are like ‘yeah sorry not together anymore bye’! I get the power of OTP’s. I have OTP’s myself on the show. I was upset when they broke up. But ultimately I recognize like a mature adult that this was a good thing for the characters. Stuff like this…it’s not an easy fix even in television. People are trying to discover themselves which ultimately makes for a better and stronger relationship.

Patience is a virtue.

Exercise it guys. Or not.

I can see a lot of you have made up your minds anyway.

But I am no longer defending Glee if no one is willing to actually listen to these reasons. I have better things to do than talk myself hoarse to a wall.

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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